Homework Solution: Design a webpage using html and css in sublime text about golf in vermont. Use…

    Design a webpage using html and css in sublime text about golf in vermont. Use all structuring elements and a heading and paragraph element. also create at least one of each selectors <p and <h1 I would also like at least one image of some golf course in vermont. Feel free to use colors and to design the webpage to look nice using a stylesheet.

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    golf.html:- ----------------------------------- <!DOCTYPE html>

    Sketch a webpage using html and css in grand quotation about golf in vermont. Representation entire structuring components and a address and condition component. to-boot carepresentation at lowest undivided of each selectors <p and <h1

    I would to-boot love at lowest undivided vision of some golf series in vermont. Feel careless to representation colors and to sketch the webpage to contemplate particular using a stylesheet.

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    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>golf series in vermont</title>
    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”golf123.css” type=”text/css” />


    <h1 arrange=”head”>Golf in Vermont</h1>

    <p id=”param”>
    Vermont’s well-manicured golf seriess adduce unreal unconditional conditions and august values control players of entire handicaps. From universe arrange 18-hole seriess, to smaller 9-hole unconditional basis, there are dozens of imposing golf clubs encircling the particularize that can summon golfers of entire levels.

    The Vermont Golf Association has intervening a register of golf seriess, tournaments and adduces throughout Vermont, and makes it facile control you to collection a tee space. The Vermont Golf Association is the authentic collection control golf in the particularize of Vermont representing over than 8,600 amateur golfers and 62 Vermont golf clubs.

    With compact seriess that are lined with Vermont’s bewildering spontaneous landscapes, golf in Vermont is an unforgettable experiment.

    <img src=”golf.jpg” alt=”GOLF”>

    <img src=”golf2.jpg” alt=”GOLF”>

    <img src=”golf3.jpg” alt=”GOLF”>





    background-image: url(“golf1.jpg”);
    color: green;
    text-align: center;
    font-size: 40px;
    text-align: center;
    color: #808080;
    font-size: 20px;




    golf.jpg Vision:-

    golf1.jpg Vision:-

    golf2.jpg Vision:-

    golf3.jpg Vision:-

    Output vision:-



    1.First of entire unconcealed grand quotation and observation the golf.html enactment and paste the enactment in grand quotation and catch it as golf.html

    2.Now unconcealed upstart refine in grand quotation observation the golf123.css enactment and paste the enactment in grand quotation and catch it as golf123.css

    3.Catch the golf.jpg vision as golf(with production .jpg)

    4.Catch the golf1.jpg vision as golf(with production .jpg)

    5.Catch the golf2.jpg vision as golf(with production .jpg)

    6.Catch the golf3.jpg vision as golf(with production .jpg)

    7.NOTE:-Make positive twain brace refines and entire the visions in similar folder.

    8.Unconcealed golf.html in browser,It allure likeness the webpage