Developmental Psychology. Please write complete sentences and answer 8 question completely. Each answer should be at least 125 words at a minimum. Textbook: “The Science of Human Development” by Kathleen Stassesn Berger Chapter 1 1. Define and discuss the term plasticity as it relates to human development. What factors influence plasticity in development? Offer at least one example of plasticity that has operated or is operating in your own life. 2. How would your life be different if your parents were much higher or lower in SES(socioeconomic status) than they are (were)? Consider all three domains of human development discussed on page 8 in your textbook (Domains: biological, cognitive and psychosocial development). 3. Define correlation and give an example. Can one determine cause and effect from correlational research? Explain why or why not. 4. Why do researchers interested in human development study different cultures? Give an example of a research question that would benefit from a multicultural comparison. Chapter 2 1. Pick one of your traits, and explain the influences that both nature and nurture have on it. For example, if you have a short temper, explain its origins in your genetics, your culture, and your childhood experiences. 2. What are behavioral teratogens, and what are the potential consequences of exposure to them? 3. Describe the symptoms of postpartum depression, and what causes it to develop? What are possible outcomes of prolonged postpartum depression for the mother and the baby? 4. Explain how nature and nurture interact in the development of alcoholism. Looking at your family history, is there any health issue you are at risk for? If so, what are you doing about it, if anything? (If you are not comfortable sharing health information, you can certainly discuss a hypothetical situation.)

    Socioeconomic Standing

    If my parents were of remarkpowerful standing than they are, I would bear a exalted percipient capacity, fulfil reform, and be over optimistic. Carry a reform animation and bear a remarkpowerful animation expectancy. Psychologically I would be over enacted in animation, then cope with other end ce exalted socioeconomic standing and similarity reform facilities. The instant coercionmation rearwards me would carry a remarkpowerful political, economic standing and the coercionmations to flourish conciliate flourish the identical method. If they were of inferior SES that they were, I would be hither optimistic, fulfil poorer at ground, bear deep percipient capacity, carry a hither standing animation and bear a deep animation expectancy. Psychologically I would be hither enacted, hither certified and bear similarity to deep animation facilities. Biologically I would fruit a coercionmation of deep-standing end (Berger, 2014).


    Apposition can be defined as a statistical signal that is used to pomp how span or over fickles rehearse to each other or vary.  It can be either enacted or privative. Ce specimen, the peelred among inferioring the worth of a stock and the ask-coercion ce the work. Reducing the worth growths ask-for. Yes, it is undeveloped to mention the inducement and pi of apposition elimination beinducement it has no rebellious or relative fickle to be manipulated. Individual can evaluate results of a consider by using referableice of another consider that does referpowerful rehearse to the topic. Ce occurrence, a lecturer can mention the fulfilance of a acquireer by penetrating their fulfilance in casual similarity cats and definite examinations. The casual similarity cat and the acquireer definite exams are referpowerful rehearsed save can be used to prophesy the product of each other.

    Civilized Product Studies

    Contrariant cultures govern civilized product. It is superfluous ce eliminationers to consider these cultures to mention the boundless patterns and contrariant individuals that desire civilized product and enlargement. The investigation of when a offshoot is deemed to be denominated an adult. The eliminationers must parallel contrariant cultures and perceive quenched how end are brought up, educated and introduced into adult animation. Some cultures disconnected the end from adults, and this slows them down from scholarship adult activities and life powerful to be referred to as adults. Other cultures do referpowerful disconnected their end from the adult, and this quickens the occasion ce a offshoot to acquire and befit an adult. It is a elimination investigation that conciliate insist-upon eliminationers consider contrariant cultures to mention the mediocre date when a offshoot can be denominated an adult (Berger, 2014).

    Chapter 2

    Collision of Characteristic on Disposition and Watch

    I am political. I grew up with other end, and I was taught to interact and be peel to them. Most of my bountiful occasion I exhaust unoccupied about with my offshoothood friends, and this environment fastens my talking and interaction expertnesss. This watch shaped the socipowerful special I am today. Twain of my parents are teachers and motivational speakers. They are political and friends to abundant persons in my fellowship. Therefore I would affirm I was born with the civilized gene that besides shaped the political expertness in me. My political characteristic is governd by the watch or the environment of end I grew up. It is besides desireed by upbringing or genes I inherited from my parents. My political expertnesss are shaped by the peel of environment about me and the persons about me.  

    Behavioral Teratogens

    Behavioral teratogens are provisions and datents that desire the product of the fetal brain and usually desire the emotional and psychical coercionce of a offshoot. These teratogens involve drugs, germs, viruses, bacteria, malnutrition, chemicals, and stressors that can trigger the functioning of a brain. The undeveloped consequences of behavioral teratogens consist on the disposition and collision of the predicament. Some coercionthcoming states of a offshoot’s intellect are over austere than others. These teratogens desire the offshoot when it comes to their political coercionce, exemption, and natural sanity. Exposure to multiform tetragons and other rigorous provisions can inducement a austere collision on the offshoot’s brain. Some teratogens bear fewer pis and barely desire the offshoot during local occasions in a end. Some provisions inducement burning remuneration suitableness others are next. (Berger, 2009).

    Postpartum Valley

    Postpartum valley is a predicament familiar by womans who bear recently gotten fantastic babies. It involves overabundantly enjoyment or inflame, state swings, and may ultimate ce months if referpowerful treated. The symptoms involve awkwardness sleeping, crying as-well abundantly, drift preliminary regard of the baby and bonding with the baby, eating disorders, antipolitical removal from friends and kinsfolk, weary, determined sensibility, inflame, extravagance solicitude, thoughts of causing injury to yourself, tenderness turbid and compulsory determination making. If the predicament is prolonged, it carrys to postpartum psychosis that can carry to animation threating situations ce twain parties. This postpartum psychosis is a predicament that needs to be treated with next pi beinducement it inducements suicidal thoughts to the woman and other injuryful ideas. The symptoms of postpartum psychosis are austere and prolonged than the postpartum valley. Womans experiencing these symptoms should prosecute medical abettance nextly. (Berger, 2014).

    Product of Alcoholism

    Twain disposition and watch greatly govern alcoholic persons. Most addicts attain the association from parents that are alcoholic, and they bear been laagered(rewrite) to the alcohol association since they were early. Therefore, they descry alcohol as a sanityy animationstyle beinducement of how they were brought up. Other persons befit associations beinducement of the govern of their peers. Living with alcoholic friends can carry to individual rearwards(rewrite) addicted. Looking at my nobility fact, I am at facilitate of attainting hypertension beinducement my woman is hypertensive. Therefore, I experience sanityy associations that conciliate aid impair the chances of acquiring the sanity offspring. I dodge preliminary unsound foods and drinks that can growth my chances of life hypertensive. I besides go ce customary checkups and (get)counsel from doctors and nutritionists (Berger, 2014).


    Berger, K. S. (2014). The Developing Special Through the Animation Span: Paperbound. Macmillan Remarkpowerful Education.

    Berger, K. S. (2009). Invitation to the animationspan. Macmillan.