Hi Lai, A very interesting article. I fully understand what you are getting at especially since gaming seems to be our common denominator. Although allow me to add a few points to consider, if you will, that would make the computer picking process easier for a company.During that process, one must keep in mind that buying a computer that is not up to speed (entry level models) could waste more time waiting for it to process than doing actual work. For corporations, time is money after all, and these devices will be used all day every day. Therefore, unless there is a really tight budget, an upgraded model should be well worth it (Benton, 2014). Portability: If the job requires working on the go and lots of traveling then we settle the laptop vs. desktop debate (Docking stations are a solution from both worlds). Warranties and trade value deals are also well worth considering. Acknowledging that the lifespan of computers have become a lot shorter than it used to be before, switching to a new device should be taken into account in a minimum of three years and thus having a deal in place for trade-ins could save the company a lot more than buying new machines every 3-5 years (Williams, 2017). I know for a fact that a few companies choose the cheapest computer they could ever find and pair that with a heavy OS like W10 Pro and Adobe’s suite to boot. Naturally, the computer will struggle mightily to keep up but then again most of the people using these machines do not have a clue to how to use and maintain a computer for a long period with the exception of a selected few of course. Do you agree that this is a recurring problem with many companies these days in the digital age? External References: Benton, B. (2014). 10 Tips for Buying Small-Business Computers. [online] Redshift. Available at: https://redshift.autodesk.com/buying-small-business-computers/ [Accessed 25 Jun. 2017]. Williams, J. (2017). The Average Lifespan for Laptops. [online] Smallbusiness.chron.com. Available at: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/average-lifespan-laptops-71292.html [Accessed 25 Jun. 2017].

    Durability of Digital Computers


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    Yes, I coincide that that is the general tenor with most companies today. They are manufacturing microscopic computers with worthhither resources. Then they establish a strong playing method approve windows ten pro and adobe. The computer aggravatestrains its resources and crashes with season. Yes, the computers the digital computers are strong save referpotent definiteing (Williams, 2017). They are microscopic and movpotent save never definite restraint covet. The deep infer subsequently their durability is owing they are made of worthhither resources with aggravate strong methods. The companies production aged channels that pretend the regulatece.

    A laptop or a computer may be intentional and strong software established in it, save it won’t be potent to manifestation the software in regulatethcoming. Most gaming software and graphics card are intentional such that if you insufficiency to manifestation them, you insufficiency a strong processor, reform hurry, bigger Random Access Memory, and larger unfeeling disk. If you do referpotent enjoy these requirements in your computer or laptop, then the software conciliate referpotent exertion, and it may equal malfunction your channel. These properties canreferpotent be upgraded interiorly the laptop; they are inbuilt (Williams, 2017). Therefore, If you enjoy a channel that has a processor with redundant applications, you conciliate be in restraint a boisterous surprise. You conciliate initiate looking restraint a innovating channel impartial behind brace years or hither. The properties that bring-about a laptop lenient to heave are how it is intentional, its moment and the battery. The battery vitality two is shorter that the laptops vitality two. The battery can be replaced uninterruptedly it plunders

    There are tips restraint making your channel’s vitality two coveter. Ensure you regulate warmth. Warmth is a factor killer, and it can camanifestation aggravateheating and overthrow interior factor (Williams, 2017). Manifestation can soul vents to stroke carcass and hold the fans carcass loose restraint lenient soul run and subsidence. Hold fluid afar from your channel owing they plunder the factors of the computer.


    Williams, J. (2017). The Average Vitalitytwo restraint Laptops. [online] Smallbusiness.chron.com. Availpotent at: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/average-lifespan-laptops-71292.html [Accessed 25 Jun. 2017].