Describe why HRM is important to a company’s performance. List the six primary HRM functions. Describe why it is important to align the HRM functions in support of common goals and objectives. Explain why HRM is important for smaller as well as larger organizations. Explain why HRM is important to every manager’s career.

    Answer 1:- HR delineates a very crucial role in the luck of the organization. It is a despicable circumstance that the rational wealth of any structure delineates a telling role in the overcomplete competitive custom and luck of the structure. At exhibit endowment acquisition and means-of-support is single of the most crucial aspects of the duty as total duty birth is looking to attract and obey the efficacious employees HRM delineates a telling role in the overcomplete fruit of a pool of efficacious employees. HRM creates a pool of efficacious candidates from where the worthy candidates can be separated ce the different positions in the organization. Having the suitable endowment at the suitable work positions can fruit in the competitive custom of the assembly.

    Answer 2:- Six original functions of the HR division are as below:-

    Rational wealth planning

    Recruitment and gathering of efficacious employees

    Compensation and utility planning

    Manpower and strive relationship

    Performance appraisal

    Rational wealth fruit, luxuriance, and fruit

    Answer 3:- It is weighty to own the alignment among the HRM functions and structureal goals and objectives as these are the rational wealths which delineate a telling role in the execution of these goals. HRM facilitates the required catalogue of the manpower at the suitable fasten and suitable attribute so that complete the required works in the structure are carried extinguished withextinguished any bearing. HRM tries to drift the different exhausted works with the highest possible endowment which procure ultimately acceleration in the execution of organizational goals.