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    Computer Network Questions 1) What is CSMA/CD and how does it work? 2) What is the difference between a switch and a hub?

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    1)Answer: CSMA/CD: Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detect (CSMA/CD)

    Computer Netlabor Questions

    1) What is CSMA/CD and how does it labor?

    2) What is the dissimilitude among a switch and a hub?

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    Conveyance Sense Multiple Avenue/Concussion Detect (CSMA/CD) is the protocol coercion conveyance transmission avenue in Ethernet networks. On Ethernet, any symbol can probe to despatch a produce at any season. Each symbol senses whether the continuity is inactive and accordingly aidful to be explanationd. If it is, the symbol begins to despatch its leading produce. If another symbol has habituated to despatch at the identical season, a concussion is said to supervene and the produces are discarded. Each symbol then endures a purposeless equality of season and retries until cetunate in getting its transmission sent.

    A CSMA/CD stands coercion Conveyance Sense Multiple Avenue with Concussion Detection. It a arrangement explanationd in the half-duplex message adjudication to aid multiple PC/node to avenue the agent with a incompleteness stoppage season.

    CSMA/CD is a Media Avenue Moderate (MAC) protocol. It mark-outs how netlabor symbols rejoin when brace symbols force to explanation a postulates agent coincidently and combat a postulates concussion. The CSMA/CD rules mark-out how desire the symbol should endure if a concussion supervenes. The average is repeatedly explanationd by multiple postulates nodes, so each postulates node receives transmissions from each of the other nodes on the average.


    dissimilitude among a switch and a hub:


    Hub is a networking symbol that allows undivided to couple multiple PCs to a uncombined network. Hubs may be fixed on Ethernet, Firewire, or USB coupleions.

    ->Physical lamina. Hubs are classified as Lamina 1 symbols per the OSI adjudicationl.

    ->To couple a netlabor of personal computers conjointly, they can be attached through a convenient hub.

    ->Hubs frequently effect produce flooding; may be unicast, multicast or profusely.

    ->ports 4/12.

    ->Passive Symbol (Without Software)

    ->A netlabor hub cannot glean or stock MAC address.

    ->Used in LAn

    ->A netlabor hub cannot glean or stock MAC address

    ->Transmission adjudication Half duplex

    ->Hub has undivided Profusely Inclosure

    ->Collisions supervene uniformly in setups using hubs.


    switch is a moderate ace that turns the glide of electricity on or extempore in a tour. It may besides be explanationd to course knowledge patterns in streaming electronic postulates sent aggravate networks. In the tenor of a network, a switch is a computer networking symbol that couples netlabor segments.

    ->Postulates Link Lamina. Netlabor switches produce at Lamina 2 of the OSI adjudicationl.

    ->Allow to couple multiple symbol and bearing can be contrive, Vlan can form bond besides can apply

    ->Switch is multi bearing Bridge. 24/48 bearings

    ->Leading profusely; then unicast & multicast as needed.

    ->Active Symbol (With Software) & Networking symbol

    ->Switches explanation contenteded avenueible recollection CAM board which is typically avenueed by ASIC (Application Specific integrated chips).

    ->Switch has undivided profusely inclosure [eventual VLAN implemented]

    ->No concussions supervene in a full-duplex switch