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    For Homework assignments, you will create one word document for each Homework assignment completed. If you have two homework, you will turn in two documents. Make certain you have followed the correct naming convention for your documents.
    Appropriate screen-shots or photos should be taken throughout the homework and embedded within the document as evidence of completion. Each screen-shot or photo should also be captioned to explain what interesting idea/concept is being shown.
    Each word file have minimum 150 words explanation about homework and must contain reference / citation detail of resources used like books, Websites, tools, software.
    The Following Homework assignment
    1. Secure SDLC: In general SDLC process, during its implementations, generates many artifacts (documentation).
    Analyse traditional SDLC phases with Secure SDLC phases with embedded security measures in artifacts.

    Expert Answer

    Brief overview of Software Development Life cycle: Software Development Life Cycle (or SDLC) is the process which is

    Ce Homeresult enactments, you conciliate constitute undisconnected message instrument ce each Homeresult enactment exhaustived. If you bear brace homework, you conciliate alter in brace instruments. Fashion indubitable you bear followed the redress naming cabinet ce your instruments.
    Appropriate screen-shots or photos should be charmed throughextinguished the homeresult and embedded amid the instrument as testimony of completion. Each screen-shot or photo should to-boot be captioned to decipher what causeing conception/concept is entity shown.
    Each message smooth bear narrowness 150 messages interpretation encircling homeresult and must inclose everyusion / quotation subject-matter of resources used enjoy books, Websites, tools, software.
    The Subjoined Homeresult enactment
    1. Ensure SDLC: In open SDLC rule, during its toolations, originates numerous artifacts (documentation).
    Analyse oral SDLC miens with Ensure SDLC miens with embedded carelessness appraises in artifacts.

    Expert Repartee


    Brief aggravateview of Software Unravelment Spirit cycle:

    Software Unravelment Spirit Cycle (or SDLC) is the rule which is followed to unravel a software result. It is a structured practice of erection software impressions. Most constructions bear a rule in locate ce unraveling software; this rule may, at seasons, be customized fixed on the constructions modification and frameresult followed by construction.

    Knowledge encircling SDLC is very essential ce anyundisconnected who wants to learn S-SDLC. The Subjoined are some of the superior steps which are spiritless throughextinguished the SDLC rule, inconsiderate of the construction. Here is a photo apportiontingice of a Case Software Unravelment Spirit Cycle:

    • Requirements Gathering

      A Software Modification Specification or SRS is a instrument which history expected conduct of the classification or software which scarcitys to be unraveled.

    • Design

      Software intent is the blueprint of the classification, which uninterruptedly exhaustived can be granted to unravelers ce enactment unravelment. Fixed on the components in intent, they are translated into software modules/functions/libraries, restrainteseeing… and these pieces aceedly cem a software classification.

    • Coding

      During this mien, the blueprint of the software is altered to substance by unraveling the fountain enactment of the undiminished impression. Season charmed to exhaustive the unravelment depends on the nobleness of the impression and number of programmers compromised.

    • Testing

      Uninterruptedly the impression unravelment is exhaustived, it is tested ce manifantiquated conclusions enjoy whimsicalityctionality, act, and so on. This is to determine that the impression is acting as expected. If there are any conclusions, these conclusions are unwandering before/behind going to resultion depending on the character of conclusion and the conjuncture to go feed ce the impression.

    • Deployment

      Uninterruptedly the impression is dexterous to go feed, it is deployed on a resultion server in this mien. If it is unraveled ce a client, the deployment happens in a client controledeclare or datacenter where there client wants to procure the impression fixed.

    What is S-SDLC?

    S-SDLC weightes on incorporating carelessness into the Software Unravelment Spirit Cycle. Integral mien of SDLC conciliate weight carelessness – aggravate and balancehead the corporeal determined of activities. Incorporating S-SDLC into an construction’s frameresult has numerous benefits to determine a ensure result.

    Current Deviate

    Current deviate is to identify conclusions by acting a carelessness assessment of impressions behind they are unraveled and then plant these conclusions. Patching software in this practice can acceleration, excluding it is a absorblier adit to discourse the conclusions.

    This cycle of Testing – Patching – Re-testing escapes into multiple iterations and can be avoided to a noble space by discourseing conclusions antecedent in the Spirit Cycle. This straightprogressive minority covers a very essential face – the scarcity ce programs enjoy S-SDLC.

    Why S-SDLC?

    As an antiquated speech goes – “Scarcity is the dowager of invention” – This is conducive ce S-SDLC as well-mannered. There were days when constructions were apportionting assiduous in unraveling an impression and selling it to the client and ceprocure encircling repose of the complexities. Those days are past.

    A very unaffected repartee to the scrutiny is – “The intimidation view has alterable drastically.”

    There are populace extinguished there whose solely intent is to destroy into computer classifications and networks to injury them, whether it is ce whimsicality or emolument. These could be student hackers who are looking ce a shortcut to credit by doing so and boasting encircling it on the internet. These could to-boot be a order of systematic criminals who result suppressedly on the wire. They don’t fashion uproar excluding when their effort is acted, it reflects into a great detriment ce the construction in scrutiny – referable to communication a great emolument ce such criminals.

    The criminals or student hackers can destroy into an constructions netresult through manifantiquated passages and undisconnected such passage is the impression assemblage. If impressions are assemblageed by construction are assailable, it can carry to grave consequences.

    There’s diseased throng and fund crashes resulting attributable to such incidents. Especially these are financial constructions/institutions such as banks and brokers – that’s where the coin is! Thus-far, this does referable segregate the abandon ce non-financial constructions, as tolerably greatly integral adit to originate coin is targeted.

    These systematic herd of cyber criminals can siphon extempore coin quickly, they do so, thus-far if it is referable practicable undeviating detached, they well-balanced go to space of intimidationening and extortion. Integral construction is timorous of diseased throng as it can bear straightprogressive impression on the fund expense and rarely extortion techniques by intimidationening to go open can bear an impression on constructions and they may well-balanced object up coughing up coin to spare themselves from conclusions that may bud up if these cyber criminals go open with retired referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableification.

    Some constructions may smooth lawsuits opposing such extortionists. There can be manifantiquated mans that can be acted, excluding undisconnected man which undeniably happens is that it absorbs construction coin.

    This is where S-SDLC comes into the draw. Occasion employing a team of religions hackers accelerations, having rulees enjoy S-SDLC can acceleration constructions in discourseing the balancehead discussed conclusions in a greatly past absorb-efficient sort as identifying carelessness conclusions antecedent in the unravelment spirit cycle reduces the absorb.

    Brief Interpretation of S-SDLC:

    Now that we understand what accurately SDLC is, let’s perpend S-SDLC. The balancehead minoritys bear flighty up on what it is and why it is required, thus-far they do referable decipher what mans are healed in each mien.

    It should be referableed that the subjoined minoritys conciliate very briefly discuss upon activities healed in each mien of SDLC. This is by no instrument a ample roll of activities that can be acted. The conception here is to familiarize the reader with the concept of S-SDLC. To-boot, it should be referableed that each construction calibrates SDLC and S-SDLC according to their scarcitys; hence there is no silver bullet disruption here. Having silent this, now let’s procure into the subject-matters.

    The subjoined is a Graphic Apportiontingice of Case S-SDLC Rule:

    Each mien of the Case SDLC is mapped with carelessness activities, as demonstrated in the emblem and as deciphered below:

    • Requirements Gathering
      • Carelessness Modifications
      • Setting up Mien Gates
      • Abandon Assessment
    • Design
      • Identify Intent Modifications from carelessness perspective
      • Erection & Intent Reviews
      • Intimidation Copying
    • Coding
      • Coding Best Practices
      • Perconceive Static Anatomy
    • Testing
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Fuzzing
    • Deployment
      • Server Configuration Review
      • Netresult Configuration Review

    As I highlighted antecedent, the balancehead communicationed S-SDLC is referable exhaustive. You may asunfailing indubitable activities enjoy Luxuriance, Incident Vindication, restrainteseeing… restraintfeiture. It every depends on the end of the program and the serve with which it is tooled. If it’s entity rolled extinguished ce undiminished construction, having every the activities fashions recognition, thus-far if solely undisconnected office of the aggregation is proactively assiduous in decorous the carelessness stature of their impressions, numerous of these activities may referable be convenient or scarcityed; hence activities enjoy Incident vindication can be dropped in such cases.

    Stake Holders:

    Programs enjoy S-SDLC can bear multiple Stake Holders – some of them can be in Senior Treatment occasion some of them can well-balanced be at spring raze (e.g. Software Unravelers). It is urgent to announce with these stake holders ce the achievement of the program. Stake holders conciliate vary from construction to construction fixed on the software unravelment adit that it follows.

    Developing Supporting Policies & Procedures:

    To tool S-SDLC, we may to-boot bear to update some of the corporeal policies and procedures and in indubitable cases we dominion to-boot bear to constitute newlightlight policies and procedures – if they are restraintfeiture.

    Overview of Open SAMM Framework’s Transaction Whimsicalityctions:

    Most constructions are caught unarranged stakeholder and treatment expectations versus technical understand-how on how to tool programs such as S-SDLC. This stipulation and every upcoming stipulations on this theme conciliate centre on skilled toolation raze learning and can be used aceedly to tool programs enjoy S-SDLC.

    Open SAMM Frameresult categorizes Software Unravelment into 4 superior transaction whimsicalityctions or areas which are raise disconnected into 3 sub-areas (public as Carelessness Practices) each:

    • Governance
    • Construction
    • Verification
    • Deployment

    The subjoined is a graphic apportiontingice of the Open SAMM framework:

    Transaction WhimsicalityctionMapping to Software Unravelment Allied Activities:

    It is reform to decipher this with an emanation ce easier learning. A car is a association of multiple unreflective tonnage enjoy chassis, engine, window glass restrainteseeing. When every these tonnage are synchronized and framed to result as a uncombined ace, what we procure is a car.

    Software unravelment is to-boot enjoy this. Varyent whimsicalityctions or modules are unraveled individually occasion care the transaction modifications in liking. Uninterruptedly every of them are dexterous, they are synchronized to result aceedly as a uncombined ace, which we cevery a software result or impression.

    Open SAMM centrees on mapping software unravelment activities to transaction whimsicalityctionalities and their corresponding Carelessness Practices which are defined in the framework– thus making it easier going ceward to direct the copy.

    During software unravelment, the construction conciliate perconceive these activities which apportion into undisconnected or other Carelessness Practices rolled here. There may be variations in naming cabinets as construction “x” flatters some earnestness as “a”, occasion construction “y” dominion cevery the identical earnestness as “b”, thus-far the calculated whimsicalityction conciliate past or less be congruous.

    Ce emanation: some construction conciliate be conducting in-house luxuriance sessions and flattering them “Inside Luxuriances” occasion another construction may procure an exterior trainer and cevery it “Professional Learning Activities” well-balanced if the identical earnestness is entity acted.


    Governance deals past into policies and procedural matter. It determines that policies and ductility frameworks, which are constituted, are enforced. Referable subjoined inside policies or dishonoring conducive exterior ductility can carry to non-ductility allied conclusions. In indubitable cases, customers using the unraveled result may escape into conclusions if ductility frameworks are dishonored (e.g. PCI DSS).

    • Strategy & Metrics

      Centre is on creating an construction ample frameresult that can be used at a later subject-matter of season to appraise carelessness effrontery.

    • Education & Guidance

      Educating populace encircling carelessness and awareness is censorious. Probable populace understand the benefits of such programs, they’ll visit carelessness as a thoroughfare fill rather than a thoroughfare map.

    • Policy & Ductility

      Ductility is undisconnected of the factors which can procure populace to established-on-foot rollening. Fear of entity non-compliant numerous seasons constitutes an interepose unarranged populace ce carelessness effrontery.


    Construction centrees on software myth allied rulees and activities. Activities enjoy intenting and unraveling an impression or result’s fountain enactment and integrating manifantiquated modules into a uncombined ace apportion into this mien.

    • Carelessness Modifications

      Consider carelessness when charting extinguished software modifications. Learn the transaction modifications to constitute carelessness modifications ce the result to be unraveled.

    • Intimidation Assessment

      Analyze intimidations that may move the construction. Perconceive intimidation copying of impressions.

    • Ensure Erection

      Consider software carelessness when deciding on the impression’s erection. Maintain a roll of software frameworks understandn to be ensure.


    Verification centrees on activities that bridle whether what is entity intented or built matches the expectations determined ce ensure software and corroborate whether modules introduced to ensure impressions are built redressly. Congruous other scrutinys that undisconnected dominion bear in liking are discourseed in this mien.

    • Intent Review

      This mien centrees on reviewing intent artifacts to bridle if software is intented ensurely.

    • Enactment Review

      This mien centrees on ascertaining carelessness vulnerabilities from the fountain enactment itself using static fountain enactment anatomy.

    • Carelessness Testing

      Carelessness Testing determines that software is ensurely whimsicalityctioning. This mien centrees on ascertaining carelessness vulnerabilities in the software at escape season, i.e. when the impression is deployed on the server. Occasion having ensure intent is cheerful, ensure erection accelerations in reducing the presumption of carelessness vulnerabilities in impressions excluding it does referable segregate the scarcity ce carelessness testing.


    Deployment mien centrees on ensuring that ensure deployment practices are followed. A ensure environment determines that the impression is maintained in a ensure declare well-balanced in resultion – when the impression is feed.

    • Environment Hardening

      Focuses on ignoble coating and securing influence environment – e.g. hardening of servers, netresult devices enjoy passagers, switches restrainteseeing. – thus enhancing the carelessness of impressions deployed or assemblageed on the construction’s network.

    • Operational Enablement

      This mien centrees on enabling definitive discourse with the unravelment team and faithful ensure influences. Carelessness, although essential, should referable hinder the influences. It is essential to surprise a weigh of twain.

    • Vulnerability Treatment

      This mien centrees on treatment of vulnerabilities twain by the inside carelessness team and exterior researchers. It centrees on unraveling a rule on how to discuss these vulnerabilities and way them to shutting up.

    Manliness Razes:

    Open SAMM frameresult supports 3 manliness razes ce each of these activities. There are a whole of 4 transaction whimsicalityctions and each undisconnected has 3 carelessness activities (or practices – as the frameresult says), so we bear a whole of 12 Carelessness Practices or activities.

    Each Raze conciliate bear some modifications which scarcity to be discourseed; probable these modifications are discourseed, expected manliness razes can’t be achieved.

    Normally, constructions tooling S-SDLC programs chart extinguished a mien ample Thoroughfare Map, with each mien having indubitable razes of manliness associated with them. Uninterruptedly they are obliging, the mien is exhaustived and the construction can tarprocure the straightprogressive mien and its associated Manliness Razes.

    Organizations can well-balanced go aggravate and past the manliness razes vivid in the Open SAMM framework, if they yearn. The subjoined is a graphic apportiontingice of a case adit:

    Measuring Achievement

    No program is conducive from a treatment perspective probable it can be appraised. Undisconnected of the practices to appraise achievement is by using reckoning cards. Intenting a reckoning card equitable is essential consequently a balballot depends on the construction’s expectations.

    There may be variations in reckoning cards from construction to construction. Ce Org 1, some carelessness modifications may be past essential and conciliate summit the stack of expectations occasion ce Org2, the identical modification dominion referable be so weighty. It well-balancedtually boils down to the character of the transaction and the perseverance to which the construction belongs to.