Hold onto the last two I sent and do this one first, it is three one minute evaluations which I will be talking and you are writing so I guess you can talk for 1 min and see how many words they need to be. I am sending you instructions and three videos to evaluation one min each. Peer Critique Speech Peer evaluations have proven to be one of the most beneficial and impactful methods of improving one’s public speaking. It is also one of the hardest things to do, as a peer evaluation walks a thin line between constructive criticism and harsh opinion. Nevertheless, it’s a mainstay for a Public Speaking course, and you might be surprised at how helpful the advice of your classmates can be. Take a look at the rubric and what needs to be included in a speech to help guide your evaluations. For this assignment, you are to evaluate the Week 3’s Recitation Speeches of two different classmates, but also provide a critical analysis of your own recitation speech presentation. To find these speeches, please return to the week three discussion to select your classmates’ speeches for your review. Once you have completed your reviews (note the directions below), please post them to this forum. A Few Parameters As mentioned, you are tasked with evaluating two of your classmates’ recitation speeches from the week three speech assignment “Recitation Speech” as well as your own video presentation. Perhaps a list of strengths and weaknesses and what you liked or disliked. Each evaluation (including your own self-analysis) should be one (1) minute each. I want everyone to be able to find their own critiques, so please include your name and your classmates’ names in the title of your evaluation. Example: “George Jetson Evaluation of Homer Simpson and Fred Flintstone.” Evaluations should be constructive and include things that were done well, and areas that can be improved. Be honest but respectful. Instead of saying, “Your speech was boring,” say, “Your speech would have been more animated had you…” Remember, constructive criticism is meant to be helpful advice. If you learn from each other, you might be surprised at how much and how quickly you improve. I am downloading videos in Google and will share with you when they are done.

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