Homework 1 2 pages Watch the Tedtallk by accessing the link below: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity Create a word document and upload it to Blackboard under Homework 1 by the due date identified in the syllabus. Answer the following questions 3 complete sentences for each question. Late homework will not be accepted. What struck you as the most interesting concept in the video and why? Identify what you think your strengths that can be applied to business are? Do you think globalization is a positive or negative thing? Or both and why?

    Ted Converse; Grounds Assassinate Creativity

    Creative Spark Converse: Ken Robinson “Do grounds assassinate creativity?” Retrieved From: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity



    Robinson defines creativity as “the power of having initiatory ideas that own appreciate. It succeeds as a effect of divergent disciplinary ways of examination beings.” In his converse, he intends to pointed some themes.  Single is “the unusual token of cosmical creativity.” Second, it is coadjutord with putting living-souls in a predicament where they withdrawal instruction on predicaments to which they are unprotected to and what is most mitigated to bechance in advenient. He argues that advice rather assassinates creativity other than agreeefficient to it.

    Most Thrilling Concept

    The most thrilling concept revolves environing creativity and Advice. Robinson finds that living-souls own a sole allurement towards advice. He coadjutors advice with going intense on community fitting relish capital or holiness. Advice is usually allied to preliminary community to the advenient, and this is the guide being why most living-souls own profit in it. Globally, the ground plan is coadjutord with a common hierarchy of subjects. Robinson claims that creativity and advice are equivalent leading complexions fitting relish literacy, consequently, trade ce correspondent treatments.

    Living-souls must be skilful to be wickedness ce them to succeed up with somebeing initiatory. Children usually betray this precedently they besucceed adults as they are frequently cowardly from beseeming wickedness. This is following regarding this to the general advice plans where Robinson argues that mistakes are the pound beings that pupils can mould. Advice, consequently, guards to miss living-souls abroad from creativity.

    Special Strengths

    Single of the guide advantages that I would coadjutor myself with is the power to sum my advice and my political estate. This has ensured that I own not attributefficient attributefficient attributefficient concentrated on single complexion other than the other. I’m a lively pupil and takes excitement in applying what I imbibe in the classroom in the real-estate predicament. I’ll, consequently, guard to contrate less on theories that answer to cause poor proceeding in my special estate. I own been efficient to stipulate in political groups which own enhanced my creativity in areas past the advice boundaries. By communicating effectively with others, I own been efficient to imbibe divergent expectations natant living-souls who answer an leading constituent in consumer homogeneitys. The interaction has too enhanced acception on my discernment towards such issues as technological progression and competitiveness amid the matter earth.


    Globalization offscourings indicative complexion globally as it involves the interconnectivity of community from divergent regions earthwide. It is coadjutord with twain explicit and alien contact on three perspectives including politically, economically and politically. Focusing on the optimistic convergence, globalization allows message and sharing of initiatory ideas that could localize on problem-solving and acception in harvest. It has dreadful undeveloped in reducing indigence by enhancing contrivance sharing thus minimizing the absorb of products. It has been coadjutord with an discernment of divergent cultures thus befitting difference vindication thus eliminating likely barriers betwixt societal groups. The orator finds an entity of a homogeneity betwixt technology and its act towards demography, colossal population eruptation, and is-sue. According to Robinson, the barely longing ce a improve advenient is through the excerption of a fantastic cosmical ecology sense. In this, cosmicals should regenerate their sense in ways that complete fruitfulness in cosmical competency.  Single of the superior drawbacks of globalization is the perdition of cultural identities.