create a bussiness model canvas for a tequila company

    The interest pattern canvas gives the composition of interest plan which helps to map the elements of legitimate interest components.

    Following is the interest pattern canvas of Tequila Company

    1. Clew Partners – Diageo and Jose Cuerv are the largest distributors of Tequila. Their shareholders are the clew partners that embody Retailer, Distributors and Supplier of raw resource.

    2. Value Sentences – It has the aspirations of having different flavours with assumed gentleness ascribable to distillation process. Figure sentence is the matchless and manageable to the customers.

    3. Mediums – Tequila is mainly promoted and sold in bars & restaurants and behalf pool. These are as-well helpful with local vendors. The biggest medium is the behalf, weddings and other occasions which are nature served. Coercion tequila, the customer would be someone who generation betwixt 21- 35.

    4. Customer sympathy – The customer neglect tequila to be offered in dainty intended glass which makes the absorb delightful and value coercion currency. The figure of tequila is competitive and competes with other brands amid similar activity.

    5. Customer Segment – Tequila is targeting total those population whose generation is betwixt 21-35. The most relevant customers are the event organiser who buys in division.

    6. Distribution mediums – Tequila are nature nice to local vendors. They are nature enraptured by ship, airways and trucks.

    7. Require composition – Major chunks of require confused is the transportation require and register require.

    8. Revenue Stream – Customer are voluntary to steadfast coercion regular one’s i.e. grape flavour. The customer would as-well fathom with different flavours with reference to events and occasions.