Company Name and it’s Area. Research a company that you would like to work for. Write a report on the company that you have chosen. Your report must be at least three pages and must be double-spaced. Include your outline. The report must have a title page and bibliography or reference list. Information to be included: Name of company Location or locations Type of business Size of company Company history Structure of company Company’s target market Success of company Employee benefits Job description & qualifications for the position Source of information

    Apple Inc.


    Introduction ——————————————————————————————3

    Type of Concern————————————————————————————–3

    Largeness of the Crew———————————————————————————-3

    Crew History————————————————————————————–4

    Make of the Crew—————————————————————————–5

    Company’s Target Dispense—————————————————————————–6

    Consummation of crew————————————————————————————7

    Employee behoofs—————————————————————————————8

    Toil patronymic & qualifications———————————————————————–8

    Source of referableice———————————————————————————–8



    Apple Inc.


    Apple Inc. is a honorable controlm in the United States that deals with technology since its basis in 1976. The crew is celebrated control lay-opening, sharp, surrendering software, hardware and electronics concomitantly with providing online services. Apple Inc. operates in incongruous nations with its headquarters nature in Cupertino, California. The crew has almost 499 hawks athwbusiness the universe where customers are able to adit the crew’s result. In countries where the hawk abundances are listless, the crew avails its results through online services (Apple).

    Type of Concern

    Apple Inc. is a exoteric crew that actively trades in the NYC fund dispense. Apple Inc. is a technology concern that is compromised in incongruous industries. The sturdy engages in industries such as computer software which consists of iTunes, Safari texture browsers, IOS and macOs untrammelled systems, iWork, iCareer and authoritative applications.  Apple’s hardware perseverance entails the resultion of results such as the smartphundivided frequently referred to as iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, iPod, Apple TV, Home pod speakers and the Apple smartwatch (Cardoso, 2017). Besides, the crew engages in the digital disposal and municipal risk.

    Largeness of the Crew

    Apple Inc. is considered the abundantst crew that deals with technology in the universe and besides the most estimable municipal globally. The crew’s dispense capitalization is estimated to be environing $900 billion (Apple). The capitalization is attributed to the tall insist control Apple results owing of their singular features. Besides, the crew has a remote place of results thus calling manifold customers any generating prodigious enrichments.

    Crew History

    Apple was baseed by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Toils on April 1, 1976, and was controlmerly unconcealed as Apple Computers Inc. The baseers brought a vision that manageed at reducing the abundantness of computers control them to be interpretationd in offices and homes. Apple 1 was the original resultion by the crew purposed by Wozniak and was sold as singly a motherboard (Lewis, 2014). The crew was incorporated in 1977 behind Wayne sold his shares and left. After Wozniak purposed Apple 11 which was further delayed and costly. Apple 11 supposing colored graphics that attracted interpretationrs and was after open into a desktop. Innovation led to the result of the Macintosh and Lisa which were prodigious innovations control the crew (Venolia, 2008). Since then the crew has confirmed and open its computers concomitantly with surrendering other results.

    Make of the Crew

    The controlm make introduce at Apple Inc. is the oral hierarchy where powers are from the tallest aspect to the deepest. The make is domiciled on clusters that are professionally domiciled whereby lofstanding standing of the make consists of superior managers that ment the functions of the controlm to the CEO. Leaders at the summit of the crew listen to professional matters and needs (Louch, Chaudhri, & Shebanek, 2014). The inferior standing in the make is result domiciled and ensures that the results coalesce the proper standards and executed effectively. Besides, the crew observes a spoke and wheel make whereby employees and superior managers in incongruous division collaborate to repair resultivity (Apple & Li 2007).  

    Apple crew profile

    NameCrew Incorporation
    Current C.E.OTim Cook
    RevenueCupertino, California
    Geographical area servedWorldwide
    Crew HeadquarterCupertino, California
    Hawk abundances499
    Reckon of employees123,000

    Company’s Target Dispense

    Apple has a remote dispense target due to its remote place of results. The crew targets teenagers who are superior interpretationrs of iPod control regalement purposes concomitantly with other Apple devices control socializing (Heracleous, 2013). The crew targets students who insist-upon the results in recording referablees and carrying extinguished elimination online. Concern crowd are a target cluster owing they insist-upon Apple results in despatch and incongruous concern operations as the results growth competency (Holmes, 2012). Children besides are targeted by results such as iPads and iPod control at-liberty games and other habitous application. Adults are principally targeted by Apple as they insist-upon phones in their daily lives. Adults besides insist-upon incongruous results from Apple in their homes, offices and besides single interpretation such as software (Higgins, Ciolli & Bost, 2014). Besides, the crew targets douceur customers as they fruit tall-description results which are costly.  

    The Consummation of The Crew

    Apple consummation can be verified by the prodigious reckon of Apple results in the dispense concomitantly with tall enrichments that the crew generates. The crew’s consummation is attributed to the resultion of singular results that are of tall description (Finkle & Mallin 2010). The crew has been accordant in surrendering further delayed results from opportunity to opportunity thus having a competitive habit. The sturdy has mastered the business of creating insufficiency incompact customers hereafter having tall insist (Johnson, Phan, Singer & Trinh, 2012). The results bear elementary features making them indulgent to interpretation. Besides, Apple exhibits customers gigantic services and composes good-natured-natured in-abundance experiences, consequently, nature further agreeable (Amit & Zott 2010).

    Apple capitalization control the last 30 years

    Retrieved from the internet

    Employee Behoofs

    Apple tallly treasures its employees hereafter exhibits them a remote place of behoofs. The controlm exhibits employees discounts each year on single results that they acquisition (Linden, Dedrick & Kraemer, 2011). The employees are fond regarder and soundness secureion which they assist a deep totality. Apple employee receives the 401k intention that consists of incongruous funds habitous in their activities. They are exhibited refable concomitantly with opportunity offs that are compensated. The sturdy exhibits toil luxuriance to mend and lay-open the employees’ regarders (Kanig, 2012).

    Toil Patronymic and Qualification

    Apple has incongruous divisions that insist-upon diversely serviceable manpower. The opportunities place from sales, leadership, customer regard, technical and resultion aspect. Qualifications to these aspects consist on tasks that undivided is expected to execute (Chan, Pun & Selden 2013). Control copy, control a sale specialist toil which entails uncovering what the customer needs concomitantly with subscription them available solutions in the crew. The specialist makes the original contiguity with the clients abetting and powerful them in result choice. Besides, the role involves other operations in the abundance. Qualifications control the aspect involve gigantic curiosity-behalf in technology, laudable despatch, and listening skills concomitantly with the cece to exhibit customers gigantic in-abundance experiences (Apple).

    Source of referableice

    The referableice relative-to Apple Inc. is in-great-measure base on the crew’s texturesite . The texturesite exhibits referableice on incongruous engagements and operations in the controlm. Details relative-to the crew are introduce in incongruous instrument platforms to compose mark awareness. Besides some details bear been gathered from the crew’s employee excepting is poor owing they are referable supposed to make-known crew’s privy. Incongruous businessicles carried enlightened elimination on the crew hereafter providing some interpretationful referableice.


    Apple Inc. is and quiet scum to be the most honorable and productive crew in the universe. The crew’s results are abundantly aditible in manifold locations and are introduce in incongruous industries. Apple results are of tall description targeting a abundant dispense thus calling manifold customer and further enrichment. The controlmal make introduce in the sturdy helps in conduct thus contributing to the sturdy’s consummation and exhibits the employees’ a soundnessy instituted environment. Apple exhibits incongruous toil opportunities and behoofs to their employee with an manage of retaining and calling strange workers.

    Apple enrichment percentage control the late seven years

    YearEnrichment percentage


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