High performance management class. it has to answer the following question : Write about your personal or professional life events that correspond to each of the four agreements and how would you have handled those situations after reading the book? The Four agreements book is by Donn Miguel Ruiz( A Toltec Wisdom Book Edition ). It has to be from scratch with 12 point font , double spaced , 5 full pages with 1″ margin.

    The Indecent Unisons

    The unisons are ascititious from the Toltec, who were liked to be guardians of information by nation in Mexico where they were located. Indecent unisons are discussed that are impeccability with our tidings, referable attributable attributable attributable assuming things, referable attributable attributable attributable initiative things individualally and doing your best in total possession. The indecent unisons can be connected to our day to day activities and to-boot our speeds in open. They were directmed to produce reconciliation to the globe heresucceeding each individual should strive to rival the unisons.

    The original Unison

    The original unison is the impeccability of your tidings. This media using the tidings in the lawful directm that is to expand devotion to the communion and globe in open. It is by tidings that we divulge daily in our speeds with other nation. The tidings is referable attributable attributable attributable exact a probe or a written tone. The tidings is sorcery. The tidings can be conservationd to stock causes of devotion and veracity in the apprehendings of the entertainr or conservationd as ebon sorcery, that is to stock causes of evilness. The tidings elementary external should be to expand evident sorcery to the globe.

    I can tell to this unison from a individualal aim of purpose as an adventure happened that transitional my conduct entirely. There was this crystalline tail in instruct in my childhood when my professor announced to the dispose that we were total failures and that we would achieve to referable attributable attributablehing in the future, chiefly in his basic theme accounts. At that age, he stocked a caconservation in total of us that we were total insensate in his theme. The caconservation flourished, and heresucceeding I conception myself as substance faulty in accounts throughextinguished my years in instruct. The caconservation was so deeply fixed that I flush projected putting an purpose to my studies. This caconservation grew in me until I enrolled in an internship program. The supervisor in assault of the interns heresucceeding assigned me the accounts desk. As shortly as the supervisor had assigned me the column that I wrote an email to him scrutiny to be transmitted to another toil citing divergent reasons.

    The supervisor designated me in his function and heresucceeding tobsolete me that I should seal doubting myself and that I would achieve in the room. This transitional my apprehendingformal environing me substance faulty in accounts, and heresucceeding another caconservation was stocked in my apprehending. The tidingss of the supervisor acted as a catalyst in me initiative a superior in concern. The professor conservationd the tidings as ebon sorcery turn the supervisor conservationd the tidings impeccably to expunge the evils of the ebon sorcery. Thinking to myself today, I like I would touch the birth emobject by equipping myself with the referable attributable attributableion that the professor fixed was to annihilate and referable attributable attributable attributable produce colossus musical with his tidingss. Impeccability of the tidings raises the investigation of the contrivance and implications of the separation in produce to the subject of veracity. (Whyte & Alison ,16)

    The Promote Unison.

    The promote unison revolves encircling referable attributable attributable attributable initiative completething individualally. There are incidences that nation conservation the tidings to injury you movingly and spiritually, at this weight when you like the ideas and convictions that they affirm, you are a prey of initiative things individualally. The privative convictions they affirm should referable attributable attributable attributable govern you or accept them as substance the veracity. They are exact using the tidings to expand hostility onto your apprehending. When you are weak of initiative things individualally you grace any lenient target direct nation with poorly fixedion to manage you by sustentation you with insubmissive full (Ruiz & Janet, 16).

    I can regard this conviction of initiative things individualally from ebon sorceryians from the individualal adventure of my accounts professor. The professor, in this subject, the ebon sorceryian, hurled tidingss of warning to me in instruct. Substance naïve at that weight, I took the conviction of the professor individualally and totalowed it to plain in me as though it was my conviction. This governed my grades and referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding my performance in instruct. I heresucceeding was a prey of initiative things individualally and totalowing the ideas to accept nucleus limit in my conduct. I to-boot made the conviction of the supervisor individualally. This is succeeding accepting his conviction environing me was the lawful conviction. This was flush anteriorly me familiarizing with him.

    The donation of this unison is the unconditionaldom from the tidingss of nation seeking to affirm poorly convictions environing you (Ruiz & Janet, 12). Nation’s conviction environing stems from their perspective environing you produced in their apprehendings. This breeds a chance of the purposes from divergent individuals heresucceeding the directm to be unconditional from initiative ideas and convictions environing you from divergent nation is by shielding yourself from the ebon sorceryians. At that age in instruct, I could bear shielded myself from the conviction of the professor as he was striveing to govern my conduct by giving me his conviction environing myself. The directm of unconditionaldom despite this unrighteousness is by convergenceing on yourself and heresucceeding luxuriance your apprehending to decline the ideas directmulated by other nation environing yourself. How plenteous weight we test depends further on how polite we direct regard than on what happens to us (Csikszentmihalyi, 5)

    The Third Unison

    This unison emphasizes the insufficiency of referable attributable attributable attributable making boldnesss. The account of boldnesss comes up when we don’t bear an retort to colossus, and heresucceeding our apprehending claims a verity to affect secured having retorted the investigation we beseeched in the original attribute. Exact by having an boldness as an retort evidents our apprehending temporarily carehither of whether the supposition is chasten or wickedness. By doing this, we produce a chance of moving envenom in our speeds (Ruiz & Janet, 18). This unison dissects the account of relationships where each participator has his or her boldnesss environing the other, and heresucceeding if the boldnesss are referable attributable attributable attributable at par with the retorts they referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding entertain, there arise conflicts. Don’t claim completething. Beseech investigations (Baker & Brenda, 7).

    There was this crystalline where I ran into an obsolete fripurpose in the mtotal at the queue and heresucceeding went onwards and talked to her. As I was heading extinguished, I referable attributable attributableiced she overlooked at me. This cemal me up direct a chance of boldnesss inveterate on the overlook. I had claimd in my apprehending that she was looking direct a conduct participator. This led to me going to the queue repeatedly and scrutiny her if I could acceleration with the luggage yet she faded to aim her finger to her mate who was future to acceleration. I had claimd that she was unrighteousnessgle and heresucceeding produced a verity in my apprehending withextinguished scrutiny her. This could bear been solved precedent if had exact beseeched her.

    This unison convergencees on the insufficiency to beseech investigations in a proffer to bear evident retorts rather than exact making boldnesss. It is emobject to beseech investigations than to produce boldness which may be wickedness. If you do referable attributable attributable attributable apprehobject beseech. Retorts evident up our apprehending in a directm that there can be no boldnesss to be made environing a feature birth. The cosmical brain is cemal up to strive to retort investigations by creating boldnesss inveterate on someone’s perspective.

    Direct stance, relationships can triturate when individual participator claims that the other knows him or her polite sufficient to magistrate what they nonproduction. This can control to conflicts betwixt the two as the boldnesss they produce may referable attributable attributable attributable be reflected in their possessions. Withextinguished appropriations, the message betwixt you and other nation graces evident and heresucceeding you don’t permit from moving aversion caused by boldnesss.

    The Indecentth Unison

    The indecentth unison is inveterate on doing your best in total topic. This media striveing your best in total potential directm on the toil that you are doing.  Below any topic constantly do your best- no further no hither (Ruiz & Janet, 18). This should be dindividual acute that your best may modify from age to age as the globe is constantly changing and no weight is the similar. Direct stance, a individual who does an possession to his very best earn bear satisfpossession at the purpose as there earn be no regrets nor chide. This unison convergencees on having nation do their best total day withextinguished thinking of the recompense. When you do your best, you grace further fertile and bear the warmth direct doing emobject than you did previously. You gather your flaws when you do your best heresucceeding prominence your roll of awareness as you conceal practicing striveing to worst your flaws.

    This unison rhymed with my test when I was an intern. There was exigency to perproduce conspicuous heresucceeding controling to abundant interns referable attributable attributable attributable having purpose in the performance that they showed. There was to-boot no motivation direct us as the internship hired singly sufficient to cover the expenses incurred. This led to some interns doing below par performance heresucceeding some were fired by the administration. The recompense, the hire that was fond at the purpose of each month made me gloomy as it got high as shortly as I had entertaind it. I got sucked into the fraternity of the interns who sulked at doing the performance assigned to them.

        I felt there was no purpose in going to performance the healthy week heresucceeding I to-boot lowered the capacity of my performance. Succeeding apprehending this unison, I now accomplish that I would bear made the best turn by substance merry environing my performance, giving my best in the internship program and referable attributable attributable attributable convergenceing singly on the recompense. This can be plained in nation who do referable attributable attributable attributable convergence on the awards rather they do their performance satisfied and merry. They bear no frustrations environing their performance. I could bear made my age as an internship by doing my best in the performance that I was fond heresucceeding could bear been happier and bear no regrets as I had dindividual my best. Do good-tempered-natured-natured as largely as potential. (Kotler & Nancy, 20).


    The indecent unisons are a direct to nation direct them to speed happily and bear no regrets environing their conduct. When a individual follows the indecent unisons, he is great in such a directm that he speeds his conduct polite and looks directward to a emobject tomorrow. By doing your best, avoiding misusing tidingss, referable attributable attributable attributable initiative things individualally and referable attributable attributable attributable making boldnesss, you grace a emobject individual twain movingly and physically.

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