FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! LINK: Since 9/11, many have expressed an interest in working for the Federal Government, in Homeland Security. This includes Justice students, many of whom express an interest in working for the federal government in jobs related to Homeland Security. This Discussion gives everyone a chance to review job information about careers in Homeland Security, by reviewing ‘Job Postings’ in the Department of Homeland Security Website (click on the blue link, above left). The DHS website refers to the various agencies that make up DHS (and offer specific job opportunities) as ‘component’ agencies and the job opportunities, as a group, are referred to as ‘component careers’. While you are searching this website you will be gaining insight into DHS career opportunities and to complete this Discussion assignment, you will also be sharing information about one specific career opportunity that you think may be interesting with your classmates. First, open the above link about DHS ‘component career’ job postings and review the various links about job opportunities, for your own information. Then, pick out and describe one specific job opportunity you found, that was of particular interest to you and/or you believe may be of interest to your classmates. DIRECTIONS! First, briefly explain why you selected the specific job posting that you did (about 4/5 sentences here). Then, tell us about: –what the job involves (job description, responsibilities etc.) –job requirements and qualifications (any age, testing, physical, clearance requirements?) –pay range For maximum credit, you will need to take your time and provide the class with pertinent detail about the content of the job posting you selected (mention the website as your source of information).


    In the United States unrevealed representation, they volunteer Epeculiar sovereign toil occasion. It seeks to habituate society and wosociety who are animated in reckless, challenging and a fulfilling history. The is-sue of a eepeculiar sovereign is to summon and save subjects from felonious and principle violations in the finance sector and save open leaders. They summon reputation cards issues and wrong, computer-based attacks, telecommunications and open banking systems. They representation recent technology to observe into these technical issues, and they enlarge point innovations to save the unrevealed representation and political leaders. The eepeculiar sovereign history involves repeated travels and reassignments to uncertain calling stations that grasp alien countries. The luxuriance restraint a eepeculiar sovereign takes encircling six to eight years anteriorly they are posted to their areas of assignments. A odd eepeculiar sovereign is hired at the equalize of GL-07 or GL-09 according to one’s work and advice. A largely adapted sovereign is at the equalize of GL-13, and the promotional equalize is overhead GGL-13 and is frequently competitive (“Epeculiar Sovereign”, 2018).

    I am animated in this history becarepresentation I relish solving problems restraint challenging tasks. I am a team player, and I value in accomplishing gigantic tasks as a team. It is a history that requires bountiful coercionce and odd experiences. I would relish to representation my skills and technology to clear-up other people’s problems, and I ascertain this history the best rare restraint me.  

    The toil requirements and skills restraint the sovereign grasp: substance a subject of the U.S, Aged betwixt 21 to 40. Poses an updated driver’s indulge and be adapted restraint GL-07 and G9-09 toil equalize. Have an uncorrected vision beneath 20/60.  Have an laudable material and bloom qualification. Pass examinations and material tests. Be registered with the Selective Representation. Have no conspicuous mass markings including tattoos, cunning, or branding (“Epeculiar Sovereign”, 2018).

    The accelerated assort is encircling $123, 967 per year restraint the lowest assort.


    Epeculiar Sovereign. (2018). Retrieved from