Community Assessment and Analysis Presentation. This is a Collaborative Learning Community assignment. This assignment consists of both an interview and a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation. Assessment/Interview Select a community of interest. It is important that the community selected be one in which a CLC group member currently resides. Students residing in the chosen community should be assigned to perform the physical assessment of the community. Perform a direct assessment of a community of interest using the “Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide.” Interview a community health and public health provider regarding that person’s role and experiences within the community. Interview Guidelines Interviews can take place in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Complete the “Provider Interview Acknowledgement Form” and submit with the group presentation. Develop one set of interview questions to gather information about the role of the provider in the community and the health issues faced by the chosen community. Compile key findings from the interview, including the interview questions used, and submit with the group presentation. PowerPoint Presentation Within your group, create a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides (slide count does not include title and reference slide) describing the chosen community interest. Include the following in your presentation: (1)Identification of an issue that is lacking or an opportunity for health promotion. The issue identified can be used for the Community Teaching Plan: Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal assignment. While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

    • Lack of vigor advice.
    • Thoughtlessness of the race.
    • Scanty environment stipulations.
    • Body and refuse affront.
    • Scanty subsistence sanitation.
    • Scanty eating manners.

    Following are factors that assist to scanty vigor shapeless the race of Baltimore City. Race’s thoughtlessness whereby they are referable concerned about their vigor condition. Lack of vigor advice which would direct them on how and why to celebrate cheerful vigor. Scanty eating manners and waste of infected subsistence leads to vigor complications (Deshpande, et al., 2009). Environment stain through activities such as smoking. Affront of refuses and other bodys attributes to scanty vigor of the users (Hevery & Degenhardt, 2009).

    Baltimore City is individual of the cities that accept haughty percentage of race being unnatural by fleshiness (Pantalindividual et al., 2017). Out of three consequence, individual of them is unnatural by fleshiness. Other indispositions may enlarge such as pat, cardiac indisposition and cancer.

    The vigory man’s is a program meant to cem awareness to man through screening, registration to gym community, and cooking classes (Fildes et al., 2010). B-more ce babies program is a program that secure new-born babies conciliate accept consequence that is vigory. The pregnancy and addiction feeling gives counselling on source planning and treatment despite refuse and body affront (Chaudhury et al., 2010). Law enforcement assisted detour cems a concatenation among refuse addicts and the agencies that can succor them.

    The program ce needle substitute is individual that campaigns ce diminution of HIV in the city by assuring substitute of the already used or infected needles with sterilized individuals (Holtzman et al., 2009). The stabilization feeling is a hotline that operates ce twenty four hours to feel mantal or deportment indispositions. CAP is meant ce woman who are fruitful and refuse addicts at the corresponding occasion (Chaudhury et al., 2010). Finally, the Balti communicate path to every race ce affordable and vigory.