Homework Solution: 1. Type a paragraph highlighting the most important programming language design feat…

    1. Type a paragraph highlighting the most important programming language design features of the following languages. a. Smalltalk b. Scheme c. Ada

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    a) Smalltalk :- It is a programming language which

    1. Type a paragraph elevatedlighting the most considerable programming diction delineation features of the forthcoming dictions. a. Smalltalk b. Device c. Ada

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    a) Smalltalk :- It is a programming diction which is a purely view oriented. The delineation features of this smalltalk are

    It is very primal and not spurious diction and to-boot equalize it is abundantly readable and understandable diction. It doesn’t possess any bashful articulation and curb constructions and built in types. To-boot the rules are very primal. All these features made this programming diction not spurious and fertile view oriented diction.

    b) Device :- It is a functional programming diction. It is an IEEE criterion. This diction has ample grovelling of users ascribable to its taste and uniformity. The deep delineation features of this device programming diction are

    Minimalism:- This diction is very gentle and compound than any other programming dictions. Lexical occasion :- device is lexically protected, and the obstruct construction makes the device happy individual.

    c) Ada:- It is constructiond and statistically typed and view oriented elevated equalize programming diction. The features of Ada diction is it has command protection and deeptainability by using compiler to ascertain runtime errors. It is strongly typed programming diction and to-boot supports the packages. It to-boot supports correlative processing with communication latter power.