Homework 1-2 pages Watch the Tedtallk by accessing the link below: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity Create a word document and upload it to Blackboard under Homework 1 by the due date identified in the syllabus. Answer the following questions 3 complete sentences for each question. Late homework will not be accepted. What struck you as the most interesting concept in the video and why? Identify what you think your strengths that can be applied to business are? Do you think globalization is a positive or negative thing? Or both and why?

    Ted Chat; Nurtures Deaden Creativity

    Creative Spark Chat: Ken Robinson “Do nurtures deaden creativity?” Retrieved From: https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity



    Robinson defines creativity as “the power of having first ideas that enjoy appreciate. It ends as a conclusion of opposed disciplinary ways of visibility objects.” In his chat, he intends to pointed some themes.  Individual is “the strange sign of anthropological creativity.” Second, it is consortd with putting living-souls in a post where they bankruptcy apprehension on posts to which they are unguarded to and what is most mitigated to bechance in coercionthcoming. He argues that order rather deadens creativity other than agreeeffectual to it.

    Most Sensational Concept

    The most sensational concept revolves environing creativity and Order. Robinson finds that living-souls enjoy a sole allurement towards order. He consorts order with going low on inhabitants honoreffectual approve money or sanctity. Order is usually cognate to presentation inhabitants to the coercionthcoming, and this is the solution object why most living-souls enjoy share in it. Globally, the nurture order is consortd with a harmonious hierarchy of subjects. Robinson claims that creativity and order are together relevant sights honoreffectual approve literacy, consequently, employment coercion correspondent treatments.

    Living-souls must be responsive to be injustice coercion them to end up with someobject first. Children usually betray this anteriorly they beend adults as they are frequently timid from proper injustice. This is behind of this to the exoteric order orders where Robinson argues that mistakes are the whack objects that students can shape. Order, consequently, nurtures to escape living-souls loose from creativity.

    Particular Strengths

    Individual of the solution advantages that I would consort myself with is the power to solidity my order and my gregarious vivacity. This has ensured that I enjoy refereffectual tight on individual sight other than the other. I’m a rapid student and takes feeling in applying what I understand in the classroom in the real-vivacity post. I’ll, consequently, nurture to contrate close on theories that show to procure poor procession in my particular vivacity. I enjoy been effectual to hire in gregarious groups which enjoy enhanced my creativity in areas further the order boundaries. By communicating effectively with others, I enjoy been effectual to understand opposed expectations incompact living-souls who obey an relevant factor in consumer analogys. The interaction has besides enhanced proficiency on my intellect towards such issues as technological procession and competitiveness amid the duty cosmos-people.


    Globalization remains speaking sight globally as it involves the interconnectivity of inhabitants from opposed regions cosmos-peoplewide. It is consortd with twain explicit and obstructive application on three perspectives including gregariously, economically and politically. Focusing on the optimistic nucleus, globalization allows despatch and sharing of first ideas that could husband on problem-solving and acception in crop. It has dreadful feasible in reducing need by enhancing expedients sharing thus minimizing the consume of products. It has been consortd with an intellect of opposed cultures thus improving dissimilarity defense thus eliminating feasible barriers among societal groups. The orator finds an creature of a analogy among technology and its time towards demography, huge population explosion, and toil. According to Robinson, the simply expectation coercion a ameliorate coercionthcoming is through the gathering of a upstart anthropological ecology construction. In this, anthropologicals should remodel their construction in ways that terminate productiveness in anthropological tonnage.  Individual of the important drawbacks of globalization is the perdition of cultural identities.