Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Communities. The governor of your home state has decided to launch a “Smart Communities” initiative. These communities will depend upon cyber-physical systems to provide new or enhanced services. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for a state-wide public meeting to discuss the potential impact of “smart technologies” and the underlying “cyber-physical systems” on critical infrastructures for utilities and transportation in your home state. Research the use of “smart” (cyber-physical) systems and technologies to build the communities of the future (streets / transportation, community services & facilities). Here are two URLs to help you get started with your research: NIST Cyber-Physical Systems Working Group Global Cities Team Challenge Answer the following questions: What types of cyber-physical systems will be required to provide pervasive “awareness” and “reporting” capabilities in the community infrastructure? What types of cyber-physical systems will provide the greatest future benefits to the residents of such communities? What are the anticipated economic, social, and cultural impacts of technology enhanced smart cities? What are the anticipated vulnerabilities? For example, how could terrorists or criminal attack or compromise cyber-physical systems? Format your presentation as a list of talking points using MS Word (not Power Point). Your document should be 2 – 3 pages in length. Include APA format citations and references as appropriate to the information used and the sources from which you obtained that information.

    Cyber-Tangible Methods curb Brisk Communities


    The emergence of brisk communities earn be contributed by a growing bend towards the CPS throng which earn guide to the ascend of brisk technologies. Cyber-tangible methods are considercogent in ensuring that the brisk technologies educe economic and environmental pliancy (Xia et al.,2011). Cyber tangible method has confused brisk methods and symbols in sundry sectors such as ardor, manufacturing, deportment and healthcare. These enjoy been utilized in outaugmentation of brisk cities and communities to empower a calculate of innovative applications that earn emend the disposition of estate in irrelative domains that embody ardor, counsel, healthcare, environment and deportment. The brisk technologies enjoy facilitated emendment of services, furtherance of economic augmentation and enjoy so augmentd disposition estate. The cyber tangible method program earn accordingly acceleration aid brisk communities and behoof them from the experiences of emendd pliancy and lower-technology costs.

    Cyber-Tangible Methods curb Brisk Communities

    The cyber-tangible method (CPS) has empowerd coordination of elements with sensors that instructor the actuators and indicators that enjoy been used to differ the cyber tangible environment where the symbol proceed. CPS has utilized sensors that enjoy been cogent to connect notification curbm diversified fields in the environment to augment deeper acquirements of the environment which has empowerd accurate actuation (Baheti et al., 2011). These brisk technologies enjoy promised innovative services and applications that earn empower emendment in the disposition of estate

    The cyber-tangible methods are interacting networks of computational and tangible components. These methods enjoy been the core of delicate infrastructures and enjoy so curbmed the premise of advenient brisk technologies. Through the brisk technologies, there earn be extensiond interaction and pliancy between the tangible globe and the computer networks which enjoy contributed to advances that enjoy emendd the disposition of estate.

    To afford consecutive reporting and awareness of the association infrastructure, the feedback methods can be utilized. The feedback method earn afford feedback in facts curbm that has been serene by its tangible components. Network curbs earn so be appropriate in the assembly of memorable and facts issues. Intelligent methods earn so be considercogent curb knowledge and perceiving notification. Real-spell methods are so essential curb tasks that claim occasional attempt. Cyber tangible methods in farming earn extension the productivity in rate chains opportunity in the edifice curbs they earn emend profit, prophylactic and ardor pliancy.  Real spell methods earn augment exigency acceptances curb the next epoch common prophylactic, acceptance robotics and sensor networks that earn tally and warn the occupants of virtual threats. Curb methods earn augment emendd manufacturing and so emend deportment methods that earn emend prophylactic and pliancy.

    Cyber tangible methods in the brisk communities earn behoof the occupant in irrelative environment increasing their productivity. Extensiond products and calculate of jobs due to brisk technologies earn aid economic augmentation in the communities. Brisk cities earn empower past gregarious interactions and connections and other societal services. Brisk technologies earn emend the technology in the communities hereafter changing the refinement to brisk communities which earn guide to emendd disposition of estate. The cyber tangible methods are defenseless to cyberattacks such as in the financial method, E-commerce sites, notification factsbase, bio-medical method, deportment networks and brisk grid (Mo et al., 2012).  Despite pledge technologies, vulnerabilities are slight to take-place in the cyber tangible methods hereafter giving the attackers the random to earn into the method.

    CPS has demonstrated measurcogent behoofs in the cities and communities through the outaugmentation of efforts that enjoy symmetrical and biblical scalable, repliccogent and banner naturalized solutions. The brisk technologies earn aid rectify disposition of estate in the communities through emendd services and furtherance of economic augmentation. This earn aim the covet curb cyber tangible methods curb brisk communities with majestic advenient behoofs to the occupants.


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