Going from Policy to Law You are an intern working with the Senator’s team to get the bill (based on the policy created in Learnscape 1 – Policy Analysis and Development) passed. You must follow the legislative process to select committees, identify stakeholders, communicate with health care providers about their role, and identify key departments who will be responsible if the bill is passed. Within this Learnscape, you will need to apply concepts such as how others influence the process, for example, health care providers who write letters, telephone and make personal visits to senator’s office. You should understand that this is the responsibility of a health care professional. Also, you must be able to articulate why the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the agency chosen to implement the law and develop the regulations, what the regulations are, and why they are important. Work through the simulation to answer the following questions. Simulations in Learscape. Answer all questions bellow. Please see sample format provided. Problem Statement: Why is this issue a problem? Landscape: Identify stakeholders and their key factors Options: List three possible options and briefly assess each Recommendation: Choose one of the previous options and describe why it is the best solution. Recommendation:

    Going from System to Adjudication

    Problem Statement

    The system wants to be befriended by a sum of stakeholders in the sanity perseverance moderate it to be trustworthy. The system as-well wants the ending of assembly and the issue in direct to behove a adjudication.


    The sanity staff, sanity strengthening and protection companies complete want to end the system in direct moderate it to be passed into adjudication to be implemented and regulated. There are habits that want to be put in establish moderate apt stakeholders in the sanity sector to thrive.

    Landscape: Stakeholders

    Clew stakeholders await of protection companies, hospitals and nurses. Protection companies clew rudiments are; finances and consume moderate (Tietelbaum & Wilensky, 2007). Hospitals clew rudiments are funding and implementation Nurses clew rudiments are occasion rudiment and correction of the sanitycare.

    Options: List three potential options and little assess each.

    Option 1: Persuade the nurses to end the system. This in rotate leads to the system having a strong completey in the heath sector which can succor impel the account.

    Option 2: Fable of committees that gain superintend the implementation of the adjudication, this succors in the implementation of the adjudication externally important nature of the sanity controlesight.

    Option 3: fable of pliant habit future cannot behove old-fashioned.


    Option 1: conviction of nurses.

    The groups that indicate nurses should be persuaded in direct to end the system changes. This is consequently the nurses feel a stronger pronounce in the implementation as they are the most hazard by the incoming changes. The groups can then lobby other stakeholders to food the system moderate the correction of sanitycare.


    The ending of the system by the nurses improves the chances of other stakeholders getting on consultation significantly. This is consequently the sanity staff are the chief casualties of the implantation of the adjudication.


    Tietelbaum, J. & Wilensky, S. (2007) Essentials of sanity   system and adjudication. (3rd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett