Challenges for the 21st Century The four ethical topics pertinent to organizations in the IT industry and organizations that make use of IT: 1) use of nontraditional workers, 2) whistle-blowing, 3) green computing, and 4) ICT code of ethics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the period from 2006 to 2014, networking and data communications positions are forecasted to grow by 50%. In response to the projected shortfall of labor, employers are turning to contingent workers, H-1B workers, and outsourced offshore workers. H-1B as a temporary working visa granted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for people who work in jobs that require a four-year bachelor’s degree or higher in a specific field. Companies turn to H-1B workers to meet critical business needs or to obtain essential technical skills and knowledge that are not readily found in the U.S. H-1B professionals often are hired to provide technical expertise in overseas markets or on projects that enable U.S. companies to compete globally. Employers are required to pay H-1B workers the prevailing wage for U.S. workers to do equivalent jobs, and a person can work for a U.S. employer on an H-1B visa for a maximum of six continuous years. Outsourcing as a long-term business approach to meeting staffing needs. With outsourcing, companies make contracts with an outside firm to perform a specialized function on an ongoing basis, and give examples of outsourcing. Coemployment legal problems are minimal because the company that contracts for services does not supervise or control the contractor’s employees. Primary rationale for outsourcing is to lower costs, but companies also use it to gain strategic flexibility and to focus on their core competencies. Whistle-blowing as an effort to attract public attention to a negligent, illegal, unethical, abusive, or dangerous act by a company that threatens the public interest. In most cases, whistle-blowers act ethically in an attempt to correct what they think is a major wrongdoing, often at great personal risk. The whistle-blower usually has special information about what is happening based on personal expertise or a position of employment within the offending organization. There are no comprehensive federal laws to protect all whistle-blowers; rather, there are numerous laws, and each protects a certain class of whistle-blowing acts in various industries. In order to manufacture truly “green” products, companies must: 1) reduce the amount of hazardous materials used, 2) increase the amount of reusable or recyclable materials, and 3) help consumers dispose of their products in an environmentally safe manner at the end of the product’s useful life. Electronic devices contain thousands of components, some harmful to humans and environment. The entire supply chain is at risk. Discuss what you think is a serious ethical IT challenge. What specific company or industry might face risks from these challenges? How would you avoid ethical issues? The following resources are recommended for use in composing an answer for this Discussion Topic: Information Technology and Ethics: #4 – Read: Ethics for IT Professionals (Non-traditional Workers) Boundless Management by Boundless: Chapter 13, Ethics in Business, specifically Section 3: Maintaining Ethical Standards including: Whistleblower Protection

    21st Century Braves

    Notice Technology is visaged with multiform thoughtful holy braves that leads to missing of not attributoperative attributableice and remuneration. Safeguard is a superior brave oppositeness IT as hackers are cogent to way not attributoperative attributableice illegally through the internet. The hackers way reasonrs’ computers through IP harangue to extra momentous not attributoperative attributableice that they reason coercion particular gains. IT is oppositeness copyright breaking issues where derivation creators of resigned are losing their truthfulness through IT reasonr’s cece to way, download and distribute not attributoperative attributableice from the internet.

    Seclusion has been exploited through IT becareason computer reasonrs possess way to other vulgar’s particular vivacity by using internet webcams and political networks. The internet allows coercion single to distribute particular not attributoperative attributableice barring has increased cases of stalkers who reason distributed not attributoperative attributableice coercion wickedness eagerions. The IT toil is oppositeness a digital keep-apart where by developing countries do not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative possess IT benefits imputoperative to tall consumes connected to inoculation computer reasonrs and workforce. IT experts are receiving a doom of hurry by working covet hours which leads to emphasis and event of errors.

    Company or Industries

    Financial service stands to experience risks connected to IT holy issues imputoperative to inhospitableness of particular not attributoperative attributableice. IT reasonrs are cogent to way customer’s bank representation concertedly with their harangue and may opt to strip or loot the customers. Commandment services that dwell life-containing not attributoperative attributableice may be improbable as the not attributoperative attributableice can be wayed by terrorist who eager to aggression the dominion. Multiform companies that fruit singular products are slight to visage safeguard risks through reasonr’s way to their systems to achieve mysterious coercionmulas. Also, industries that reason physician’s and attorney’s services may visage seclusion and safeguard issues as they dwell momentous details relating their patients that may injury the client’s reputations.

    Avoiding Holy Issues

    The IT holy braves can be avoided by aid computer reasonrs inoculation and plan that command their operations. Setting up of firewalls is quantitative to article hacking and frustrate unacknowledged way. The digital keep-apart can be solved by providing developing countries with inoculation at a cheaper consume. Also, vulgar can minimize the equality of not attributoperative attributableice they distribute to guard seclusion and safeguard. Increasing IT education service and recruiting sundry IT experts reduces hurry on the working experts. Strick measures should be smitten to vulgar who are visaged with copyright breaking.


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