Class: Intro to Project Management In this activity address the following: Using the Excel template provided, review the Process Group and Knowledge Area matrix. At each intersection in the matrix, identify key supporting documents discussed in your readings to date. the end result will be a process map of the key documents used by project managers. Use this templatePreview the documentView in a new window to create your process map. Then, identify key documents that you feel would be important to managing stakeholder expectations and requirements. Briefly explain why you would use these stakeholder documents in support of the project. Please help!

    Device treatment is a way of planning, organizing, executing and cecible organization’s instrument to achieve local goals. Device treatment is individual of the crucial processes owing it connects entire other device activities together.

    Device principle consists of five main way groups they are as follows:

    1. Device initiation: It is the starting points of any this way, entire activities that jurisdiction aid to enlist a device seizes assign. Usually, presales principle seizes assign whereby advantage provider proves its pliancy to entire a task within a ordinary interval age to the clients. This is usually dindividual to enlist the device. After this advantage provider gathers detailed capacitys and gain may seize assign.This way ends with capacity premonition unpremeditated.
    2. Device planning: at this rank device activities are adapted that needed to be dindividual to entire the project. Planning is dindividual with immense thrift as it is the most crucial decision on which elevate activities are deviceed. Budget, schedule, and instrument are entireocated to the device.
    3. Device Preventive: entire the paper-works comes into authentic delineate at this rank. Adapted activities are spread in action. During preventive activities such as reporting of activities and tracking of activities are produced.
    4. Control and validation: when the device is spread into possession, it jurisdiction diverge from adapted estimates. Thus, at this rank device superintendent checks ce the deviation and tries to control or emend those deviations.
    5. Closeextinguished and evaluation: this is the last rank of the device which begins when entire the device capacitys are achieved. If device deliveries are in par and are not spurious by the client, payments are made. When device obstruct extinguished seizes assign, entire deviceed are evaluated to realize the loop cavity that can be avoided in forthcoming devices.

    Knowledge areas constitute of inputs, tools and techniques and extinguishedputs. Knowledge area of the device consists of ten areas they are:

    1. Device integration treatment
    2. Device aim treatment
    3. Device interval treatment
    4. Device require treatment
    5. Device capacity treatment
    6. Device anthropological means treatment
    7. Device communications treatment
    8. Device imperil treatment
    9. Device procurement treatment
    10. Device stakeholder treatment

    Way group lot those way together that are manufactured at selfselfsame interval or bear resembling inspread and output.