GBS 205 Final Project – Civic Engagement Through the Political Process This portion of the final project is a written paper that focuses on the processes involved in making the laws that we study as part of the GBS 205 course. It meets the following course competency: Trace the historical development of law, the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Court system, legal terminology, and legal procedures. The written paper should be divided into three distinct sections. It should be written as a paper and not a question and answer worksheet. SECTION 1 – Civic Engagement Through Contact with Representatives This section should include the following: A list of the names of the people that represent the area you live in each of the following offices: U.S. Senators (2) U.S Congressmember (1) State Senators (2) State Representative (1) Mayor (1) City or Town Councilmember A copy of a letter (or an email) written to one of the above representatives discussing an issue that is important to you and suggesting to them an appropriate way of dealing with it. You should actually send this letter (or email) to the person to whom it is addressed. A discussion of why you chose this issue, why you chose this representative for dealing with this issue and the importance of communicating with representatives in this manner. Do you think they read communications such as this and respond to them or are they simply ignored? SECTION 2 – Understanding the State Legislative Process For this section of the paper you will need to watch a video archive of a meeting of the state legislature. To find a meeting go to the Arizona State Legislature webpage. Select either the Senate or House drop down menu. Select “Archived Meetings” and you will get a list of previously held meetings that you can watch online. Choose a meeting that is at least 30 minutes long on a topic that interests you and watch it in its entirety. (Hint: The most interesting topics are discussed early in the year so go back to a meeting in February or March). Write about it in this section and include the following: The name of the group holding the meeting (“Joint Legislative Budget Committee” or “Senate Judiciary” etc.), the date and the length of the meeting. A detailed summary of what happened in the meeting including an identification of any bills that were discussed. Your own evaluation of the importance of the topics discussed in the meeting to both Arizona residents and the Arizona business community. Your understanding and evaluation of the state legislative process. Are the needs and effects on business adequately presented and discussed at these meetings? How can businesses influence policy and legislation in the state? Can you think of anything that might be done to improve this process from a businessperson’s perspective? SECTION 3 – Understanding Local Government For this section of the paper you need to watch a video archive of both a city council meeting and a city council study session. (If you can demonstrate with pictures or video that you actually attended these meetings you can receive up to 50 extra credit points.). Go to the city’s website and find a link to archived meetings (all cities sites are different – you should be able to navigate through this fairly simply) and watch both meetings in their entirety. Write about the following in this section of your paper: The city, date and time of both meetings. A detailed description of what happened in each meeting – including prayers, awards, pledge of allegiance, contracts and ordinances discussed, contents of consent agendas etc. Your evaluation of the importance and relevance of the what happened in the meetings to the residents of the city or town. Your opinion on the city council process overall. Is it accessible, valuable, important for residents to attend these meetings? Do citizens have an adequate say in what takes place in a meeting such as this? Do the mayor and councilmembers seem to have a good understanding of the issues? Are they considering the interests of local businesses and citizens when they make their decisions? Are local businesses represented at the meetings? Do businesses have good opportunity to express their positions on the issues? Do you have any suggestions for improving the process? The length of the paper is not as important as its completeness. You will be graded on having included a thoughtful discussion on all of the topics presented in this prompt. Simple “yes” or “no” type answers will not receive credit without further explanation of the reasoning behind the answer. Once your paper is finished, upload is to the assignment “Final Project – Government Participation Written Paper.” The due date is on the assignment. Make sure you give yourself time for the file to upload before the 11:59 pm deadline as I will not accept late assignments papers copied into the comments section of the Canvas assignment or as attachments to an email. This portion of the final project is worth 90 points. Remember: This assignment may NOT be submitted late for either full or partial credit.

    Civic Engagement

    Part 1

    Civic Engagement

    1. Arizona delegated-to-otherss
    1. U.S senators: Jon Kyl (2018) & Jeff Flake (2013)
    2. U.s Congress constituent: Tom o’Halleran
    3. Particularize Senator: Steve Yarbrough
    4. Particularize Delegated-to-others: Andy Biggs
    5. Mayor: Jenn Daniels
    6. City or Town convocation constituent: Vanessa Navarrette
    7. Letter to senator Mr. Steve Yarbrough,

    Dear Sir

    Ref: Defence of the Rhetorical Wood

    The rhetorical wood in the particularize influences as a introduce catchment area and improves the climatic stipulations. The rhetorical wood multitude unrefined animals and irrelative mark which are beneath a discuss imputable to deforestation influenceivities. The deforestation influenceivities feel reprieved introduce give and feel led to numerous animals disappearance the wood.

    The wood can be protected through stringent rules and mastery that bar residents from sardonic down discusss. Initiatives that obtain procure to unrefinedlife maintenance should be allay in assign. The defence obtain determine that the animals do referable attributable attributable attributable shun to other areas thus tempting tourist and generating proceeds. Residents should standsubject-matter on afforestation to extension the compute of trees and reassign those ssubordinate down. Protecting the wood obtain improve advantageous climatic stipulations and determine a regular introduce give.

    Rhetorical Wood defence

    The rhetorical wood is a animate part in the territory as it improves advantageous climatic situation, introduce give and is a habitat restraint unrefined animals. The delegated-to-others is influenceively concerned in the territory’s progenys, is lenient to strain and has the command to tool protective measures. Writing lore is an lenient, low-priced and an serviceable controlm of message. Lore influence as a subject-matter of intimation and are lenient to repair.  The delegated-to-otherss pertruth and answer to lore in direct to address their residents’ progenys.

    Section 2

    Active Calendar Committee of the whole

    Date: 05/03/2018

    Time: 34mins


    In the argument held on the 5th March 2018, the Senate discussed irrelative progenys including Automobile larceny authority. The ATA was allay in assign to descry and bar the larceny of gaits in Arizona. The Particularize employee vigor guile agenda in the argument loftylighted employees’ success. The particularize should propose its employees incentives such as medical guiles to excite employees’ vigor, minimize their vigorcare require and motivate them. The senators discussed teachers’ certification indicating that they were required five types of testimonials. The testimonials enable the teachers to by on their acquirements to students. The portion of gaming was known to convey quenched its influenceivities beneath irrelative customary laws and masterys. Cleansedsed choices agenda entailed impartial choice of delegated-to-otherss and advised Senate constituent to compel rules in a lawful and sound style.

    Signification of the mode

    The argument took into remuneration signification progenys imposing particularize constituents. Rules be by ATA would minimize gait larceny hereafter no damagees. The vigor guile proposeed to employees would extension the productivity of employees in the particularize. Certification of teachers obtain determine students are equipped with desirable expertness and acquirements desirable to the Arizona employment. Cleansedsed choices would excite impartialness athwart the territory conjointly with concord. The masterys be on the portion of gaming would restrain gaming influenceivates and bar abstraction.

    Understanding the mode

    The argument held by the Senate are serviceable in that they prosper a legislative mode. The mode determines that desirable rules are be in a pellucid style. Senators state the wants of employment herd hereafter promoting the development of the rule. Employmentes are the greater proceeds generators and their opinions in the Senate are greatly valued. The legislative mode should truth real-time axioms from economic statistics in making decisions.

    Part 3

    National government

    “Presentation and argument of Dale Lane Lawful of the controlm and nigh gait projects”

    City: Phoenix

    Date: 16/10/2018


    The argument held by the city convocation discussed the delugeing of the 163rd Adit. The deluges feel led to the damage of lives and lofty financial damagees hereafter want restraint obsoleteness. The Dale lane lawful is referable attributable attributable attributable a commensurate lawful of controlm thus limiting corrections. The convocation constituents advised that the deluges could be cleared through cleanseding the drainage systems. To cleansedsed up the drainage systems in other herd’s resources there was a want to gain sufferance from the possessor. Susan Maestas commented that possessors on the lane feel fond lawful of controlm hereafter the deluge obsoleteness guiles can be tooled.

    Evaluation and beneathstanding

    The progeny on deluges obsoleteness is expend in that it minimizes damagees. Also, correction of introduce drainage bars the quenchedbreak of sickness. The city convocation mode is very serviceable with irrelative constituents proposeing their opinions. A spacious pool of ideas is expend in making expend decisions. The inclusion of constituents of the general in the argument proposes the residents a platform where they can ghost their problems. The mayor conjointly with the convocation constituents beneathstands the progeny on deluges wholly well-mannered-mannered as they are influenceively intent in the argument. Interests of national employmentes feel been considered as deluges ruin their resources. Employmentes are fond a amiable opportconcord to specific their progenys as deluges in the adit bar them from unoccupied serviceablely. The mode can be improved by including professionals.  Place scan officers can propose over instruction of the adit and place tenure.


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