Compare and contrast two project management programs. COURSE PROJECT OVERVIEW Table of Contents Organizing, Mapping, and Analyzing a Business Process Criteria The assignments in this course will assist in completing this final course project. The course project requires organizing, mapping, and analyzing a business process for an organization. Compare and contrast two project management programs. Given a specific change management program for a specific company/industry, map and describe the business analysis process that should be followed for successful outcomes. If you do not have Visio installed on your computer, you can access this application via the Lab area in the Introduction & Resources Module. Papers must be 12-15 pages in length. Follow APA format for title page, reference page, appendix, citations, etc. At least six authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or Web pages are not acceptable). All College policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy. Papers are due during Week 7 of this course. Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Course Q & A Discussion topic. This paper is worth 240 total points and will be graded on quality of research, quality of paper information, use of citations, grammar, and sentence structure (see grading rubric). Paper Outline Executive Summary Business Problem Review Analytical Plan Elicitation Techniques Requirements Communication Enterprise Analysis Requirements Analysis Solution Assessment and Validation Techniques Recommendations Conclusion Appendix

    Parallel and opposition couple scheme skill programs

    Executive summary

    This narration is aimed at comparing and oppositioning couple unanalogous scheme skill exhalationhodologies namely the PMBOK and the Fleet Scrum. The rebreach apprehends an rebreach and instruction of the best program to reason. The ventilation begins by exploring the PMBOK including explanation instruction areas, rule assemblages, merits and demerits. The rebreach then moves to the SCRUM Scheme skill program showing artefacts, roles, functions and activities that are wholeied to the frameis-sue scheme of each program. This caters a basis coercion the similarity of twain arrivales by indicating the differences in their rulees. The lore as-courteous demonstrates how conception the complexity and the functionality of the scheme can be reasonful to managers as they designate the best scheme skill programs. The consider reasons couple perspectives to parallel and opposition the couple prams namely the iterative standard and the waterfwhole standard. The PMBOK emphasizes completing the schemening sights antecedently constant to the effect/ labor crop sight (Larson et al, 2015). On the other operative, SCRUM emphasizes on basis with the effect/ labor crop sight and delivering it as pay as potential or succeeding a deficient limit. This is as-courteous referred to as the Sprint.

    Vocation total resurvey

    This Vocation total rescan apprehends the accomplishments and details coercion the vocation breach coercion the scheme including documentation vocation needs, customer needs and expectancy. The chosen scheme skill program is expected to disagree the previously reasond scheme skill programs. The rescan accomplish, hence, be contained in a Vocation Total Rescan Document schemeed f0ollowing the Sigma Six standard, that is DMAIC – “define, estimate, irritate, ameliorate and control”. The objectives of the Vocation Total Rescan rule apprehend:

    • To cater a wholesome environment coercion communicating the proposed alter to the technology labor caterrs, financiers, customers and employees to please their needs
    • To ascertain the acclaim of the stakeholders
    • To cater strong and courteous lore input coercion the achievementive sights of this scheme
    • To draw the criteria coercion ensuring twain vocation and customer needs are exhalation.

        The vocation rescan legend the basis coercion whole the succeeding deliverables coercion this scheme by describing the inputs and the expected conclusions associated with each rule. This is a standard of how the classification should contemplate enjoy from a vocation turn.

    The scheme skill team is focused on delivering the uneasy scheme in opportunity suitableness observing twain pliancy and virtue. It is hence relevant that they ascertain a scheme skill program that encourages effect/ labor increment, reducing taillog through the society of a viable “wish list” of accomplishments and the vill of the division of is-sue to be carried coercionward to the proximate sight. The occasion of the scheme that the program can operativele is as-courteous a interest. The scheme requires a software that draws that standards coercion integration of scheme rulees and their interresuscitation with deem to the scheme objectives.

    Analytic Scheme

    Postulates interesting the couple program accomplish be composed by team members using divergent lore tools and lore engines. Most of the counsel accomplish be rised from the vendor’s effect description. However, the scheme team members accomplish be at permission to appropinquation other trustworthy postulatesbases whether online or online. The postulates accomplish be chronicled on referableebooks, scintillate drives and alienate sampling narrations to wholeow a improve sorting and tracking postulates to refer restraintfeiture, qualification or leakage. The rebreach accomplish be inveterate on the subjoined Analytical indicators: – faultlessness, exactness, compatibility, representativeness, sensitivity and uprightness. The postulates accomplish then be rescan with the adduction of unfair qualifiers where redundant. The definite narration accomplish then be compiled and adapted to advise the best rerise among the couple programs.

    Lore Question

    How does PMBOK and SCRUM scheme skill programs parallel to each other


    10 Scheme Team members were reasond in the moderate scan bulkyly in postulates collection


    • The functionality of the program
    • Performance of the program

    Other confounders

    • Price
    • Ease of reason
    • Compatibility with client vocation rulees
    • Activities and events in implementation
    • Work-allied visible certaintyors
    • Coping name and issues such as opposition to alter and inoculation required.

    Elicitation techniques

    Documented `Wish-list” – a documented wish-list coercion the client accomplish acceleration subjoin redundant counsel environing the program. It ensues questions such as the `what?’ of the scheme. This caters whole the applicable counsel with deem to the crop and exhibition of the scheme.

    Brainstorming – gindividual this is a qualitative scan, brainstorming accomplish be reasonful distinctly in the elicitation of scheme accomplishments. It is relevant to interpret the senior certaintyors such as the elucidation of the consider and the environment by which the lore is conducted. Brainstorming accomplish caportraiture concertedly a picked assemblage of representatives coercion whole ardent parties. They accomplish be chosen in a 1-day hanker consultation where they accomplish purposed on scheme accomplishments and expected scheme deliverables.


    Despatch is very relevant to the achievement of a scheme. It is hence to gain a program that arranges courteous-unembarrassed despatch deeds. In being, most of the scheme despatch comes from culmination to deep. Feedbacks are relevant too. It is hence expected that the program accomplish qualify reasonrs to initiate a brisk talk to narration grave matters and to elude taillogs (Rose, 2013). A knead of divergent despatch standards is the best arrival to despatch. This apprehends using twain the perpendicular and even modes of despatch. This fixs that there are intelligible deed despatchs from culmination skill to other team members and tail. Even despatch arranges despatch natant participants at the similar roll of influence.

    Exploit resolution


    This exploit rebreach arises from the adoption of a unanalogous arrival to comparing and oppositioning PMBOK and SCRUM scheme skill’s software. The arrival caters issueiveness in differences and similarities among twain programs.

    Rebreach activities

    • The rebreach activities with deem to exploit rebreach accomplish initiate succeeding the scheme team has completed developing strategic schemes coercion the scheme.
    • Dimensions od the scheme
    • Vill of the best program coercion scheme skill.
    • Planning and executing scheme schemes to compass vocation accomplishments as courteous as persuasive instrument to conclude the scheme on opportunity.
    • Exploit rebreach activities

    Due to the continued require by clients and other stakeholders coercion prolific vocation rulees the newlightlightlight effect is aimed at facilitating improve vocation rebreach to growth the estimate of the scheme and so-far the restraintm

    Explanation points

    • The vocation architecture of the said programs
    • Purpose of the targeted programs
    • The logic coercion the breach inveterate on benefits accrued Vis Vis vocation objectives.

    Retirement’s resolution

    The subjoined are the accomplishments coercion this activity

    • People resource
    • Strategic Scheme scheme
    • Technology consonant with scheme skill software
    • Visible facilities coercion the implementation rule
    • Main effect (recommended effect)
    • Machinery
    • Stationery and equipment’s
    • Other redundant accomplishments as accomplish be reputed important to the rule by the scheme team

    Breach Assessment and Validation   


                The scheme skill Institute (2013) fixs a scheme as “a impermanent endeavour that is meant to generate a feature conclusion, distinctly a labor or a effect). The Scheme Skill Institute is the collection of instruction that is tasked with developing a PMI coercion scheme skill. In adduction, it caters standards coercion scheme skill opposing whole industries (Moe & Dyba, 2010). The PMBOK is unembarrassed in such a method that wholeows scheme managers to generate a newlightlightlight rule, scheme or sight to an corporeal scheme, refix the occasion, objectives and the race of resuscitation of an ongoing scheme, facilitating a ample action of tasks as they are outlined in the strategic scheme, monitoring and persuasive scheme rulees, nondespatch the scheme. In adduction, the PMBOK  scheme integration influencelines coercion rulees and activities by identifying, combining and coordinating scheme activities, checking is-sue as schemened, presumption that costs are referable animal, coordinating the scheme team, virtue presumption and motive of stakeholder preferences (Guide, P. M. B. O. K., 2004). The advantages of the PMBOK apprehend the certainty that it has been in reason coercion a hanker opportunity, hence, covers a broad occasion of scheme skill prerequisites, it is rule oriented, it can be reasond opposing sundry industries and complete rule is intelligiblely fixd with its inputs, techniques, tools and conclusions.


                 SCRUM scheme skill scheme caters rulees and procedures coercion executing a achievementful scheme rather than powerful the developer correspondently what to do (Paasivaara et al, 2008). In being, referable whole tolls of SCRUM are mandatory the functionality of the SCRUM ensues that the scheme team develops effects and labors in bits (Pries, 2010). These bits are unreserved as sprints. Once a sprint is aggravate, the scheme team accomplish cater a is-sueing account of the effect with previously fix virtue. The sprints may dispose among a day and foul-mouthed weeks. Natant the explanation deliverables when is-sueing with scrum apprehends

    Effect Increment

    • Elimination of accomplishment taillog
    • Intelligible limitation of is-sue that goes to proximate sight.
    • SCRUM advantages apprehend:
    • The client gets payer feedback
    • The program is elastic to reasonr alters
    • It wholeows the reasonr to subjoin postulates environing a deliverable doggedly
    • It arranges a continued despatches among reasonrs and the developers

    Validation Techniques

               Antecedently the programs can be public and adviseed to the scheme team, they accomplish be theme to a validation rule. The rule accomplish examination coercion uprightness, virtue, compatibility and defence of vendor jaw. Coercion the purposes of this narration, the validation accomplish adopt barely individual temporization that accomplish ensue the subjoined questions with deem to the aforementioned exhalationrics

    How is the program documentation?

    • Are the functional properties munificent at optimum?
    • How is despatch with the rise sequence?


              Considering the vocation and client accomplishments as per the scan, the best program coercion the scheme is the SCRUM standard. This is becareason of the slightness it accomplish caportraiture to the scheme. In adduction, it is elastic ample such that it can settle occidental rulees, sights and subprojects. This accelerations to fix that there are poor restraintfeiturees in opportunity, symbolical and money where alters and adjustments enjoy to be made in the race of the scheme.


                 The SCRUM frameis-sue may referable discern the scheme participants what is reported to be dindividual yet it yet caters dogged procedures that arrange flexibility and adaptability


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    1. Scrum Framework
    Image conclusion coercion scrum framework

    1. PMBOK Frameis-sue
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