Create a journal (hard copy or soft copy, any format you are comfortable with) and 
reflect in a paragraph or two on each of the following topics. 
 Journal topics: Reflect in a few paragraphs on how anxiety can impact language learning. You can talk about your own individual situation, but if you prefer for privacy reasons you can also just talk in general terms. You may optionally wish to explore your own anxiety level with test, such as tests/anxiety-test.shtml Reflect in a few paragraphs on the critical period hypothesis. Do you believe it is supported by the evidence? What do you think are the most plausible reasons for? why the language learning ability declines rapidly after puberty? If you have a child, will this hypothesis makes it a priority for you to support their learning while still young? Graph your strategy types using the SILL (Strategy inventory for language learning) inventory worksheet Reflect on your own use of strategies for language learning based on your SILL inventory. What are some areas where your current strategies are strong? What are some areas where you feel you could use a certain type of strategy more often or more effectively? Are you more naturally a top-down or a bottom-up learning? How do you plan to balance these two approaches in your own learning, and why? What are five take-away’s you can use from Krashen’s approach to language learning? How will you apply these in your own learning? You are meeting with a mentor, and you are supposed to plan a task the two of you can do together that will involve ‘integrating meaning’. What do you plan? Assuming a learner has access to subtitles in both their L1 and their target language for a movie, how would you suggest using them (if at all), and why? You are learning a set of vocabulary items, and you want to trigger deeper-level processing. What are five things you can do, to encourage this? Give an example of how you will learn a vocabulary item in your target language using the keyword method.

    Question One

    Apprehension quarrels with an separate’s cece to conceive the concepts of a assist articulation. In this condition, it is urgent restraint the open to conceive the confused habits that apprehension can conduce to separate differences shapeless articulation erudition and message. Even as sociality ceecasts assist articulation gatherers to be appquiet when interacting with other race, there is a scarcity to establish how apprehension aboves telling message shapeless separates in their next environment. While apprehension may originate from an separate’s subsided self-esteem, it is necessary restraint instructors to make an enabling environment where novices can interact with other race in their verbiage. From this contemplation, it is incontrovertible that the open should unravel habites that can be authenticationd to conquer apprehension when erudition and communicating in a assist articulation.

    Question Two

    It is easier to enlighten posterity and immature race a assist articulation compared to adults accordingly of the ticklish age concept. While the conjecture has been challenged distributively by separates from several backgrounds, there is a scarcity restraint later disciples to evaluate the cece of immature race to apprehend upstart articulation concepts ameliorate than their obsolete counterparts (Cook, 2016). I deem that the ticklish age conjecture is a potent evidence that can be weighd when measuring the adequacy of communicating in a assist articulation tellingly in coeval sociality. Importantly, the conjecture indicates that coercionthcoming childhood allows separates to conceive a upstart articulation and aspire the cultural estimates of separates when interacting with other race in their next environment. Hence, I earn endanger my posterity to a assist articulation during their augmentation and unravelment measure restraint serviceable results.

    Question Three

    Over the years, I entertain constantly committed my spell to gather several assist articulations to pace and repair my interactions with other race in the next environment. In this condition, I entertain faceed multiple challenges that entertain strengthened my soul to conquer the applicable issues that above separates from ending their objectives in the erudition environment. Using the diplomacy underneath, it is practicable restraint gatherers to pace their referableice on the scope of examine and end their goals.

    1. Never or approximately never gentleman of me
    2. Usually referable gentleman of me
    3. Somewhat gentleman of me
    4. Usually gentleman of me
    5. Constantly or nforthcoming constantly gentleman of me

    From this contemplation, it is incontrovertible that I entertain been immersing myself in the assembly of other communities to conceive their habit of duration and shape insights that can emforce me to befit a chargeable on burgess in my verbiage.

    Question Four

    Ever since I began associating with race from contrariant backgrounds, I entertain made it incontrovertible to separates encircling my intentions to befit a multilingual debater. From this event, it is incontrovertible that I entertain attempted to align my interests and thoughts in the restrainteign articulation to conceive the ceecastations that other race may entertain encircling me. While abundant separates avoid mistakes, I deem erudition through errors is a faultless habit of graceful an locomotive debater and conceiveing the concepts of message in sociality. From my interaction with other exported debaters, I entertain shapeed potent insights that entertain empowerd me to end my objectives in the erudition environment. In so doing, I entertain gathered orderbook in a brisk habit that has succored me to conceive the estimate of communicating using a assist articulation.

    Question Five

    Based on my numerous habit towards issues that conduct assign in the sociality, it is incontrovertible that I am originally a top-down expression of a novice. I deem that instructors and any other race in positions of cece are deemed to originate a converse that informs other separates encircling their role in creating exexchange in coeval sociality (Cohen, 2014). Alternatively, behind the enlightener has originated contiguity with the novices, I deem gatherers should promise in exploration activities to conceive the extinguishedcomes of events that motivate them to befit ameliorate and excel in their actions. However, I constantly authentication the enlightener’s insights to promise in exploration and excite my referableice of the extinguishedcomes of events in the brotherhood.

    Question Six

    Krashen watchs that the best habit to gather a assist articulation is to be endangerd to it extinguishedside any restraintmal interactions that may endanger an separate to apprehension. The consummate disciple indicates that separates can shape referableice and recreate their conceiveing if the lection materials are plain and not-difficult to conceive (Class Referablees N.D.). During my interaction with the upstart articulation, I earn locate my spell to monitoring the notification I entertain gathered to repair my conceiveing of the L2. However, I earn watch the possibilities that can take-place accordingly of the cece of separates to enhalt their thoughts to a original regulate that is deemd to be a measure habit. I earn constantly be informed of the reality that my emotions can quarrel with my percipient skills and abilities to adjoin tellingly using the assist articulation.

    Question Seven

    I contemplation on creating a purpose that earn leave the illusion of my lection abilities and written skills revolving environing the taking of the assist articulation. Even though the admonishr is exempted from having unmistakable reservations touching my cece to adjoin tellingly, there is a scarcity to comprise my vocal skills in the contemplation. Importantly, our interaction with the admonishr earn wheel environing the identification of the suitable habites to authentication when erudition a assist articulation and the orders I can authentication to conquer challenges I may face when communicating with separates from the exported brotherhood. I ceecast the admonishr to direct me into avoiding instances that capacity make conflicts with separates from the multitude brotherhood by judging my inclineing skills during our interaction.

    Question Eight

    When watching movies, it is necessary restraint an separate to authentication subtitles to conceive the gratified in the film. In this condition, separates are admonishd to authentication the audio machine restraint the restrainteign articulation and folsubsided the subtitle in their chief articulation. It is easier restraint race to incline to a restrainteign articulation rather than discover accordingly of the complicated and faulty translations that may take-place during the change. Besides, I would so admonish the viewer to authentication the subtitles in their chief articulation and incline to the assist articulation accordingly of the quiet to watch and companion their pronunciation with the subtitles. Hence, there is a scarcity restraint separates to authentication this restraintmat to repair their conceiveing touching assist articulation compensation.

    Question Nine

    When examineing a upstart determined of orderbook items, I earn conduct an systematic orderbook referableebook and restrain halt contiguity with the upstart articulation to repair my conceiveing. In this heed, lection accordingly earn recreate my referableice of the upstart orderbook and make an impact of my percipient abilities to any watchr. Additionally, I earn authentication upstart articulation when interacting with other race in my next environment. Besides reaching extinguished to other separates, I earn gather upstart articulation with a coadjutor and weigh techniques that can be authenticationd to arrival the orderbook from a glossary.

    Question Ten

    Notably, the keyorder order allows separates to restraintm a alliance shapeless the upstart orderbook determined and a household English order that has a concordant pronunciation to the grounds determined. From this contemplation, it is incontrovertible that separates may meet it easier to conceive the upstart orderbook determined accordingly of the succor of the English articulation that entertain a halt probe or purport to the keyorder (McKeown & Curtis, 2014). Interestingly, the gatherer can establish the connect shapeless the upstart order and the base orderbook determined, a propose that repairs their cece to obtain the assist articulation conceiveing.


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