Homework Solution: Hello! I am working on an "object oriented analysis and design" Project. I would really need your sincere help in creating a vision document for this project….

    Please need serious and professional help! Hello! I am working on an "object oriented analysis and design" Project. I would really need your sincere help in creating a vision document for this project. The Things That I require in the "vision document" is: 1. Product Overview [This section provides a high level view of the product capabilities, interfaces to other applications, and system configurations. This section usually consists of three subsections, as follows: •          Product perspective •          Product functions •          Assumptions and dependencies] 1.1   Product Perspective [This subsection of the Vision document puts the product in perspective to other related products and the user’s environment. If the product is independent and totally self-contained, state it here. If the product is a component of a larger system, then this subsection needs to relate how these systems interact and needs to identify the relevant interfaces between the systems. One easy way to display the major components of the larger system, interconnections, and external interfaces is with a block diagram.] 1.2   Summary of Capabilities [Summarize the major benefits and features the product will provide. For example, a Vision document for a customer support system may use this part to address problem documentation, routing, and status reporting without mentioning the amount of detail each of these functions requires. Organize the functions so the list is understandable to the customer or to anyone else reading the document for the first time. A simple table listing the key benefits and their supporting features might suffice. For example: ] Description of the Project: (for your help to understand) Title: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Online System 1)      Purpose and Idea: This system is needed to help ensure that the IESCO electric company keeps record of all the incomings and outgoings transactions within and outside the company. The company also needs to keep track of all the customers and their bills. The company will also store the information of the employees working in the company. The employee’s detail such as salary and attendance will also be stored as well. This system decreases a significant amount of paper work and removes human errors while doing transactions. 2)      Aim: The system is designed after various incidents that happened all across Pakistan where companies lost their important data and faced serious financial damage. We have seen a lot of times whenever a company or firm catches fire; all the important paperwork is lost. So to reduce the company’s cost and damage this system will be designed. This system also ensures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the company’s private data. Since, all the data would be loaded into the system, the user can verify his/her record by searching for it. Whenever an employee puts in a query the system shows result within no time which saves a lot of time. Another important advantage of this system is that if customers inquire about their bills they must be able to view it and pay it online. An invoice must also be generated when any kind of transaction is performed. Scope: IESCO (Islamabad electric supply company) online system enables customers to view their billing and online payments of their respective account. It also includes employee’s personal details as well as his attendance details, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online system manages the human resource requisite with quality and efficiency by decreasing the labor work for both the employees as well as customers. The major task of the system is to build an automated error free online system. This can be used for future statistics in order to calculate the data and can be further used thus easily optimizing the high degree standards of electric supply and its values, customer details, and employee details Objectives: IESCO online automated system will be developed to maintain the billing record of customers and details such as salary, attendance of company’s employees. The primary users of this system will be customers and employees who are managing the system. It will provide a GUI interface to handle different billing operations performed by online customers and queries of company’s employees (both technical staff and managerial staff). The system is targeted to achieve accurate and consistent data, elimination of data redundancy to some extent, and to avoid human errors. Problem Statement: As we have seen over the past decade that there are many problems with the online electricity bill payments. The foremost issue is that sometimes bills get shuffled on different addresses and people have to face a lot of trouble. This system offers a unique feature that is if any customer does not get his/her bill until two days before the given due date by post, he/she can complain online and can get his/her bill to be paid online. Second, the system will ensure that there are no human errors involved in the calculation of final bill to be paid by any customer. Third, it would be easy to trace all the people who do not pay their bills and still use electricity by unfair means while still being registered customers of IESCO. Finally, people often lose their previously paid bills so this system offers complete security that all the previously paid bills of customers are saved along with their payment dates. Also, employee details will be stored, which will facilitate the employees to see their progress. Description: The system will consist of back end data structures (classes) to store all the information and a graphical user interface (GUI). There will be separate sections for customers and company’s employees. It will also provide total security to all the company’s critical data as no one would be able to access the system other than company’s staff.
    Table 4-1 Customer Support Svstem Customer Benefit Supporting Features New support staff can quickly get upKnowledge base assists support personnel to speed in quickly identifying known fixes and workarounds Customer satisfaction is improvedProblems are uniquely itemized, classified because nothing falls through the cracks. and tracked throughout the resolution process. Automatic notification occurs for 3sues Management can identify problemTrend and distribution reports allow high level review of problem status areas and gauge staff workload Distributed support teams can workReplication server allows current database together to solve problems. information to be shared across the enterprise Knowledge base can be made available Customers can help themselves, lowering support costs and improving over the Internet. Includes hypertext response time search capabilities and graphical query engine

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    1. Product Overview: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Online System is a portal which wil

    Please scarcity weighty and negotiative succor!

    Hello! I am established on an “object oriented anatomy and design” Contrivance. I would veritably scarcity your frank succor in creating a prospect muniment restraint this contrivance.

    The Things That I demand in the “prospect muniment” is:

    1. Product Aggravateview

    [This individuality contributes a tthorough plane judgment of the product capabilities, interfaces to other applications, and rule configurations. This individuality usually exists of three subsections, as follows:

    •          Product perspective

    •          Product administrations

    •          Assumptions and dependencies]

    1.1   Product Perspective

    [This subindividuality of the Vision muniment puts the product in perspective to other akin products and the authenticationr’s environment. If the product is refractory and fully self-contained, aver it here. If the product is a element of a larger rule, then this subindividuality scarcitys to describe how these rules interact and scarcitys to consteadfast the appropriate interfaces between the rules. Single unconcerned practice to parade the main elements of the larger rule, interconnections, and superficial interfaces is with a fill diagram.]

    1.2   Summary of Capabilities

    [Summarize the main benefits and elements the product conciliate contribute. Restraint illustration, a Vision muniment restraint a customer buttress rule may authentication this dissect to harangue quantity munimentation, routing, and standing reporting extraneously mentioning the quantity of specialty each of these administrations demands.

    Organize the administrations so the schedule is knowserviceoperative to the customer or to anysingle else lection the muniment restraint the original span. A elementary tserviceoperative scheduleing the guide benefits and their buttressing elements spractice content. Restraint illustration:


    Description of the Contrivance: (restraint your succor to know)

    Title: Islamabad Electric Minister Association (IESCO) Online Rule

    1)      Purpose and Idea:

    This rule is scarcityed to succor fix that the IESCO electric association celebrates archives of thorough the incomings and expenditure affairs among and beyond the association. The association so scarcitys to celebrate vestige of thorough the customers and their scores. The association conciliate so treasure the counsel of the employees established in the association. The employee’s specialty such as compensation and apparatus conciliate so be treasured as polite. This rule decreases a telling quantity of dissertation operation and removes anthropological blunders occasion doing affairs.

    2)      Aim:

    The rule is planned behind multitudinous incidents that happened thorough opposite Pakistan where companies elapsed their influential grounds and countenanced weighty financial loss. We enjoy conceiven a coerciontune of spans whenever a association or steadfast catches vital-principle; thorough the influential dissertationoperation is elapsed. So to subjugate the association’s consume and loss this rule conciliate be planned. This rule so fixs that no employee makes unwanted changes in the association’s retired grounds. Since, thorough the grounds would be loaded into the rule, the authenticationr can confirm his/her archives by minute restraint it. Whenever an employee puts in a question the rule shows product among no span which economizes a coerciontune of span. Another influential custom of this rule is that if customers pursuit about their scores they must be useserviceoperative to judgment it and unyielding it online. An invoice must so be generated when any peel of affair is manufactured.


    IESCO (Islamabad electric minister association) online rule enables customers to judgment their scoreing and online unyieldingments of their appertaining representation. It so includes employee’s idiosyncratic specialtys as polite as his apparatus specialtys, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online rule manages the anthropological material defective with description and accomplishingness by decreasing the drudge operation restraint twain the employees as polite as customers. The main administration of the rule is to uplift an automated blunder generous online rule. This can be authenticationd restraint advenient statistics in dispose to weigh the grounds and can be advance authenticationd thus abundantly optimizing the tthorough rank standards of electric minister and its values, customer specialtys, and employee specialtys


    IESCO online automated rule conciliate be open to repress the scoreing archives of customers and specialtys such as compensation, apparatus of association’s employees. The elementary authenticationrs of this rule conciliate be customers and employees who are managing the rule. It conciliate contribute a GUI intercountenance to feel divergent scoreing operations manufactured by online customers and queries of association’s employees (twain technical staff and managerial staff). The rule is targeted to object deferential and agreeing grounds, conclusion of grounds glomeration to some degree, and to desert anthropological blunders.

    Quantity Averment:

    As we enjoy conceiven aggravate the elapsed decade that there are multifarious quantitys with the online electricity score unyieldingments. The restraintemost result is that sometimes scores obtain shuffled on divergent haranguees and fellow-creatures enjoy to countenance a coerciontune of embarrassment. This rule offers a uncommon element that is if any customer does referoperative obtain his/her score until span days precedently the dedicated imputoperative conclusion by stay, he/she can distress online and can obtain his/her score to be remunerated online. Second, the rule conciliate fix that there are no anthropological blunders complicated in the caution of conclusive score to be remunerated by any customer. Third, it would be unconcerned to follow thorough the fellow-creatures who do referoperative unyielding their scores and tranquil authentication electricity by disingenuous media occasion tranquil entity registered customers of IESCO. Conclusively, fellow-creatures frequently destroy their previously remunerated scores so this rule offers thorough certainty that thorough the previously remunerated scores of customers are economized concurrently with their unyieldingment conclusions. So, employee specialtys conciliate be treasured, which conciliate prepare the employees to conceive their advance.


    The rule conciliate exist of tail object grounds structures (classes) to treasure thorough the counsel and a graphical authenticationr intercountenance (GUI). There conciliate be disunited individualitys restraint customers and association’s employees. It conciliate so contribute completion certainty to thorough the association’s censorious grounds as no single would be useserviceoperative to admission the rule other than association’s staff.

    Tserviceoperative 4-1 Customer Buttress Svstem Customer Benefit Buttressing Elements Fantastic buttress staff can undeviatingly obtain upAcquirements shameful assists buttress personnel to press in undeviatingly confirming unconcealed fixes and operationarounds Customer recompense is improvedProblems are uncommmerely itemized, classified becaauthentication referablehing falls through the cracks. and vestigeed throughout the separation manner. Automatic referableification occurs restraint 3sues Management can consteadfast quantityTrobject and classification reports thoroughow tthorough plane rejudgment of quantity standing areas and probe staff operationload Distributed buttress teams can operationReplication ministerr thoroughows ordinary groundsshameful concertedly to unfold quantitys. counsel to be shared opposite the accomplishment Acquirements shameful can be made availserviceoperative Customers can succor themselves, murky buttress consumes and improving aggravate the Internet. Includes hypertext apology span pursuit capabilities and graphical question engine

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    1. Product Aggravateview:

    Islamabad Electric Minister Association (IESCO) Online Rule is a gatepractice which conciliate digitize the operations and uses contributed by the association. This online gatepractice conciliate minister as an intercountenance between acquirements shameful of the association, grounds and the customers / employees.

    The online rule prepares the association to localize and concentrate their grounds at the similar span. This makes it easier restraint the coercionm to administration in a abundant over indisputable practice. In fantastic elapsed we enjoy conceiven multiple instances of employees somehow tampering the grounds such as apparatus, which questioned the truthfulness and how the association administrations. Grounds can be retrieved abundantly by questioning the rule, and so be corrected in instance of any massive blunder. This removes a coerciontune of dissertation operation and anthropological trial which can be now channelized restraint emend productivity and customer experiment. Association has so elapsed valuserviceoperative grounds during accidents and calamities such as vital-principle. Now grounds entity persisted at a mediate acquirements shameful or ministerr rule can economize the association a coerciontune of currency. Aggravateall, incorporating such a digital platform, so reflects a explicit position that the association has and shows its trial to celebrate stride with the modernization. Representationing thorough peels of in-out affairs, conciliate prepare the taller authorities of the association to channelize their materials ( twain anthropological material and finance) restraint the greater amiable.

    Un-verified custom is another debate which shots down the progit of the association. IESCO touches down on that face as polite, by authenticating merely registered customers and extending their uses merely to the verified consumers.

    Adissect from association’s contrivance of things, this is online rule conciliate contribute the customers with an enhanced use. A customer conciliate enjoy a mark on IESCO, thus confer him admission to thorough his idiosyncratic grounds. Scoreing manner has been revamped in accordance to contribute the customers a smoother and hassle generous experiment. Consumption logs, elapsed scores, liberty restraint unconcerned online unyieldingment, are a rare of the offerings restraint IESCO to the customers.