Grant Proposal Instructions Grant Proposal: Item 1 – Identify a 501 (c) (3) organization I believe the best way to learn the knowledge and skills of grant writing is to write a Grant Proposal, and your first class assignment is critical in your successful completion of the course. For Grant Project: Item 1, you need to identify a 501 (c) (3) organization to serve as a non-profit entity for which you have been employed, hypothetically, to design and write a Grant Proposal. You have 2 options to choose from in order to complete this task. This assignment should be no less than 2 pages double-spaced, using AMA format. Format with underlined subheadings, and provide your name in the upper right hand corner of the 1st page. Option 1: Select a familiar local organization. Contact its Executive Director, tell him/her about your class, and see if they are willing to serve in this way as part of your education about Grant Writing. Be sure to inform him/her that someone within his/her organization will need to be available to you (either by phone on a daily or weekly basis) to answer your questions promptly throughout the 8 weeks of the course. The selling point to him/her, in addition to assisting your education, is at the end of the 8 weeks, the organization should have a solid Grant Proposal—a product, if approved by the Board of Directors, that could be submitted to a Foundation for funding consideration—at no cost. Be sure, however, not to promise success. Option 2: Create a fictitious organization for which you answer all the questions and tasks in the weekly assignments. This involves creative writing on your part, but eliminates the possibility of miscommunication and/or delays between you and the contact person of a real organization. My advice is, unless you are aware of an organization with a current need and are desperate for Grant writing help, choose Option 2. To complete this assignment, you need the following Non-Profit Organizational data: Name and address Mission Statement Copy of its By-Laws (if you’ve chosen Option 1) A listing of the Board of Directors (last name only) Board of Directors annual meeting date Organizational Chart (on a separate page) Name and contact data of its Executive Director This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 1. Grant Proposal: Item 2 – Statement of Need In Module/Week 2, you will submit a 1-page “Statement of Need” as the first part of your actual Grant Proposal. Remember this item is critical. It should be a comprehensive, coherent, and concise description of “the problem” your organization faces and written in a way that is persuasive and encourages a Grant Maker to want to partnership with your organization to solve it. If you chose Option 1 during Module/Week 1, the most difficult part of this assignment might be getting your organizational contact to identify the actual “Need.” In my experience, having the contact person narrow down his/her “need” can be time consuming. Talk to him/her early and often about this issue so you can complete the assignment on time. If you chose Option 2 during Module/Week 2, you have some creative writing to do. Pick a logical “need” for your fictitious organization based on its Mission Statement. Don’t create a monstrous, multifaceted “need” with a large, involved budget. If you do, it makes the other assignments of the Grant Proposal more time consuming to complete. Finally, be sure to read the sample “Need Statements” in the textbooks and consider modeling your submission after one of them. There are some exceptional examples, and consider modeling your submission after one of theirs. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2. ——————————————————————————————————————— Grant Proposal: Item 3 – Project Description This section is often the bulk of a Grant Proposal and requires a great deal of thought, planning, and purposeful writing. The first step is to write a series of objectives to solve “the problem” you identified in the “Statement of Need.” The objectives need to be chronologically ordered and specific. A combination of behavioral, performance, process, and product objectives are recommended. (If you chose Option 1, your task is to: gather the data from your contact person; organize his or her thoughts on how the Project will proceed once the money is awarded; synthesize the information; and write a coherent and concise description for the Grant Proposal. If you chose Option 2, it’s more creative writing on your part.) Then from the project objectives, you need to identify and explain the “day-to-day” activities to implement your organization’s “solution.” Be sure your activity list is comprehensive. For example, if you plan to hire new staff, think through all the issues to get this process done (e.g., advertisement, interviews, background checks, references check, etc.) and the time it will take to complete the hiring process. You also need to keep in mind two other issues. First, that your objectives are the items to be assessed in the evaluation component of the Grant. Secondly, when you create your budget summary, the individual line items will reflect the costs associated with the activities that are fulfilling the objectives. Don’t forget to use a timeline table in your Project Description. Whether it’s a Gantt chart or a similar table illustrated in the one of the textbooks, it serves a valuable function to the Grant Maker’s readers. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2. ——————————————————————————————————————— Grant Proposal: Item 4 – Project Assessment Project Assessment is the evaluation. The best evaluations contain both subjective (i.e., qualitative) and objective data (i.e., quantitative), and serve as evidence of Project success. A page or less is sufficient if you’ve created well-written objectives and have a logical descriptive plan outlining the principle success indicators. Follow the textbook models in selecting and constructing the Project Assessment approach for your organization’s Grant Proposal. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3. ——————————————————————————————————————— Grant Proposal: Item 5 – Project Budget As mentioned earlier in the Module/Week 3 presentation, this part of a Grant Proposal has 2 sections: (1) the Budget Narrative, and (2) an itemized Budget Summary. The 2 sections often comprise 2 double-spaced pages in the Grant Proposal. The Narrative is written first by reviewing the activities associated with the Project Objectives. In essence, you are reporting to the Grant Maker the anticipated costs for the steps of every activity fulfilling each objective. You are expected to provide “real” cost estimates—not guesses—as well as how you gathered the information. For example, was it by past experience, formal estimates by local contractors, or mathematical formulas? Whatever your source, identify how you arrived at the cost of each line item in the Budget Summary. If you selected Option 1, you need to ask specific budgetary questions of your contact person. This may take some time, especially if your contact is not familiar with the exact costs of some of the items listed in the budget summary (e.g., personnel fringe benefit %). When you start the itemized Budget Summary, you need to plan for multiple conversations about budget. The need for a Grant to solve the organization’s “Need” may have been discussed multiple times for many years with the board of directors and staff, but no one really sat down to consider the individual line items necessary to complete the Project that would solve “the problem.” If you selected Option 2, there is a greater likelihood this assignment will be easier. You and you alone will conceptualize the Budget line items and the only “real” research work is to provide data supporting your line items. Whichever Option you selected, don’t be surprised that you have to revise either or both the Narrative or Summary from time to time. Before you submit this assignment for the class, my advice is to have someone look at both of them to identify items you may have overlooked. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3. Grant Proposal: Item 6 – Identifying Potential Foundations for Funding By now, much of your Grant Proposal is written except for some final touches which we will discuss. You are now ready for the work of identifying potential Grant Maker suitors. At the beginning of this course, you subscribed to the basic service of the Foundation Center which gives you data access to 10,000 possible Grant Makers (see the Foundation Profile Help attachment for detailed information regarding how to set up your subscription). If you have been “surfing” their website to acquaint yourself with the different tools and reviewed their tutorials, you should be ready for this assignment. Obviously, if you are having difficulty, contact them. As a subscriber, they will answer questions to assist your efforts. The assignment is to find 5 potential Grant Makers for your Grant Proposal. When you’ve found the 5, you then rank them based on your belief of successful funding probability. Provide your reasoning for choosing them and why you ranked them 1–5. As an attachment to your narrative, you should include copies of their “Profiles,” printed from the Foundation Center’s website. These “Profiles” need to show the 7 critical items mentioned in Module/Week 4’s presentation. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4. ——————————————————————————————————————— Grant Proposal: Item 7 – Revisions & Adjustments There are 3 parts of this final assignment, and they are related to the rank order list of your 5 Foundations. For this class, you will adjust these items in accordance with any information you’ve gleaned about the Foundation you’ve ranked as #1 on your list. If and when you might actually submit your Grant Proposal, these items might be adjusted to address the specifics of the other foundations respectively. The 3 items are as follows: You will write a 1-page summary of the Grant Proposal. This is usually called an Executive Summary or an Abstract. It informs the Grant Maker as to who, what, and why of your request. Its primary purpose is to capture their interest so they will read the complete Grant Proposal; You will append any organizational data you believe is relevant for the Grant Maker; and, You will write a “cover letter” to the Foundation, and the specifics are dictated by their protocol for submission. As a reminder, if you chose Option 1, DO NOT submit the Grant Proposal to a Foundation unless it has Board of Directors’ approval, AND the signatory in the cover letter is their chief administrator. Obviously, you should also NOT submit if you selected Option 2. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4. ——————————————————————————————————————– Grant Proposal: Item 8 – “Selling” your Organization’s Capability Grants, both private and public, are usually awarded on a competitive basis. Other non-profit entities are pursuing the same dollars. The other competitive organizations may also have great ideas and proposals to the point foundation staff members have difficulty deciding which organizations are most deserving of receiving an award given their limited funds. When this happens, they often contact the various applicants with questions. These questions maybe asked by phone, in a personal interview or by mail. Their agenda is to further determine the viability and worthiness of the organization, in terms of: leadership competence, financial fitness, grant history (if any), and the academic/work background of every individual who will be working on the grant if it is awarded to them. For this assignment, in the form of a letter provide answers to these questions in 300–400 words regarding your organization. This assignment is a “sales event,” you need to convince the foundation staff of your organization’s history in the community (unless its new then you restate the need for its existence), its ability to do what your grant application says it can do, and the experience of your key staff members. The tenor of the letter needs to be conversational and persuasive without pompousness. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.

                                                                  Erica Gibson

    Name and oration

    Name: Cardiff Environmental Cleaners Base.

    Location: Benton City

    Band-arms announcement

    The band-arms announcement is of the structure is ‘To tend the environment and emend the capacity of lives of the persomal similarity’

    Ttelling of rulers by their definite name

    • Kennedy (constabulary ruler)
    • Fatima (constabulary bisectner)
    • Jones (product ruler)
    • Joy (program ruler)
    • Nate (finance ruler)
    • Harrop (tend ruler)
    • Woodman (product bisectner ruler)
    • Davies (proper result bisectner)
    • Ian (housing coordinator)
    • Jessy (workforce coordinator)
    • Billy (exoteric bisectner coordinator)
    • Bron (Finance bisectner)
    • Petra (Tend coordinator)

    The ttelling of rulers annual meeting 15\11\2017 at 2.00 pm

    Structure Chart

    Ttelling of Rulers Constabulary rulerBob Kennedy Constabulary bisectnerFermi Fatima Program rulerAshly JoyProduct rulerKelvin JonesTend rulerJames HarropFinance rulerDrake NateProduct bisectner rulerDavid woodmanProper result bisectnerMark DaviesHousing coordinatorPet Ian Effortforce coordinatorJones JessyExoteric bisectner coordinatorLucy BillyFinance bisectnerCarol BronTend coordinatorMercy Petra

    Admit Overture: Item 1 Grading Rubric

    CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsIdentifies a 501(c)(3) structure pauseraint which you obtain transcribe a admit overture.  To-boot indicates whether this structure was “real” or “fictitious” by using the sum 1 or 2 respectively in the prefertelling equittelling recess of the muniment.  5

    The provision is no short than 2 pages, pauseraintmatted in AMA (restraint MPH students) or APA with underlined subheading, in 12 pt font, Eras Innovating Roman, with 1 inch margins, and no exact or spelling errors.5
    The provision apprehends the aftercited items environing the structure:Name & oration of the structure & its Constabulary Ruler2.5
    The structure’s “Band-arms Announcement”2.5
    A inventorying of the Ttelling of Rulers2.5
    An Structureal Chart (severed page)2.5
    The provision is submitted as an resolute “Word” Muniment2.5
    The Rubric is resolute to the provision2.5
    Entirety Tops25

    Erica Gibson

    Cardiff Environmental Cleaners Base – Announcement of Deficiency.

        As per our band-arms announcement, Cardiff Environmental Cleaners Base is committed to initiating and bisecticipating in activities that are to the best curiosity-behalf of the environment and the residents of Benton. We regularly keep an environmental week per-annum to construct awareness on environmental issues and mingle residents in environmental guardianship activities. This year, the senior deficiency verified is to extension the sum of trees in the persomality. Trees are vitality. Human living-souls keep weightyly degraded the tree population and Benton City and its purlieu is no exclusion. The guard is to mingle residents in enjoyment of 1000 trees during the environmental week. Each lineage and specific obtain intepaexplanation calling of the trees they fixed. There is to-boot the deficiency to construct awareness on environmental issues such as global warming, defilement and earnestness guardianship, distinctly to effect and immature fellow-creatures. Immature minds keep the immanent to transimage the aggregation’s composition and mode towards the safety and guardianship of the environment.

        To achievementfully perfect the sights fixed pauseraint the activities of the environmental week, we obtain deficiency to lapse trees, enjoyment equipment, manifestation landscaping services to specialty mischiefonious areas pauseraint enjoyment, publish to dispose persomals to tend pauseraint the activities and commission coordinators and trainers pauseraint the environmental awareness treatys. It is probing that we perfect prostrate endeavor towards guardianship and safety of the environment to secure that it dregs maintaintelling pauseraint pauseraintthcoming generations. Human living-souls keep so distant caused the primitive mischief to the environment and issues such as global warming are now interdiplomatic issues. As such, we keep no cherished other than to be bisect of the discontinuance. The base hence seeks funding of $100,000 to secure that the activities objectd pauseraint this year’s environmental week are a achievement.

    Admit Overture: Item 2 Grading Rubric

    CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsThe provision is 1-page and identifies the “Problem to be explaind” or “Announcement of Deficiency” of the structure. It apprehends the aftercited components:

    It is brief and complete.20
    It is supplicatory and encourages the “grant-maker” to bisectner with your structure.5
    It mentions how it relates to the Band-arms of the Structure.2.5
    There are no exact or spelling errors.2.5
    The provision is submitted as a “Word” muniment.2.5
    The Rubric is resolute to the provision.2.5
    Entirety Tops35

    Erica Gibson

    Device Description


    The aftercited concretes keep been fixed to controlm the environmental week a achievement

    • To fixed 1000 trees during the environmental week flowning from October 23rd to 27th.
    • To commission 15 environmental week coordinators and 3 trainers to expedite environmental awareness treatys.
    • To delay environmental awareness treatys pauseraint effect full day during the environmental week.
    • To construct awareness of the environmental week through publishments during the month of September and October and achieve families in Benton to token up as tends pauseraint enjoyment trees.
    • To expedite mien and refreshments pauseraint perfect tend families during the tree enjoyment treaty.


        The primitive and ocean concrete is to fixed 1000 trees encircling Benton. To perfect this, we obtain claim to lapse trees and enjoyment equipment. We already keep a donor who obtain be providing 300 trees gratuitous. The paexplanation of the trees obtain be lapsed from persomal tree growers. The tree enjoyment equipment to be bought apprehend shovels and instiling cans. These obtain to-boot be manifestationful in the pauseraintthcoming should we preventioner to parintepaexplanation such an life frequently. The trees obtain to-boot be delighted to a mischiefonious top the week preceding to the environmental week to secure tranquility of bearing and eschew inconveniences. Landscaping services obtain to-boot be utilized to specialty the tops where the trees can be fixeded pauseraint optimum enlargement.

        Imputtelling to the weightyness of effort to expedite the activities scheduled pauseraint the environmental week, we obtain commission some coordinators to assist with the logistics. The areas where succor is deficiencyed apprehend tokening up families to tend and coordinating the tree enjoyment treatys. 3 trainers obtain to-boot be commissiond to expedite effect environmental awareness treatys which obtain be held pauseraint 2 hours full day. The trainers should be environmental properists and they obtain be verified and challenged by the ttelling of rulers. The hiring order pauseraint coordinators obtain be performed as it is regularly performed in the structure outset with an online publishment to challenge applications. Conferences and cognate orderes such as enhancement checks and posterior collation inoculations obtain to-boot be conducted.  The hiring order obtain flow during the cooperate and third week of September so that there is extensive era to qualify pauseraint the activities onwards.

        The environmental awareness treatys obtain be held full day of the week. As mentioned overhead, each treaty obtain be two hours expedited by a properist. Effect are the explanation tarachieve conference this year as we venerate in their immanent to transimage the globe. The inoculation facts keep already been conveyed by Benton Persomal School. The topics to be healed during these treatys apprehend earnestness and instil guardianship, global warming and defilement. We to-boot confidence to present and brainstorm with the effect how they can add towards the guardianship and safety of the environment.

        We intent on doing weighty publishments through the persomal innovatingspaper, online platforms, the persomal radio and substantial pamphlets. The sight is to achieve families to tend pauseraint tree enjoyment. Token-ups obtain either be performed online or substantially with our coordinators. These families obtain not attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling solely intepaexplanation binding pauseraint the enjoyment, excluding to-boot the upbringing of the trees. We to-boot confidence to keep a immense turnout of effect pauseraint the environmental awareness treatys. The publishments obtain be performed from mid- September perfect the habit to the outset of the environmental week.

    We intent on facilitating logistics pauseraint the tend families such as mien to the tree enjoyment tops and a scant refreshments to boost earnestness during the exertion. There are a scant buses that keep been donated pauseraint this object excluding the paexplanation obtain be commissiond from persomal providers at subsidized rates. Transport arrangements should be performed and completed during the primitive and cooperate weeks of October.

    The environmental week is an annual result in which the residents of Benton end simultaneously to intepaexplanation bisect in activities towards the betterment of their dressing. It is to-boot a good-natured-natured turn to remind ourselves of the commission that God accorded unto us to intepaexplanation prevention and protect regularity. Mankind is his enjoy adversary. We keep destroyed the very elements that maintain our entity. We perfect deficiency to hold up and intepaexplanation calling to secure that our intentet dregs maintaintelling pauseraint pauseraintthcoming generations.

    Era Line Table

    Activities1st week Sep.2nd wk. Sep3rd wk. Sep4th week Sep1stweek Oct.2nd week Oct.
    3rd week Oct.4th week OctHiring of Coordinators


    Transport arrangements

    Mien of trees

    Environmental week

    Admit Overture: Item 3 Grading Rubric

    CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsThe provision apprehends:A inventory of concretes to explain “The deficiency/problem” Announcement. 15

    A chronological capacious inventorying of activities to utensil the concretes.15
    A eraline in the pauseraintm of a “Gantt Chart” illustrating the admit overture.15
    The provision is submitted as an resolute “Word” muniment.2.5
    The Rubric is resolute to the provision.2.5
    Entirety 50

    Item 4: Device Assessment

    Through the commitment of the structure, the device is specialtyd to achieve throughout its eraline. The object of the evaluation is to specialty whether the device obtain keep hanker engagement benefits to the similarity. The enjoyment of trees is salubrious to twain the similarity and the aggregation as a undiminished, and hence it is essential to manifestation perfect instrument needful so that the device becomes achievementful. Pauseraint this conclude, the similarity can thicken some fashions of plea collation which are twain mental and concrete so that they achieve the equittelling notice to train them grasp the device’s sight.

    Methods of Accumulateing Mental Plea.

    This pauseraintm of plea collation is to-boot knenjoy as promotive where it mingles trodden interenjoyment with fellow-creatures either on an specific plea or a order raze. This fashion of collation is, still, the most requirely and era-consuming pauseraintms of plea collation excluding it is rather the best habit imputtelling to the deep pleased of notice that is unmoved life primitive notice. The fashions apprehend; convergence orders, enjoyment investigation, comments, and conferences.

    The convergence orders are manifestationd when the structure wants to accumulate notice from a throng rather from an specific. This character of fashion is widely manifestationd when there are poor instrument pauseraint plea collation. The structure to-boot intends to manifestation the convergence orders to achieve the demeanor and opinions of opposed orders. It is to-boot recommended to manifestation sundry orders when accumulateing notice to keep a profundity of notice that obtain assist in sentence making. Enjoyment investigation is another habit of obtaining notice where the investigationers obtain be actively mingled with the similarity in achieveting habits of solving the denunciation which in this circumstance is environmental guardianship.

    Comment is the simplest pauseraintm of plea collation where the investigationer is claimd to intepaexplanation not attributtelling attributablees of what is happening at the avail in a eventual fixedting. The limitations of this fashion are that fellow-creatures frequently transmute their demeanors when they imbibe that they are life observed. The investigationer may to-boot overlook star when they are recording their findings, and through comment, the witness solely achieves a frenjoyment of the undiminished seat. Still, comment succors in achieveting the insights of the undiminished delineate, and individual can detoken the paexplanation of the investigation. An conference is another habit of plea collation where the order may be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. It mingles achieveting notice from the conferenceee through a social fashion so that they can impress commodious environing sharing their views and impressings openly.

    Methods of Accumulateing Concrete Plea

    This is a promotive habit of obtaining notice where the investigationer is solicitous environing the order manifestationd in the investigation. The investigationer at this top guards to be philosophical by analyzing the plea unmoved to underhold the concludes as to why there is an entity of such an life. Through the concrete plea collation fashion, the plea composed is performed through investigation tools such as questionnaires and software to achieve the numerical notice. The exemplification extent manifestationd are regularly capacious making the results to be extremely exact. The plea unmoved in the pauseraintm of values is typically moulded in charts, tables and other characters that are non-textual. Through plea composed, the investigationer can prophesy pauseraintthcoming results or be telling to engender innovating concepts.

    Admit Overture: Item 4 Grading Rubric

    CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsThe fashion(s) of accumulateing “subjective” (qualitative) plea are explained in specialty.10

    The fashion(s) of accumulateing “objective” (quantitative) plea are explained in specialty.10
    The 1–2 page muniment is written in 12 pt. font, Eras Innovating Roman, with 1 inch margins and improve style & spelling.5
    The provision is submitted as an resolute “Word” muniment.2.5
    The Rubric is resolute to the provision.2.5
    Entirety Tops30

    Item 5: Budget

    The entirety aggregateity of money that we are requesting pauseraint this overture is $100,000. The pie chart under presents the finances claimd pauseraint this device.

    Lapse of Trees.

    The structure intends to fixed 1000 trees throughout the device vitalitytime. Still, the structure was telling to achieve 300 trees as a remittance to addition its concrete. This image was a exemption to the assemblage as its budachieve was degraded tokenificantly. The similarity obtain nevertheshort claim protection in the purchasing of the retaining 700 trees and the enjoyment equipment which apprehend shovels and instiling cans. The trees obtain to-boot be delighted to the top precedently to eschew any inconveniences that could arise. The require of a uncompounded tree is $50 resulting in a entirety of $35,000. The require of each enjoyment equipment is $100 where 100 equipment obtain be claimd to expedite a quicker order. The entirety require obtain be $10,000 making the entirety be $45,000.  


    This is the require manifestationd to supply pauseraint refreshments pauseraint perfect tends and bisecticipants in the tree enjoyment order. This obtain succor in boosting of earnestness so that fellow-creatures can abide enjoyment trees. The similarity to-boot intends to underintepaexplanation weighty publishments so that they can educe awareness environing the order and achieve more tends. Opposed channels of advertising are life manifestationd to achieve a navigate coverage of fellow-creatures. It is purposed to keep a turnout of environing 500 fellow-creatures where a snack perfectowance of $10 each is loving entiretying to $5,000. Publishment requires of $10,000. There are to-boot miscellaneous to be healed at the figure of $10,000.


    The structure expects to commission 15 coordinators and three trainers who obtain succor to tranquility up the weightynessiness of the operations. The hiring order obtain be performed through the regular habit of receiving applications and conducting conferences to achieve the best-suited applicant. The coordinators obtain succor with the logistics mingled in tree enjoyment order period the trainers who should be properists in the environmental matters obtain succor in awareness. The 15 supervisors and the three coaches obtain take $600 and $2000 respectively resulting in a entirety of $15,000. There obtain to-boot be five opposed staff earning $1,000 each.


    This obtain mingle the mien of trees from the garden to the top of enjoyment. There obtain to-boot the renting of buses that obtain ferry the bisecticipants to and from the top. The fuel expenses are to-boot supplyed here. The require of hiring two buses is $5,000. The require of fuel is $2,000. The driver’s fee is $2,000, and the require of transporting trees to the top is $1,000.

    Admit Overture: Item 5 Grading Rubric

    CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsA 1-page “itemized” budachieve explicitly links to the admit overture’s concrete. 15

    A 1-page budachieve narrative explicitly explains each “itemized” budachieve initiation.10
    Twain muniments comprehend improve math, spelling & style.10
    The provision is submitted as an resolute “Word” muniment.2.5
    The Rubric is resolute to the provision.2.5
    Entirety Tops40