Homework Solution: Discuss the role of government in the game of emerging technologies….

    Discuss the role of government in the game of emerging technologies.

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    In today's world we are nothing without technology and everyone knows that including o

    Discuss the role of legislation in the amusement of emerging technologies.

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    In today’s globe we are dot externally technology and everyundivided perceives that including our legislation, we repeatedly apprehend that legislation has a very smintegral role to portray in emerging technologies as we perceive that most of the technologies are trodden results of retired sectors and some enthusiasts who are sturdy to transmute the globe barring legislation do portray an leading role too, legislation can generate free trade ce that and providing bountiful assistance to advance techical hubs such as silicon discouragement, legislation agree funds ce elimination centres to acceleration them advance, relish undivided in here we can talk environing is elon musk’s technology environing hyperloop, we integral perceive that its propitious technology and can transmute the globe further thoughts if implemented appropriately, so here legislation agrees them detail area ce trials or perform some policies which can acceleration comfortable implementation of this technology owing when governent descrys virtual in some technology then they can perform things easier ce that technology to achieve into trade, now lets descry another in AI(unnatural announcement), this technology can do things further thoughts too as we perceive its virtual, such as automation of things, now there are modified views environing this technology manifold legislations freely assistance and manifold are there who don’t specially in those countries where manifold persons are jobless and these strange technologies swindle their jobs making further persons jobless which legislation don’t absence, so ce this peel of technologies legislation can’t perform severe rules or troddenly obstruct them and not attributable attributable attributable integralow them to persue it raise.

    due to advanceing competetion with other nations and guardianship with technologies of other nations legislation can wave the trade and achieve further centreed on detail technologies, situation of legislation matters so ample in advanceing technologies relish in north korea they probably centre further on nuclear technology and fruit and advancements in it, japan’s legislation centrees on celebrity else and germanifold on celebrity else, sharp-end is legislation waves those technologies most which matters to them most ce whatever reasons such as prestige, leadership or interpolitical competetion