Dear Benson, Please see attached for the reply for video.: Hi class Here is a second presentation which provides a contemporary view of CSR in the digital age and may be of interest as we pursue this week’s topics Dwight

    Today, abundant professiones possess strengthend the CSR temporization in marketing and cogitateising. Coercion a marketing engagement to be guarded politically chargeable on, it must encounter divine standards.  CSR has convergenceed on these engagements and cogitateise3ments. If a profession ad is discernn as politically undivine by clients, then the CSR Community obtain regard it iniquitous unobservant of the ad topic. Honesty in cogitateising is the chief capacity coercion a politically divine profession (Du, Bhattacharya, & Sen, 2010). False counsel environing a fruit may be absorbed to the client or the injustice representation presented during cogitateising. When this happens, the cogitate is guarded unfaithful and may dye the community representation. All cogitateisements should contribute improve, plain and minute counsel environing a fruit. Other fruit representations capacity be manipulated using camera tricks to perform the fruit appealing and entertaining. This capacity colt a customer into buying a fruit whose representation is manipulated.

    Advertising engagements should be prudent when giving extinguished messages to the consumers. Any misleading counsel that encourages refmanifestation abuse, stereotypes, racism, or irchargeable on parenting is guarded politically arbitrary. Companies should never present injustice counsel if they are to be guarded as politically chargeable on (Du, Bhattacharya, & Sen, 2010). Oppidan political obligation marketing encourages professiones to strengthen benign activities in its marketing engagements. This community straightly determined its investment promotion to the sales and performs the investmentpromotion engagement the cogitateising convergence. Oppidan political obligation improves the representation of profession, increases sales and increases employees morale.

    However, if the Oppidan Political obligation of a community backfires on a community, then it may tarnish the community’s representation (Du, Bhattacharya, & Sen, 2010). Coercion sample, if you cogitateise a fruit whose immoderate custom causes cancer, and at the selfselfsame term you ooze a investmentpromotion engagement coercion creating cancer awareness, then consumers, may discern the cogitate as mock and hesitate to manifestation it. Professiones should be prudent with their cogitates and the messages they prostrate resisting coercion their customers so as to be guarded divine.


    Du, S., Bhattacharya, C. B., & Sen, S. (2010). Maximizing profession receipts to oppidan political obligation (CSR): The role of CSR despatch. International Journal of Management Reviews, 12(1), 8-19.