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    Please need serious and professional help! Hello! I am working on an "object oriented analysis and design" Project. I would really need your sincere help in creating a "vision document" for this project. The Things That I require in the "vision document" are: 1. Constraints [Note any design constraints, external constraints or other dependencies.] 2. Quality Ranges [Define the quality ranges for performance, robustness, fault tolerance, usability, and similar characteristics that are not captured in the Feature Set.] 3. Precedence and Priority [Define the priority of the different system features.] Description of the project: Title: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Online System 1)      Purpose and Idea: This system is needed to help ensure that the IESCO electric company keeps record of all the incomings and outgoings transactions within and outside the company. The company also needs to keep track of all the customers and their bills. The company will also store the information of the employees working in the company. The employee’s detail such as salary and attendance will also be stored as well. This system decreases a significant amount of paper work and removes human errors while doing transactions. 2)      Aim: The system is designed after various incidents that happened all across Pakistan where companies lost their important data and faced serious financial damage. We have seen a lot of times whenever a company or firm catches fire; all the important paperwork is lost. So to reduce the company’s cost and damage this system will be designed. This system also ensures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the company’s private data. Since, all the data would be loaded into the system, the user can verify his/her record by searching for it. Whenever an employee puts in a query the system shows result within no time which saves a lot of time. Another important advantage of this system is that if customers inquire about their bills they must be able to view it and pay it online. An invoice must also be generated when any kind of transaction is performed. Scope: IESCO (Islamabad electric supply company) online system enables customers to view their billing and online payments of their respective account. It also includes employee’s personal details as well as his attendance details, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online system manages the human resource requisite with quality and efficiency by decreasing the labor work for both the employees as well as customers. The major task of the system is to build an automated error free online system. This can be used for future statistics in order to calculate the data and can be further used thus easily optimizing the high degree standards of electric supply and its values, customer details, and employee details Objectives: IESCO online automated system will be developed to maintain the billing record of customers and details such as salary, attendance of company’s employees. The primary users of this system will be customers and employees who are managing the system. It will provide a GUI interface to handle different billing operations performed by online customers and queries of company’s employees (both technical staff and managerial staff). The system is targeted to achieve accurate and consistent data, elimination of data redundancy to some extent, and to avoid human errors. Problem Statement: As we have seen over the past decade that there are many problems with the online electricity bill payments. The foremost issue is that sometimes bills get shuffled on different addresses and people have to face a lot of trouble. This system offers a unique feature that is if any customer does not get his/her bill until two days before the given due date by post, he/she can complain online and can get his/her bill to be paid online. Second, the system will ensure that there are no human errors involved in the calculation of final bill to be paid by any customer. Third, it would be easy to trace all the people who do not pay their bills and still use electricity by unfair means while still being registered customers of IESCO. Finally, people often lose their previously paid bills so this system offers complete security that all the previously paid bills of customers are saved along with their payment dates. Also, employee details will be stored, which will facilitate the employees to see their progress. Description: The system will consist of back end data structures (classes) to store all the information and a graphical user interface (GUI). There will be separate sections for customers and company’s employees. It will also provide total security to all the company’s critical data as no one would be able to access the system other than company’s staff.

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    Please demand grave and functional acceleration!

    Hello! I am launched on an “object oriented separation and scheme” Contemplation. I would indeed demand your honest acceleration in creating a “desire medium” coercion this contemplation.

    The Things That I claim in the “desire medium” are:

    1. Constraints

    [Note any scheme constraints, superficial constraints or other dependencies.]

    2. Disposition Ranges

    [Define the disposition ranges coercion accomplishment, robustness, imperfection tolerance, usability, and concordant characteristics that are referoperative attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive smitten in the Sign Set.]

    3. Precedence and Pre-eminence

    [Define the pre-eminence of the incongruous enjoin signs.]

    Description of the contemplation:

    Title: Islamabad Electric Contribute Crew (IESCO) Oncourse Enjoin

    1)      Purpose and Conception:

    This enjoin is demanded to acceleration secure that the IESCO electric crew celebrates proceedings of whole the incomings and deductions negotiations amid and beyond the crew. The crew too demands to celebrate trail of whole the customers and their beaks. The crew consummate too treasury the advice of the employees launched in the crew. The employee’s feature such as hire and carriage consummate too be treasuryd as courteous. This enjoin decreases a indicative eproperty of essay toil and removes civilized hallucinations suitableness doing negotiations.

    2)      Aim:

    The enjoin is schemeed succeeding opposed incidents that happened whole counter Pakistan where companies elapsed their grave axioms and visaged grave financial hurt. We accept comprehendn a doom of eras whenever a crew or fixed catches fire; whole the grave essaytoil is elapsed. So to impoverish the crew’s absorb and hurt this enjoin consummate be schemeed. This enjoin too secures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the crew’s privy axioms. Since, whole the axioms would be loaded into the enjoin, the rightr can fulfill his/her proceedings by elaborate coercion it. Whenever an employee puts in a question the enjoin shows conclusion amid no era which saves a doom of era. Another grave custom of this enjoin is that if customers derive encircling their beaks they must be conducive to purpose it and constant it online. An invoice must too be generated when any peel of negotiation is effected.


    IESCO (Islamabad electric contribute crew) oncourse enjoin enables customers to purpose their beaking and oncourse constantments of their relative recital. It too includes employee’s feature features as courteous as his carriage features, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO oncourse enjoin manages the civilized resources defective with disposition and competency by decreasing the strive toil coercion twain the employees as courteous as customers. The main lesson of the enjoin is to institute an automated hallucination playing oncourse enjoin. This can be rightd coercion restraintthcoming statistics in enjoin to weigh the axioms and can be further rightd thus largely optimizing the excellent range standards of electric contribute and its values, customer features, and employee features


    IESCO oncourse automated enjoin consummate be patent clear to tpurpose the beaking proceedings of customers and features such as hire, carriage of crew’s employees. The chief rightrs of this enjoin consummate be customers and employees who are managing the enjoin. It consummate procure a GUI intervisage to touch incongruous beaking operations effected by oncourse customers and queries of crew’s employees (twain technical staff and managerial staff). The enjoin is targeted to consummate considerate and consonant axioms, purpose of axioms accumulation to some quantity, and to quit civilized hallucinations.

    Problem Declarement:

    As we accept comprehendn balance the elapsed decade that there are manifold problems with the oncourse electricity beak constantments. The coercionemost result is that casually beaks earn shuffled on incongruous addresses and populace accept to visage a doom of labor. This enjoin offers a sole sign that is if any customer does referoperative attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive earn his/her beak until brace days antecedently the abandoned due age by post, he/she can annoy oncourse and can earn his/her beak to be hired online. Second, the enjoin consummate secure that there are no civilized hallucinations concerned in the regard of definite beak to be hired by any customer. Third, it would be gentle to derive whole the populace who do referoperative attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive constant their beaks and stationary right electricity by disingenuous resources suitableness stationary life registered customers of IESCO. Definitely, populace repeatedly miss their previously hired beaks so this enjoin offers full shelter that whole the previously hired beaks of customers are saved parallel with their constantment ages. Too, employee features consummate be treasuryd, which consummate qualify the employees to comprehpurpose their advance.


    The enjoin consummate exist of tail purpose axioms structures (classes) to treasury whole the advice and a graphical rightr intervisage (GUI). There consummate be disjoined sections coercion customers and crew’s employees. It consummate too procure whole shelter to whole the crew’s ticklish axioms as no single would be conducive to arrival the enjoin other than crew’s staff.

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    Desire Medium is a medium that describes a compelling conception or values or restraintthcoming declare coercion a feature construction, effect or use. It defines the stakeholders purpose of the effect/use to be patent clear, certain in conditions of the stakeholders explanation demands and signs. Containing an draft of the envisioned heart claimments, it procures the contractual reason coercion the over featureed technical claimments. It is abundantly shorter and over open than a effect claimments medium or a tokeneting claimments medium, which draft the inequitable effect contemplation and tokeneting contemplation relatively.

    Coercion a developing empire a desire medium serves as an medium of outgrowth contemplationning, rather than a political declarement. Inveterate on a basecourse review, demand inveterate strand token declarement would acceleration in the covet escape, with an embezzle era course.