Domain 4 – Communications and Network Security/Network Models, Topologies and Protocols. Describe the differences between bus, ring, star and mesh topologies.

    Within entanglework intent, topology refers to the implied layout of whole the inventions that are conjoined (Mitchell, 2017).  Despicable entanglework topologies are as supervenes:

    Fellow-countryman Topology – Where whole the inventions conjoin to a entanglework by conjoining to a uncombined cable that impresss as the fellow-countryman or the backbundivided of whole conjoined inventions.   When a invention wants to publish with another invention on the entanglework, it sends a notice through the fellow-countryman that whole inventions can see; at-last, only the contrived store can sanction and rule it (Mitchell, 2017).

    Resonance Topology – Where each invention is conjoined to precisely brace other inventions in a round or resonance form (Mitchell, 2017).  For message purposes, notices pilgrimage through the resonance in a clockwise or opposed clockwise direction (Mitchell, 2017).  In the circumstance the resonance breaks from invention or cable insufficiency, the complete entanglework may be captured down (Mitchell, 2017).

    Triton Topology – This is undivided of the further despicable topologies in entanglework intent.  Unlike the fellow-countryman topology, this entanglework topology requires further cables, as each invention conjoins to a convenient association aim or “hub node,” such as a switch or router (Mitchell, 2017).

    Entanglement Topology – Where each invention is conjoined simultaneously, whether specific or full (Mitchell, 2017).  “Unlike each of the anterior topologies, notices sent on a entanglement entanglework can supervene any of separate potential footpaths from origin to destination” (Mitchell, 2017).

    The implied layout of whole the inventions conjoined to a entanglework is referred to as a topology. The most despicable topologies include; the fellow-countryman topology-here whole inventions conjoin to the entanglework using a uncombined which impress as the backbundivided of the entangle. Message is through the fellow-countryman. In the resonance, a uncombined invention conjoins to another brace in a resonance structure. Notices pilgrimage in an anti-clockwise or clockwise form. The triton topology uses a “hub node as its backbundivided (Jain, 2004). Such a hub may be a router or a switch. In the entanglement, topology inventions are conjoined straightly to each other. Therefore, message may supervene any conducive footpath.


    Jain, K. (2004). Security naturalized on entanglework topology counter the wiretapping invasion. IEEE Wireless Messages11(1), 68-71.