Dear Benson, Please see the comment from the lecture on the paper for week 5 and the important is in module project. As will be doing the final module project on coming week 7 but we need to take note of the lecture advice or else he will fail me on the module paper. Week 05 Collaboration Individual Summary You presented a well-done Week 5 individual summary response. Some added observations on the similarities and differences in the consumer and organizational buying processes would have been better. Also reference to social media in promoting brands and branding. You included good reference support. Week 05 Module Project – Formative Feedback Regretfully you posted a poorly assembled Week 5 module project marketing plan. As you are aware from the outset you were discouraged from utilizing a chain organization as the basis for your marketing plan assignments but you chose to ignore this advice as is reflected in the current contribution. Note also that only sections 3.0-3.5 only were to be included. The introductory paragraph should have been deleted. Section 3.0, the marketing strategy was to comment on your own specific outlet not the chain. For the final plan this section must be substantially rewritten to accommodate that individual focus. Section 3.1 on mission was satisfactory. Sections 3.2 and 3.3, the marketing and financial objectives, respectively needed to provide specific estimated quantified measurable objectives. Descriptive objectives are insufficient. Section 3.4 on target markets again must focus on your operation not on the global network and needs to be rewritten. Section 3.5 on positioning was also vague. I am confident that you undertake these major revisions to your plan as you move forward to completing the Week 7 plan but keep in mind that you must be focused on your outlet not the chain and all your observations and comments must reflect your own original input not that of the corporation.