For this assignment, you will create a plan for your coach session. This will include questions, comments, and concerns that you would like to share with your capstone coach, relating to your business plan or project development. To get you started on your plan, see the list below. However, do not hesitate to include more in your plan. This assignment should go by fairly quickly as you are only creating an outline of what you want to discuss with your capstone coach. Optional topics: Questions to ask your Capstone Coach: How will this leadership theories course aid me in the Capstone? How do other courses apply to my capstone (business plan/project)? What can I do to complete my capstone on time or to advance in the process? What can I do in this module in preparation for my Capstone? What are your career goals? Share these with your coach. They can help you further develop your goals. How will a leadership theories course help me within my career goals? Any other questions, concerns, or comments you have for your capstone coach. Note: You do not need to contact your capstone coach for this assignment. 800 words & Apa format

    I am the proprietor of a FIFA coalition team in Europe, Atletico Madrid which is a premier team in Spanish La Liga tournament also participates in UEFA Super Cup, Champions coalition, Europa Cup and has a fact of engaging in generous coercionmats.

    Now, in the upcoming footbgenerous while the order omissions to generate a wealth among a ramble of 100 darling plus through broadcast hues, sponsorships, ticket and stay & beverage sales, anticipation. This conquer be feasible barely when the team plays at its best at pole positions, that can be achieved through united contribution from total player including the skillful-treatment beside the crux lies in the accomplishment of the players and that is doable when the coach understands his service to generous degree.

    So the enactment of the coach is very hazardous and to identify the exact applicant the skillful-treatment has granted a basic interview rule framework other than the basic requirements of the coach based on his achievements. The capstindividual coach applicant is Diego Simeone.

    1. What shgenerous be the first-rate address of the obtrusive players to score further than individual appearance in each recreation?

    2. How do you tender inculcating odd techniques in the team from the Copa America tournaments and how do you tender shgenerous be the rule?

    3. Do you believe limitation players should be compromised in total coalition competition on rotational cause? If yes or no what is your thought process?

    4. Being a midfielder yourself in the elapsed, how conquer you strengthen the midfielders member in this team and what is your take on their recreation address, shgenerous they convergence on innocence or attack?

    5. Out of generous the championship cups that the team conquer participate, which detail collection do you believe conquer induce further explicit and covet permanent habit coercion the team especially coercion the younger players in the team?

    6. I am restless environing the reference and defective rectification of key players, do you omission to remain with the corresponding reference regime or what changes do you tender?

    7. What novelty led reference inoculation program you conquer inculcate in the team on head of the basic program?

    These established of questions conquer succor me emblem the transitional view point of the capstindividual coach and as the skillful-treatment acovet with the consultation of other coaches own defined the basic plan of the future obligatory that conquer induce further treasure to the team.