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    As an information systems manager, you will want to address these issues and maintain control providing rapid responses as often as needed. One avenue is to use CERT teams, implement fault tolerance, password strategies, encryption measures and many others discussed in the text. What types of networks have you used? What are some experiences you have had concerning the common threats listed above? How does a network topology affect data communication? Your discussion(s) should be addressed from a managers perspective as well as personal experiences. Please post your response with no less than 250 words

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    As a Information Security Manager, i have encountered quite a few

    As an advice methods superintendent, you succeed insufficiency to discourse these issues and repress curb providing swift rejoinders as repeatedly as scarcityed. One approach is to manifestation CERT teams, tool error tolerance, password strategies, encryption measures and frequent others discussed in the citation.

    What types of networks possess you manifestationd? What are some experiences you possess had abquenched the vile threats registered aloft? How does a network topology move plea despatch? Your argument(s) should be discourseed from a superintendents perspective as well-mannered-mannered as single experiences.

    Please shaft your rejoinder with no close than 250 words

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    As a Advice Pawn Superintendent, i possess encountered totally a rare aggressions such as Nonacceptance Of Employments, Social Engineering aggressions and phishing mail.

    I possess manifestationd Wireclose Local Area Network. We possess a no-exceptions method restraint using the network unclose beloved by our IT team. I approve installing unexceptionably configured and assure wireclose LANs. We possess conducted manifestationr awareness programs restraint whole the employees in the structure, which helps them in identifying the spam/phishing emails and helps them in sentence quenched if the email/links are current or referable. Our advice Pawn program helps in widening employees enlightenment on advice pawn threats, aggressions to how to pawn them.

    We too encountered DoS aggression a stranger of occasions, we common spam emails in largeness, which flooded our mailbox and we were feeble to discharge any actions in our mailbox. Too, we possess encountered nonacceptance of employment when we were feeble to gain our client’s website to login blemish tickets.

    After these were encountered we had appointed an clear rejoinder team to touchstone the applications and meet quenched the vulnerabilities in the method. Now we possess stated cobble updates, stanch plea encryption while storage and transmission, stanch pawn resisting the unconcealed aggressions. Installing IDS/IPS and honeypot to expose and obviate malicious activities.

    We possess uncertain types of network topologies still each topology has its possess factors moveing plea despatchs such as consume, flexibility, reliability and scalability. We scarcity to pick-out a topology or a association of technology which succeed restraintm up a assure network method.

    Advice pawn best practices succeed include:

    ·         Encrypt plea to repress the confidentiality of the plea.

    ·         Only authorized personnel’s should possess bearing to plea.

    ·         Whole personnel’s should be current and validated precedently bearinging the plea.

    ·         Whole the software’s should be updated with latouchstone cobblees to desert the vulnerabilities and optimize the network to fix the availability of plea.

    ·         Manifestation multi-step currentation contrivance affect manifestationrname password parallel with card or biometrics.

    ·         Bearing Curb register should be engenderd restraint whole manifestationrs and role fixed bearing curbs should be assigned.

    ·         Backup of whole plea and advice, in subject of unavailability of advice, engender offsite backups, touchstone your plea re-establishment process on stated plea to be beneficial at the occasion of difficulty or whenever required.

    ·         Manifestation IDS/IPS/Firewalls to expose and obviate distrusted bearing and variation to possessions in your network.

    ·         Identify leading possessions and assure physically if required using locks, assure equipment’s, absence of wonder.

    ·         Conduct Advice Pawn awareness trainings restraint awareness natant employees.