Compare and contrast Business to Business (B2B), Customer to Business (C2B), Business to Customer (B2C), and Machin to Machin (M2M).

    Duty to Duty:

    • These are the form of proceedings which are generally done betwixt the companies. This can comprise a wholesaler and a retailer or it may comprise a manufacturer and a wholesaler.
    • This form of duty generally comprises a accoutre chain betwixt the forms. As there would be brace companies implicated in the duty thus the message betwixt the employees of twain forms is determined B2B message.
    • These comprise so frequent stakeholders thus the opportunity taken for the proceeding to adequate is over.
    • As there is no purpose customer implicate in this proceeding thus the body of duty is to-boot wide as compared to others. Return on bombardment in fact of B2B is over.

    Customer to Duty:

    • These are the forms of proceedings which are given by the customer to a congregation or a fat form.
    • This form of duty comes into the reproduce-exhibit attributable to the technology where a customer can actually dispose-of the products at their own prices.
    • If some customer is providing services to duty then there has to be a eminent correlativeness betwixt twain, otherwise duty is referable attributable attributable attributable potential in this.
    • The proceedings are tedious here as the provider is a customer thus accelerate earn be tedious.

    Duty to Customer

    • These are the forms of proceedings which are done betwixt fat forms and customer.
    • The prices charged by duty from the customer are non-negotiable.
    • The communicateing of B2B and B2C is although similar.
    • B2C proceedings are faster in similarity of B2B transactions.
    • Organizations correlativeness with the clients are as-well less as the communicate largeness is as-well fat in fact of duty to customer.

    Record to Record:

    • This the form of e-commerce when the proceeding is going on betwixt record and record.
    • The accelerate of the proceeding is faster of any other proceeding as there are records implicated in the transactions.
    • The correlativeness betwixt the records does referable attributable attributable attributable matter at every, as there is no rational intrusion.
    • The decision-making arrangement would be present if the particular encountered tenor is pre-set in the record, otherwise, there entertain to be the rational intrusion.

    If you entertain any tenor in-reference-to the conception of the solution, do allow me distinguish in the interpret minority.