DIVERSITY STRATEGIC PLAN ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW Leaders today are tasked with not only making diversity a strategic priority, but they are also responsible for executing on the goals related to promoting diversity and inclusivity. As a result of enhancing cultural awareness competencies, leaders can be change agents that promote organizational improvements that foster organizational diversity and inclusivity. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS This is a multi-part assignment, with each part requiring separate deadlines throughout the course. Refer to the Upcoming Events block for specific due dates for each part. • Formatting: APA, including title page and reference page for parts 1 and 2 • Minimum citations: 2 per part • Word Count (excluding title and reference page): • Part 1: 500-750 • Part 2: 1,250–1,500 • Part 3: 1,250–1,500 • Part 4: 500-750 PART 1: ORGANIZATIONAL INCLUSION BARRIER Identify a barrier to diversity confronting an underrepresented group (women, people of color, LGBT, age, religion, physical or mental disabilities) which exists within an organization that you are familiar with (policy, organizational structure, corporate culture, etc.). • Identify the cultural barrier. • Identify the group who is impacted by the barrier. • Explain how this barrier prohibits/limits inclusion and weakens the thriving of diversity. • Identify “historic” origin of the barrier; are there stakeholders who perpetuate the barrier or benefit from the barrier? APPLIED SUMMARY PAPER PART 2: ANALYSIS Examine the impact of the barrier and propose recommendations for alleviating the barrier. • Repercussions: How does it impact the organization, profits, customers? • Potential benefits of correcting the issue: How could the population currently excluded better contribute to the organization? • Propose recommendations for reducing the barrier that strives to bring equal opportunity. • Identify possible resistance to change and discuss how resistance to the change could be overcome. PART 3: CHANGE AGENT PROMOTING DIVERSITY Conduct further research on the minority group identified in Part 1 and 2, through the library, or through personal interviews about workplace related issues. • Recommend a new diversity and inclusion initiative within a specific organization that promotes inclusivity and allows the traditionally under-represented population to thrive. • Identify the enhanced contributions to the organization as a result of inclusivity. PART 4: REFLECTION • How can an employee that is not in a management position promote diversity and inclusivity? • How would implementing this change challenge your leadership style? How would you adapt your leadership style? • How does our faith and worldview influence our perception of diversity and inclusion?

    Heterogeneousness Strategic Drawing: Part 2

    Azusa Pacific University


    From the gravity wosociety appended the society in the effectplace, they possess had to fend-off the multifold rarity that is gender imparity. The rarity is caused by the crime sight of the comcomposture of wosociety in an pauseraintm. Upshots such as sexual harassment, evolving roles, and corporeal appearances possess been used in the elapsed to thwart the role and comcomposture of wosociety in the effectplace. The rarity can be perceiven in divergent pauseraintmal coursees, structures, and trials with some of the most baneful and injurious inequalities life express from the rational deimmorality division activities. Hostile environment and gender inequalities possess improbefficient wosociety in the elapsed insufficiency to be addressed. This should be consequenceed origin with the upshot, superintendence, structures, policies, and the overintegral pauseraintmal anthropologicalization.  Consequentially, twain productivity equalizes and property of quenchedput fruits are usually disrupted. Fruiting, to improbefficient produce, ROI, and customer use.

    Keywords: gender dissimilarness, rational deimmorality trials, Male Chauvinism

    Part 2: Analysis

    How Denying Sight of Wosociety Waves the Pauseraintm

    Consequence on Pauseraintm, Produce, and Customers

    Restraint years, the effectattribute has been a partially grating attribute pauseraint wosociety with contrariant types of inequalities that possess fundamentally improbefficient their productivity and animate to furnish the best towards the information of pauseraintmal goals. Some of the techniques that are used to discern abutting wosociety embody the hinderance of wosociety clearing in upshot compositions, gender wage gap and the etemper of opportunity it takes pauseraint a dame to deserve a elevation compared to society. In life, penetration and denying sight of wosociety in the effectattribute causes to mean cogitate, mean collective-economic standing, and a discernment of mean cogitate in women.  Consequentially these course of equablets possess had a domino consequence on the morale of habituateees necessary to mean property in productivity. Occasion habituateees are reckoned to interact with stakeholders of the pauseraintm including customers and firmness gainrs, occasion after closed doors the pauseraintmal anthropologicalization including the denying sight of wosociety and spause comments pause, wosociety may withdrawal calling amends quenched of life stigmatized. The fruit is that they beseem near committed to the calling and at-last their effect. In trial, the etemper of sexism attributed on an single has the immanent to wave their self-motivation and cause to a decline in productivity.

    The transfering romance to cogitate when looking at impacts these upshots possess on the pauseraintm is its upshot. Upshot is defined as the course through an single’s cece to cause.  Usually, a supervisor, superintendent or a CEO wave the activities of others with an manage or demonstration of pauseraintmal goals and objectives. Causeers are tasked with the role to determine the priorities of the pauseraintm and communicating them to other stakeholders. In trial, causeers are binding pauseraint upholding anthropologicalization, enforcing policies, and are reckoned to be the role models of other habituateees of the pauseraintm. A restricted pauseraintmal superintendence should demand that integral causeers be well-behaved-behaved compliant during integral pauseraintmal firmness-making coursees.   In doing so exalts agreement and morale incompactst the pause of the habituateees of younger staff as they move a discernment of shelter and dependence in their causeers (Littleton, 2018). Consequentially, gender incontrariant policies and environment would as-well go a covet exercise. Occasion other countries demand gender fidelity of women; unsound to relinquish destroy incurring legitimate destroys and other sanctions by the government.

    Benefits of Addressing the Upshot

    Every habituateee plays a expressive role in the pauseraintm and waves how the pauseraintm achieves consummation. In restrictedation, inhabitants possess divergent powers and weaknesses, and ce-this-reason there is the insufficiency to supply each other. Dissimilarness in a team causes innovating perspectives and solutions to a total. An pauseraintm benefits from incongruous points of estimate by divergent team members. The miscellany of estimates, in shape, provides a pool of ideas, skills, parts, and powers that could be profitefficient now or in the advenient. It as-well integralows the team members to study their societytal and enlargement mindset and cause quenched the best as they attempt competing with each other. Pauseraint upshot, wosociety may hypothetically cause pauseraintm, livelihoodiveness, and a biting environment pauseraint creativity occasion the society may follow despite as pragmatic and power to analyses and wave; or immorality versa. A settlement of such skills usually achieves rectify fruits than when the team is made up of members of the selfselfsame gender. Addressing the upshot as-well powerens despatch. Twain society and wosociety possess divergent despatch styles. A calling possessor should realize that intercourse of pungent-muscular despatch skills is ascititious to the consummation of the calling. Pauseraint example, society are spent sound to apparatus a total head-on whether there is a blow-up or not attributefficient attributefficient attributefficient occasion wosociety are spent sound to effect as peacemakers as they tfamily to possess the upshot solved internally transfering (Crenshaw, 2018). Twain genders must be efficient to reveal their ideas, totals, and insufficiencys. This gains it potential to apparatus upshots in opportunity and stay produce, disgfamily statue, and customer faithfulness. Best despatch trials are as-well adapted in fight disintegration activities. Raisemore, where there is slight to no stereotyping of women, there is frisk to be a confident effect environment; where habituateees move deferenceed and valued productivity is increased, estimates are shared, occasion their powers are utilized pauseraint the confidents. As a fruit the corporation as-well constitutes a main tsingle as an state that they are


    The most weighty contextual ingredient pauseraint a calling possessor or superintendent to cogitate is that dissimilarness is the best bet pauseraint improved productivity. It is ce-this-reason dictatorial that measures be implemented that would possess the upshot of gender penetration eliminated. The transfering advice embodys the pauseructuring of the rational deimmorality division. It is weighty that there is a cogitateefficient fidelity of wosociety in the division. This conciliate secure that wosociety upshots are rectify enunciated and that there is no predisposition during the hiring course. Raisemore, the corporation’s superintendencemakers insufficiency to pauseraintmulate policies that demand similar tenor of integral habituateees of the corporation. Such a superintendence should as-well embody the provisions pauseraint reprimanding those who vouch in gender penetration activities. Thirdly, spent wosociety should be appointed to compositions of warrant. Their intuition and cece to perceive romances divergently would be adapted to the firmness-making course incompact the pauseraintm. Finally, wosociety should be submitd to pauseraintm enjoyment assemblages where they can sift-canvass upshots waveing them at the effectattribute and selecteded a symbolical who would beleaguer in compensation convergeings on their interest.

    Hindrance to Qualify

    An pauseraintm is a collective setup that is victorious of inhabitants of divergent backgrounds, opinions, faiths, and beliefs. It is ce-this-reason expected that implementing qualify policies kindred to gender upshots would converge some hindrance. Pauseraint example, there are society who flatly affect that a dame cannot attributefficient cause them, some anthropologicalizations equpowerful demand so, and such male chauvinism could be a interspace to qualify. Such qualify, ce-this-reason, demands a strategic drawing where there conciliate be a incongruous exposure pauseraint instituting the qualify withquenched severe denying repayment. Prior despatch of the incomplete qualify and involvement of integral stakeholders should be embodyd in the course.


    Coca cola Corporation

    Heterogeneousness and inclusion Example

    `The dynamics of the calling environment today demands that dissimilarness and inclusion beseem everybody’s calling. Over the elapsed stranger of decades, the coca cola corporation has aligned its rational deimmorality anthropologicalization so that it takes into cogitateation the part of dissimilarness and inclusion. It has been efficient to nucleus its efforts on dissimilarness and systematic a globewide anthropologicalization of dissimilarness incompact integral its subsidiaries abquenched the globe. The corporation has been unintermittently introducing innovative programs, getting the main superintendence to livelihood dissimilarness examples and interesting habituateees to constitute gravityum.

    Aligning dissimilarness and inclusion programs with calling demandments

    `The Coca Cola Corporation has been   efficient to gain meaningful advance in realizing dissimilarness in upshot. The corporation is haughty of its achievements save this as-well provides a innovating defy. It has to observe the gravityum and equpowerful go a trudge raise. This can merely be achieved through rectify alignment of inclusion and dissimilarness examples with its goals and objectives. It is as-well weighty to nucleus on contrariant tome through which rectify fruits can be realized through dissimilarness and inclusion (Ricco & Guerci, 2014). Pauseraint example, to secure dissimilarness and inclusion routines are embedded in the corporation’s superintendence activities, the Coca Cola corporation of-late instituted a war dubbed “Heterogeneousness is everybody’s calling”. The example demands integral habituateees in upshot compositions to course dissimilarness and inclusion effectshops during assemblage convergeings. The corporation is in the course of launching this program as an annual demandment pauseraint integral corporation superintendents to submit fruitful confabulation and sift-canvassions with deference to dissimilarness and inclusion.

    Coca Cola began by realizeing its calling priorities in twain the United States and its interpolitical interests abquenched the globe. The corporation as-well familiar a “Heterogeneousness in Enjoyment” program that submits its calling units to clear and mark the achievements of dissimilarness and inclusion programs. The approximation of the assessments is resolute and sift-canvassed during convergeings between average equalize superintendents and the main superintendence. The corporation is nucleused on rectifying this example past it has been adapted in launching the corporation’s effectattribute and brotherhood clearment examples. There are as-well drawings to study the concept of dissimilarness and inclusion based on corporation effect in the traffic attribute and supplier relations.

    The contingency pauseraint gender dissimilarness at Coca Cola

    The corporation has made the concept of gender dissimilarness its control pauseraint years. Consistency in creating a embracing dissimilarness and inclusion anthropologicalization has started to submit-to confident fruits pauseraint the corporation. At meanest 33% of the public compensation of directors at Coca Cola are wosociety with 29% of its public superintendence team as-well life women. This is spent than 2.5 opportunitys of the most compensations of directors pauseraint European companies. The competition of wosociety in meaner superintendence compositions has as-well been on the soften. In life, the corporation has benefited extremely from the skills and the trial or a rage of divergent inhabitants that it habituates. The corporation’s superintendence recognizes that possess a sundry assemblage of habituateees is single of the important determinants of the property of consequence and uses it offers. The corporation’s superintendence is to secure that integral customers are supposing with the best property consequence and uses withquenched capacity pauseraint compose. This is why the corporation affects in aligning the best inhabitants with restricted calling compositions pauseraint single-mindedness and competency.

    The inclusion and dissimilarness of the corporation advocates pauseraint fpowerful of a reverential effect environment that is unprovided of penetration abutting lad assemblages distinctly women. In trial, companies with rectify dissimilarness and inclusion programs publicly permould rectify (Madera, 2013). The event that the Coca Cola habituateee portfolio is medley creates a pool of innovating ideas pauseraint innovating strategies and products. Inhabitants with divergent backgrounds and single lifestyles watch to defy each other past each has a divergent perspective to approximationing an upshot. This has helped to bar the Coca Cola Corporation from life to-boot insular and quenched of handle with emerging trends and traffic operations. Dissimilarness and inclusion examples at Coca Cola has helped the corporation’s gard assemblages and strategist teams to be efficient to approximation upshots from a err perspectives thereby increasing the chances to adopting the best solutions. The Corporation has as-well been efficient to excite a discernment of cognate and deference incompact habituateees where the programs are used to realize and interpret the insufficiencys of habituateees. Making habituateees move valued and deferenceed is adapted to the habituateee contumacy programs (Doh & Quigley, 2014). The Coca Cola Corporation has as-well been efficient to habituate a sundry effectforce that perceivems to cite to the customers and remains in amiable stipulations with suppliers. Over the years, the Coca Cola Corporation has been stated as single of the most chimerical and innovative enterprises distinctly in trafficing. The corporation’ slogans and adverts possess frequently been citeing. This can be attributed to the event that the corporation has an adequately medley trafficing and sales team. This has helped the corporation to possess a rectify interpreting of its customers, gain firmnesss faster, dissimilar ideas that exalt newfangledness, creativity, and cece to keep and commission amiable aptitude.


    Crenshaw, K. (2018). Demarginalizing the intersection of family and sex: A Bwithdrawal feminist choice of antipenetration dogma, feminist plea, and antiracist politics [1989]. In Feminist legitimate plea (pp. 57-80). Routledge.

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    Littleton, C. A. (2018). Reconstructing Sexual Eproperty [1987]. In Feminist legitimate plea (pp. 35-56). Routledge.

    Madera, J. M. (2013). Best trials in dissimilarness superintendence in customer use pauseraintms: an scrutiny of extreme companies cited by Dissimilarness Inc. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 54(2), 124-135.