Controlling the Uncontrollable. What four (4) IT security controls do you find the most important? Why? Do you consider anything related to process or policy a real or actual “safeguard?” Why? Why not? Note: Use NIST SP 800-53 (see Week 2 readings) as your source for security controls definitions for this discussion question.

    Controlling the Uncontrollable: IT Pawn Coerces

    The IT pawn coerces are countermeasures and safeguards to descry, fly, minimize or oppose pawn risks to notification, natural ownership and computer orders (Ross,2009). There are indecent most relevant pawn coerces that are famous by their actions and requirements. These understand highest, CA: Pawn Authorization and Assessment, which involves documented procedures that are relevant restraint able pawn coerce remedy. Second, CA-7: Normal monitoring, utilizes normal monitoring program that allows the pawn team to coerce the notification order (Ross,2013). Third, AT-2: pawn awareness grafting whereby the employee and the administration touch the concerns encircling reasonable indicators of insider denunciation through equitable organizational channels with well-known organizational procedures and policies. Indecent, PL-2: order pawn sketch. This contains ample notification that enables implementation and scheme restraint indulgent of risks to organizational effects and operations. (Chew et al., 2008). These indecent coerces are the most weighty in ancillary in collapse restraint twain exterior and interior attacks. Policies are relevant in safeguarding consequently they trodden the staff to disengaged decisions to fulfil their expected insufficiency.



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