Goal: Write a 4-6 page persuasive research essay that defends your position on a controversial subject of personal concern while acknowledging and neutralizing the position of opposing points of view using research for support. (Your Works Cited page, while absolutely necessary, is not part of your total page count.) Persuasive Essay: This is a capstone assignment that uses everything that you have learned in the semester about developing a thesis, offering detailed supporting evidence, utilizing strong word choice, and writing with clear purpose and audience. Therefore, work hard on each step of your writing process, spending ample time on these activities: ∙•developing and planning your essay, ∙•researching your topic, ∙•organizing your ideas and support, ∙•writing effective sentences, a strong introduction and conclusion, and well supported, connected body paragraphs, ∙•revising your work to meet the needs of audience, ∙•proofreading and polishing your work. You will need to develop a thesis/essay map that clearly shows your opinion and guides the reader through the essay. Topic: There are many issues that cause considerable controversy, and some that are not as talked about but that are important nonetheless. Choose one of these topics, making sure that you have had direct personal experience with it, that it has two sides, and that it can be reasonably argued. Then, research that topic using at least six (6) valid and credible sources (Successful College Writing Chapter 21). Write a formal, logical, well-organized argument based on those sources. This requires that you choose an arguable topic that is sufficiently focused and that includes research. You must adequately explore both sides of your issue, demonstrating an understanding of your opposition’s argument and refuting the opposition’s claims. Note: This does not need to be a “hot button” issue, merely one that has two arguable positions. Caution: You may not use any of the following topics for this assignment: gun control, capital punishment, creationism, evolution, abortion, death penalty, homosexuality, stem cell research, global warming, alcohol or drug use, any topic dealing with religion or religious beliefs, and reviews of any entertainment. You will not be able to write a logical argument on any subject that is a matter of personal preference such as fashion or entertainment. ∙•Contact your instructor with any questions about topics. If your instructor rejects a topic, you must choose another topic that will fit this assignment. Persuasive Research Essay 100 points (Argument Essay) Your Works Cited is part of this. Do not neglect to submit your Works Cited as the last page of your essay–not a separate file. 50 points (Research Elements) First Step: Formulate an argument either attacking or defending your position on a controversial topic of personal concern. Be sure that your topic meets these conditions: ∙•You must have had direct personal experience with the topic. For instance, if you want to write about physical abuse, you should have experienced it. ∙•You must know your position (opinion) on the topic and be able to state it as a strong assertion. For example, here’s a position: The student parking lot at my high school needs video cameras installed for safety of students and protection of their property. ∙•You must be able to understand opposing viewpoints. ∙•You need to narrow your topic sufficiently to discuss an aspect rather than a broad spectrum. For example, instead of persuading your audience to be good parents, focus on one aspect of parenting, such as the importance of reading to children every day. ∙•The topic must have sufficient interest to promote ample research, even possibilities of a personal interview. (Be sure to choose a credible authority who has firsthand experience or expertise with the topic, if you choose to conduct a personal interview.) ∙•Remember that you are using the research to support YOUR thinking, YOUR argument. This work is NOT simply a presentation of research that is strung together like Christmas lights. This is not a “cut and paste” of research work. The body of your work is YOUR writing that uses research to support YOUR ideas. While you may use your own experience as ONE of the elements of evidence, the majority of your evidence needs to be research-based. Elements to Include: ∙•Focus on writing a persuasive argument, NOT an informative essay. ∙•Structure that develops your argument by a persuasive pattern of choice utilizing one or more strategies (comparison/contrast or cause/effect are two of the best) to develop the logical and reasoned patterns of your persuasive research essay ( Successful College Writing 563). ∙•Thesis/essay map that involves an explanation of the conflict involved in the topic, a particular point of view to be argued, and a short summary of opposing arguments. ∙•Include your main arguments FOR your position (pros) and the opposing points (cons) AGAINST your position, including a rebuttal of the opposition’s claims. ∙•Address the needs of the audience, emotions, and perceptions of the writing. ∙•Include a narrative paragraph within the text of your personal experience with the topic. ∙•Be sensitive to how the issue may affect others emotionally and intellectually; ∙•Avoid any logical traps that dull your argument. Review the fallacies on p.531-532 (Successful College Writing). ∙•Research from a varying number of sources including multiple print publications, electronic resources such as the internet or online data bases, general reference works, or personal interviews. Evaluate your sources for credibility and reliability. Please read the file in this Topic area entitled Source Information for criteria about source use. ∙•Incorporate your research in these three ways: o Summary o Paraphrase o Quotation (Avoid too many quotations in your paper. Use the quotations ONLY if they are powerful and support your ideas.) ∙•Use proper MLA format, including citation of any research involved. (Your text no longer has current information about MLA formatting since edition 8 made its debut in April 2016). You can download the Template and and MLA handout here: ∙•Effective use of sources within the text including summaries, paraphrases, and quotations. (See p. 610-613). ∙•A conclusion that restates original position while reminding the reader of why the opposing arguments have been neutralized. ∙•Effective use of words and terms that apply to the subject, avoiding the use of clichés, slang, and informal idioms. ∙•Effective sentence structure and variety. ∙•Proper use of conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) Additional Information Avoid Redundancy: Because this essay shows your opinion and argues for what you believe, do not use any phrase such as the following: I believe, I think, I feel, etc. These are redundant because we know that unless you give credit for an idea or belief in your essay, it is yours. Therefore, do not make your essay wordy or insult the intelligence of your readers with these types of phrases. Be clear and concise. Using Research to Support Opinion: Unlike other research papers that you may have experienced, this paper will involve your personal viewpoints supported with research. Most rhetorical conflicts are moral in nature; they involve an interpretation of human behavior that is considered right or wrong (in more extreme cases) or at least varying degrees of moral correctness. Be aware that most moral conflicts have at least two sides. You will need to provide research to support your position while providing argumentation and some research to address and refute opposing points of view. Remember that this is persuasive essay, not a report summarizing all the information that you have found. Unlike a report, an essay shows the writer’s view, and this essay will persuade your audience; therefore, the research will support your view and convince the audience (your opposition) to change their beliefs or actions, or at the very least to consider your position. You need to write a logical, persuasive essay following your outline, using other information besides your own to build your logical argument. Do not include all information that you find. Use only the information that logically builds your argument. Add research to support each point of your argument; you will have to do more than simply “drop in” the research. Consistent Point of View: Use third person (he, she, they, or name the group of people whom you refer to) in your essay. You can use first person (I, we) when you describe your personal experience, but again, avoid the “I think” “I feel” and “I believe.” Do not use second person (you) in your essay.It is too confusing and not formal enough for a research essay. Review p. 109 about “Point of View” Plagiarism: Anytime you copy something and present it as yours, it is plagiarism. Simply changing a few words, rearranging sentences, or omitting some parts does not make the work your writing. Paraphrasing or summarizing someone’s ideas and presenting them as yours (without documentation) is also plagiarism. Even if you acknowledge that you found the information from a source, if you don’t properly quote or paraphrase it, it is plagiarism. It is very important to correctly cite information that you borrow from a source. Plagiarism is cheating: it is illegal and unethical. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will fail the assignment and will fail the course. It is easy to plagiarize, intentionally or unintentionally, and it is fairly easy to identify plagiarism. Don’t take the easy way out. Instead work to become a better writer and improve your writing skills. Works Cited: ∙•List only sources used in your essay to support your thesis. ∙•Use every source listed on your Works Cited page in your essay.

    The association of the Acceptedoral Nursery in Presidential Preferences in the Combined Specifys

    In complete disgusting years, the acceptedorate in the Combined Specifys (U.S.) is required to opinion control their idol presidential claimant who accomplish discuss matters of the specify and caggravate its kingdom. Besides, the citizenry is expected to opinion control beings in other acceptedive positions that integralure control resemblance in the House of Delineateatives. However, it should be illustrious that the Presidential Preference is incongruous from other accepteded positions in the U.S. owing of the being of the Acceptedoral Nursery that opinions to flow on the preference of the President and the Vice President of the Combined Specifys. Interestingly, U.S. citizens register to stamp their opinions in indivisible of the 50 U.S. Specifys control beings known as acceptedors. Correctly, the acceptedors who upon convocation the required source, defend the best indivisible to guide the race on the axioms of vulgarity in the Acceptedoral Nursery flow the President and Vice President of the U.S. From this referable attributable attributableice, it is plum that the vulgar opinion is aggravatelookd, as beings who fall-short to enlighten the acceptedors yet accept acquired the opinions stamp by the acceptedorate are deemed render-render-unfit to busy guideership positions. Aggravate the years, U.S. citizens accept been confused in conversations that investigate to bit impromptu the Acceptedoral Nursery owing of its strike of majestic guideers on the acceptedorate. Control this persuade, the Acceptedoral Nursery should be discarded owing of its noncommunication of anticipation, impecuniosity to combine the citizenry, and a growing vicissitude of majestic an storder fashion of guideers that fall-short to converge the expectations of the acceptedorate.

    The perception of the Acceptedoral Nursery

        The Acceptedoral Nursery was introduced to the U.S. by the kingdom’s founding fathers to caggravate the race from the voting judgments of unstudious and ignorant opinionrs. Time the judgment may accept been beneficial in the medieval universe, the perception of the Acceptedoral Nursery is reluctantly unsightly detached (Amar 56). Control circumstance, putting the extreme judgment to the opinion control the President and Vice President of the U.S. at the influences of a scant beings subjects the kingdom into the possibility of accepteding the infairness guideers owing of their influence to govern the consequences of the Acceptedoral Nursery. In this feign, it is unusable control beings to exexchange the judgments of the general owing of their measureshort gum that muse the accomplish of the association in a unarculca matter. Although the art of the Acceptedoral Nursery was domiciled on the need to et the interests of the race opposing the autocracy of the preponderance, it is requisite to expressionlessness that the changing intervals should be implemented on the U.S. Constitution to muse the interests of the association.

        Nonetheless, the presumption of gregarious instrument and the internet accept disrupted the ordinary strikeivities of beings in the coeval association. In this circumstance, beings in the U.S. can now expression their concerns through the tissue, as well-mannered-mannered as, the gregarious instrument that has been used uniformly to vindicator the action of clearness in the bestow day association. Unlike in the gone-by where the being of the Acceptedoral Nursery was justified by the availinfluence of ignorant opinionrs in the association, beings can now similarity a expanded order of counsel from the internet and effect sensible judgments (Cervas and Bernard 250). From this, it is inexorable to specify that the persuades with which the Acceptedoral Nursery was founded accept befit inoperative owing of the changing intervals that has rendered the objectives of the whole vain and invalid. Surprisingly, the Constitution has been amended to muse the dynamic needs of the association that are perpetually changing aggravate the years. In this circumstance, the Acceptedoral Nursery should be abolished owing of its impecuniosity to oration the underlying issues cecible beings in the coeval association.

    Swing Specifys

        Interestingly, the Acceptedoral Nursery has accorded perception to “swing specifys” indirect other specifys to accept a expression in the consequences of the Presidential Preference. By so doing, the acceptedoral whole has accorded influence to indivisible specifys, subjecting other estimateries to disremembrance hence indirect the opinionrs in those specifys to stamp their opinions on the doom. Control circumstance, the span ocean parties in the U.S., the Unarculca Party, and the Republican Party estimate on integraluring the preference by projecting their conquest opposing a kreferable attributable of specifys in the kingdom (Duquette, Franklin, and Richard 50). Referable attributable attributableably, the last preference in the U.S. adage the span parties struggle aggravate mastery in indivisible specifys opposing the kingdom where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spent most of their hostilities interval in those regions. Unfortunately, the opinionrs in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina plain a soundness of weight that governd the consequences of the 2016 Presidential U.S. Preference.  From this referable attributable attributableice, it is plum that the guideing Presidential claimants aggravatelookd the other specifys to hostilities in the disgusting specifys, a progress that demonstrated a noncommunication of feign to the opinionrs in the retaining 46 estimateries.

        On the other influence, the Acceptedoral Nursery oceantains that it ensures that integral faculty of the U.S. are confused in the Presidential Preferences. In this circumstance, the acceptedors persuade that extinguishedside the acceptedoral whole, Presidential claimants would aggravatelook the needs of opinionrs in sparsely assiduous areas in civility of densely assiduous areas such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina. Besides, control claimants to reconcile the preference, they are required to accept livelihood from opinionrs opposing the kingdom, a progress that delineates raceal resemblance and impromptuers a answer-restraint to beings that a all guideer accomplish oration their needs (Bugh 78).  Control circumstance, if the Acceptedoral Nursery were referable attributable attributable attributable in assign, the opinionrs in smintegral towns with a smintegral population would be brinkalized in civility of beings in the Swing Specifys.

    Misplaced Ideologies

        It is believed that the Acceptedoral Nursery answer-fors a clear consequence of the Presidential Preference by subjecting a kreferable attributable of beings to flow aggravate the necessity of the populace cecible the dainty of the Presidential Claimant. Control circumstance, if the President and the Vice President were accepteded on a vulgar opinion, it would be practicable control beings to soar to the White House extinguishedside having a material preponderance following their tail. By so doing, it would be unusable to incline the strikeivities in the House of Delineateatives ascribable to a smintegral preponderance to support requisite bills in the House of Delineateatives (Virgin 40). In this lucent, the House of Delineateatives can amply opinion extinguished the President ascribable to a noncommunication of no self-reliance, guideing to re-preference that is usually an rich method to discuss owing of its belief on the taxable pay of the acceptedorate. On the opposite, the Acceptedoral Nursery avoids the circumstances of a incline-impromptu or recounts that authority quarrel with the accomplish of the U.S. citizens. Control pattern, in 2012, President U.S. Obama acquired the preference by integraluring a vulgar opinion with a 51.3 percent brink yet with a 61.7 percent plaudit from the Acceptedoral Nursery.

        On the other influence, it is plum that the acceptedoral method largely aggravatelooks the accomplish of the association by majestic unmistakable guideers selected by a kreferable attributable of beings to guide the kingdom. In the scenario where a kingdom’s President and Vice President are accepteded by a interest of the kingdom’s population, it is unusable to specify that the race loses its anticipation and admittance towards democracy and other requisite ideas. Control circumstance, time the U.S. has an estimated population of abextinguished 300 favorite beings, short than 500 association who rebestow the Acceptedoral Nursery accepted the President and Vice President. In this circumstance, it is plum that the opinionrs in the U.S. do referable attributable attributable attributable accept a expression when it comes to the fashion of beings who should guide their kingdom. Compared to other races where the opinionrs accept a declare on the preference consequences, it is momentous to expressionlessness that the dainty of the association should be delineateed by their opinions that flow on the character of guideers who should busy guideership positions (Williams 89). Control pattern, in 2016, Hillary Clinton acquired the vulgar preference that was stamp by the opinionrs. However, 538 acceptedors who sat in the Acceptedoral Nursery made their opinion on advantage of the U.S. citizens and defendd Donald Trump of the Republican Party as the President of the Combined Specifys. From a close aim of light, the masses should be integralowed to effect judgments aggravate issues that feign their lifestyle such as the fashion of guideers who should busy general impromptuice.


        The Acceptedoral Nursery should be discarded owing of its noncommunication of anticipation, impecuniosity to combine the citizenry, and a growing vicissitude of majestic an storder fashion of guideers that fall-short to converge the expectations of the acceptedorate. Time the general stamp their opinion to flow aggravate the guideers to rebestow their interests, the Acceptedoral Nursery supersedes the interests of the opinionrs and effects judgments on their advantage cecible the preference of the President and the Vice President. Time the acceptedoral whole served validly, its objectives accept been aggravatetaken by events such as the action of gregarious instrument and the internet that augment the percipient skills of beings and informing their daintys. In entity, the Acceptedoral Nursery should be abolished owing of its impecuniosity to converge the expectations of beings in the Combined Specifys.


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