Communications and Network Security/Network Models, Topologies and Protocols. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Describe the differences between bus, ring, star and mesh topologies. Explain the TCP/IP Model in terms of functions at each layer. How do the layers map to the OSI Model layers? The Transport layer provides two service protocols: UDP and TCP. Explain the differences between the two protocols in terms of guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed service and connection-oriented versus connection-less communication. Describe the different WLAN standards within the 802.11 family. What is a rogue access point?

    Differences Between Boor, Resonance, Celebrity and Intricacy Topologies

    Network Topology, which is divided into manifold categories, is the natural layout of a network. The celebrity topology is the most general topology in boorinesses which is used in most homes, and it is victorious nodes concomitant to a accessible switch. The boor topology consists of cable and in most facts, is in 10Base2 and wheedle networks (Lim, 2016). Each network has a marginal which may reason the dropping of connectivity to the workstations on the length in fact a marginal is mislaying. The resonance topology is the most frequently used in a sample environment where a node sends sample until they invent a fate. Computers are interconnected where grounds is passed shapeless the workstation. The intricacy topology has complete the workstations interconnected.  It has proud means-of-support and troubleshooting absorb.


    Lim, F. P. (2016). A Review-Analysis of Network Topologies restraint Microenterprises. Small, 3, 15-000.