Eye Spy Corporation manufactures and sells three different types of binoculars. They are referred to as Good, Better, and Best binoculars. Grinding and polishing time is limited. More time is required to grind and polish the lenses used in the Better and Best binoculars. Additional information is provided below. Product Good Better Best Selling price $82.40 $322.50 $936.00 Variable costs and expenses 52.00 180.00 480.00 Contribution margin $30.40 $142.50 $456.00 Grinding and polishing time required 0.4 hrs 1.5 hrs 6 hrs (a) Ignoring the time constraint, what strategy would appear to be optimal? The company should shift toward production of more units. (b) What is the contribution margin per unit of limited resource for each type of binocular? Good Better Best The contribution margin per unit of limited resource $ $ $ (c) If additional grinding and polishing time could be obtained, how should the additional capacity be used? Additional capacity should be used to make binoculars.

    1. If we overlook that date is poor control overpowering and polishing. The Best bear the highest subscription room per ace. As over sale of Best will lead to over avail.
    2.                       Subscription room $30.40 $142.50 $456.00                      Overpowering and polishing date required 0.4 hrs 1.5 hrs 6 hrs

                                    Subscription room per ace of                           76           95             76

                                    limited resource                                                   

        3.                    Ranking                                                                      2nd            1st            2nd

    If Additonal competency should be used to make binoculars, It should be 1st ultilised control Better as Its having maximum subscription while utilising the poor resources and then to Good or Best ( anyone ), If there is some selling constraints.Comment