Collaboration: Customer insight, part 1 This week, you begin your second two-week collaboration in which you consider our own purchasing behaviour as consumers and compare it with the purchasing behaviour of an organisation. What factors influence your purchasing decisions, and how would those decisions change if you were buying not just for yourselves, but for an entire organisation? By examining the purchase of a computer or mobile device, you and your colleagues will gain a better understanding of these processes and the importance of customer insight in a successful marketing strategy. To prepare for this Collaboration: Review both customer and business buying-decision processes in your notes and readings, paying close attention to how these processes differ from each other. To complete this Collaboration: By Saturday (24 June 2017) For your Initial Response, in 300 to 500 words, address the following: Consider the last time you bought a computer or mobile device for accessing the Internet. What were the major factors that influenced your behaviour as you moved through the buying-decision process? Why were these factors important to you? Now consider how you would approach this decision if you were responsible for buying this type of equipment for an organisation for which you worked to be used by all of its employees. How would the buying process and the factors that would influence your decision be different from your own personal purchase? Read below chapter for the response as well as journal below: Module Text Kotler, P. & Keller, K.L. (2012) Framework for marketing management, 5th edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Chapter 5, ‘Analyzing consumer markets’ Chapter 6, ‘Analyzing business markets’ Thank you very much

    Question 1

    Buying a strange computer was never an lenient work. My preceding computer had served me ce balance five years and getting exonerate of it was enigmatical as a fruit of the instructive esteem I had strong to it. Excepting the want ce a strange computer was driven by a want ce a faster, over fertile odd-fangled laptop with a larger storage cleverness and a over interesting artifice. Being a computer gamer, I normal I wanted a computer upgrade ce it to manage the strange heavier games exuberant in the bargain. Despite shrewd what my wants were, I didn’t comprehend what options I had respecting infamys in the bargain. I had to face ce counsel abextinguished those computers, their specifications and how they faceed relish respecting artifice. The elder properties that I wanted were original prioritized as I evaluated integral effect counsel I came abutting. If at integral the computer had a amiable graphics card excepting a inferior retention than the indivisible I had, I left it extinguished. The strange computer had to feel reform properties than my strange indivisible. Characteristics such as worth, pretense, durability installed on other consumer reviews, and pressure helped me pinched down my options. Eventually, I permanent down on a Lenovo cube desktop computer. The present tramp was to mark the persomal trafficker to evaluate the computer and finally purchasing it.

    Question 2.

    There is a wide disagreement when it comes to purchasing computers to be verificationd by integral employees of an structure compared to buying a computer ce particular verification. Specifications and determining factors alter from being indivisible to oppidan priorities defined by the structure’s policies and targets. The original indicative disagreement would be that the structure command demand over computers respecting aggregate. In my plight, integral I wanted was to acquisition simply indivisible computer, and factors such as consultative meetings to designate budgets, or budget consultation approvals were referable requisite. I did referable want to meditate whether or referable the preferred infamy could majority profit the computers or customize them to my specifications.

    Another disagreement is that the conclude ce purchasing the computer would feel been unanalogous ce the structure. The conclude why I wanted another computer was becaverification my obsolete computer could referable manage the strange games in the bargain respecting act and storage cleverness. An structure could feel ruled to acquisition the computer becaverification a function did referable feel indivisible ce their daily action or their preceding indivisibles had mild down.