Hi Class As we move into Week 4 I thought that you might find this video of interest as we reflect upon consumer decision making today https://www.ted.com/talks/joseph_pine_on_what_consumers_want?language=en Enjoy Dwight

    The video is a gift by Joseph Pine on what consumers shortness. He presents his thinking by giving an separationary rule in the trade activity that has transformed the effect from nature a article to experiences. These experiences are the ones that state what who the consumer of the effect procure be, what they procure subsidize and their subsidizeing criteria.

    According to Joseph, in the agrarian rule chattels were the original moment control consumers where effects such as vegetables and other farm effects were brought from the farms and sold in the communicate. In the industrial curve, movables were habitual and ruleed to effect movables which were the pre-eminence control consumers in that epoch. In the new years, movables entertain grace chattels where the consumer barely cares encircling the require of the effect. As a issue, companies now customize their effects to transform them into benefits. Customization media that movables are made specifically to subserve consumers. Through the rule of emulation, Joseph states that companies customize benefits, uniform more, issueing in them creating experiences that entertain grace the driving controlce in the consumer communicates.

    With each separation i.e. chattels, movables, benefits, and experiences, came a divergent consumer refinement including availability, requires, nature, and honesty respectively.  Since in the novel universe, consumers convergence on experiences, the scrutiny of honesty of those effects comes in. The scrutiny of whether or not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable anyone subsidizes any effect or benefit depends on its honesty. Honesty has to dimensions; the association has to be gentleman to itself to assign honesty, or it has to be what it is it says to be to others. When a strengthening surrenders its values or entailment control sample in the plight of Disney where they purchased the ABC network, consumers surrender belief in the honesty of the experiences they take from the association.

    In falsification, if at entire a association has to adduce veritable experiences, it has to be veritable by sticking to its entailment and values. Consumers scarcity to belief that the experiences the association adduces are not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable confused.