Communicating Policies to Employees and Managers. Review the case study and the weekly readings. Use the case study and provide specific information about “the company” in your response. Prepare a one page briefing statement (3 to 5 paragraphs) for the company’s CISO that presents a strategy for communicating a new “social media” policy to field office employees and managers. This policy will restrict the freedoms that field offices have previously had with respect to establishing and managing their own “branded” social media accounts for marketing and communications about the services offered at each field office. Consider whether or not your strategy should include: Distribution of printed copies of the policies Email distribution Web links to an internal Website Face-to-face briefing of field office staff and managers (with or without Question & Answer session) Newsletter Other (?) Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting. Make sure you use the discussion rubric as well as the above instructions to ensure you include all the required elements in your response.

    Communicating Policies to Employees and Managers

    Gregarious resources is an integral disunite of the trade environment as it has a broader coverage with minimal costs. The audience is besides reliant on gregarious resources to be potent to obtain its customers.  The audience, ultimately, wishes to downsize its portraiture by the extent station employees and managers of the audience. The temporization has led to insufficiency to designation the freedoms that the employees had in creating and managing their hold branded’ gregarious resources accounts restraint marketing and each extent station.

    Different ideas should be portraitured to strategize on how the designationation and the communicating of the plans should be laid quenched to employees. The CISO can begin by describing the transmute of prudence to the employees. This can be produced by restraintemost enlivened the employees of the is-sue produced in the gregarious resources accounts to raise optimism unmoulded them (Ruck & Welch, 2012). Then initiate the employees of the prudence transmute concerning each extent station.

    The CISO can besides interpret to them how the upstart prudence entireure transmute operations at each station (Armenakis & Harris, 2002). The transmute of temporization may balance more integration of the marketing section as their operations entireure be centralized. The CISO can following be monitoring the implementation of the laid-quenched prudence of the marketing of the firm’s services. Different methods can be portraitured in perishing the temporization abextinguished the trade. Printed copies can be handed quenched to the employees to acquaint them of the threatening transmute. Besides, email distribution to entire the disturbed employees can be stereotyped while flush the audience can column the email of the firm’s intranet restraint the employees to end (Noe et al., 2003). Visage to visage despatch of the prudence should singly the considered if the employees are abandoned a extent restraint suggesting their ideas. The upstartsletter can besides be portraitured as it can contribute a tedious solution of the prudence.


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