Case Assignments Instructions You will complete 2 Case Assignments from Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. You will answer the questions at the end of the case in 4–5 pages (double spaced), not including the title or reference pages. The Case Assignments must be written in current APA format. In addition to the Ferrell textbook, utilize outside sources on the case questions. All sources must be of a scholarly nature; the sources must be either textbooks or journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. At least 5 references are required in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. As this is a paper that requires research, it must be written in third person. Case Assignment 1 can be found in the Ferrell textbook. The case is Case 1, “Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests.” The paper must have at least 3 Level 1 headings that correspond to the following case points: · Efficacy of Monsanto’s Ethical Culture. · Costs and Benefits of Growing GMO Seed. · Management of Harm to Plants and Animals. Case Assignment 2 can also be found in the Ferrell textbook. The case is Case 9, “Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse.” The paper must have at least 3 Level 1 headings that correspond to the following case points: · How did the corporate culture of Enron contribute to its bankruptcy? · In what ways did Enron’s bankers, auditors, and attorneys contribute to Enron’s demise? · What role did the company’s Chief Financial Officer play in creating the problems that led to Enron’s financial problems? Submit the Case Assignments via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the assigned modules/weeks.

    Event Assignment 1

    BUSI 472: Cemal Ethics


    Monsanto gang is an agriaffair gang that was baseed in the year 1907. It specializes in the genesis of embryos, farm chemicals, plastics and fake rubber (Arjo, 2013). The gang has balance the years morphed into a biotechnology gang, primarily focusing on the make and genesis of genetically qualified organisms. The gang distributes diverse technologically deceased farm childrens and genetically enhanced embryos that are meant to raise farmers framing experiment and childrenivity span conserving instrument and absorb of urban inputs. At-last, the gang has faced a balballot of stricture therefore of the regularity it has delivered its childrens and the integration of technology such as genetic species in its genesis processes.

    This is therefore resisting the specialty that Monsanto declares that the embryos are innovative answers ce the gist farmers are oppositeness, the agriaffair fixed has faced diverse strictures from the mob relative-to alien vigor proceeds created by GMOs (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013). Most of the gang’s corporeal proceeds is drawn from the sales of biotechnology. The genetically qualified organisms (GMO) including decidedtle embryos breed the preponderance of the proceeds. The GMO embryos were effected with the power to consume insects which could mischief the decidedtles and besides inrest herbicides that can massacre weeds. Following luteous constitutional, abstraction and indisputable concerns, the fixed’s ethics has been prostrate to scrutiny.

    Productiveness of Monsanto’s Holy Amelioration

        The childreniveness of the holy amelioration at Monsanto has been bellicose balance the definite couple of decades. This is in inducement that the bringing affair of the gang id genesis of genetically qualified farm childrens, which by its stnadards has been a bellicose posterity by itself. Ce this deduce, Monsanto ought to admit the substance of holy cemal amelioration very seriously. Consumers are watchful of the hidden proceeds of genetically qualified urban childrens past there has referable been a definitive inquiry that has granted consolidated benefits of the genetically engineered props and arrays the exoteric timiditys. Ferell prostrates it to us that, the customers are by genetically qualified props and going ce the non-genetically qualified props uniform in the enjoylihood of increased absorbs of the posterior. The sum sales ce Non-genetically qualified props rose by 28 % to a condition of environing $3 billion in the definite undivided year, (Ferrell, 2017). Therefore of the disclaiming perceptions outside genetically qualified props, the gang conquer deficiency to be proactive in educating, communicating and clarifying the direct benefits deduced to a Genetically Qualified urban children representationr.

    The gang’s oppidan gregarious once has referable been undivided of the best, and it has lacked in its holy convoy. Such has been the event ce its ruin treatment practices, ce copy, the gang has intentionally been disposing of toxic ruin in an unreserved betrayal and a streamlet in the declare of Alabama (Ferrell, 2017) with luckless proceeds on twain the outsides and the mob of the town that is located nearby. Nonetheless, the gang has been making in-roads implicated to inoculate stakeholders of changes in its holy amelioration appropinquation. It is exotericly ranked Number 100 on the catalogue of Best Oppidan Citizens. They observe cemulated a principle of convoy aimed at ensuring openness, i-elation ce the mob and the environment and parity in genesis

    Costs and Benefits of Gain-grounding GMO Embryo

        The gang’s weighty urgency on biotechnology led to the revolutionary figment of originally improved decidedtle embryos that observe past progressive the cultivation affair. Following peculiar pay, the Monsanto gang was in the posture of influencing farmers as courteous-behaved-behaved as undeveloped customers in an fertile regularity to representation genetically qualified childrens (Melton, 2012). Doubters argued that the expenditure of the genetically qualified embryos could probably bring to vigor risks of crowd. Some criticized the utilization of manufactured substances enjoy glyphosate in the genetically qualified fruits. Although the prop and refconservation government (FDA) avowed genetically qualified childrens as incloseing no mischief, it was conjectured that the gang’s Roundup herbicide’s bringing component which was glyphosate was a carepresentation ce senior infections discurrent farmers in California. Resisting the specialty that the fixed’s childrens are incessantly subordinate inspection by the doubters, perfect the GMOs are approved as protected ce expenditure. Referablewithstanding the specialty that it actions deviations, genetically qualified embryos observe at the crave work saved farmers billions of shillings. Through surrendering genetically engineered embryos, farmers in the perfect cosmos-crowd observe the cappower of surrendering more fruits thus increasing their pay (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013). The dilution of the genetically qualified embryos is perfectowing the deficiencys of the crowd to be met and realized through cultivation.

    Treatment of Mischief to Decidedtles and Animals

        The gang is once befitting their childrens to gain-ground the most portioial genetically qualified embryo. Inspissated investors are uneasy environing the vigor proceeds of the Roundup herbicide on pests of compute conjointly with decidedtles, seniorly environing the imperilled proceeds pollinating genetically qualified embryos conquer observe on rest insects as courteous-behaved-behaved as decidedtles (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013).  The embryos of fruits authority be pollinated by bees, pests, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the storm to the farms, observe non-qualified fruits. This condition of soilure is unconditionally unprotected to farmers who gain-ground constitutional decidedtles. When the genetically embryos amalgamate with the biological decidedtles, it is hardenedened ce the farmers to discern them. These genetically qualified embryos observe been conjectured to remainder in restoration as courteous-behaved-behaved as the failure of diverse animals. Monsanto has once replied the declarements are masterful the environmental guard effectance (EPA) standards that the chemicals are protected.

    The gang should, therefore, cogitate changing its advertising war ce its childrens that are glyphosate-based such as Round-up. The war was base to be misleading. The war suggests that the glyphosate-based childrens from Monsanto are protected and referable mischiefful to twain the environment and the mob environing including representationrs. Declare investigations base that the advertisements were focusing on the open mischieflessness of childrens such as round-up externally initiative plenteous inducement of the proceeds of the passive chemicals incloembryo in the object children (Ferrell et al. 2015). The most holy appropinquation ce managing this according to the discussions of deontology and technology systems and compute ethics is to plug the genesis of such chemicals as Round-up and localize on genetic species work

    Some investigators tobject to hurry that genetically qualified embryos which are circulate to original decidedtles authority active the biological decidedtles to unite the genetically engineered features restraintthcoming generating fantasticlightlight genetic differences of those decidedtles which could riskously wave the outside environment. The gang protuberant timidity through claiming that Roundup Ready could referable in a chaste regularity converge its regularity into the groundwater to carepresentation water soilure and restoration to the animals in the area (Cummins, 2013). The government has given rules as courteous-behaved-behaved as policies to farmers that decidedtle genetically qualified embryos are representationd to aid in governing the commotion of superbugs conjointly with superweeds. Ce copy 20 from 100 of the farmlands must be decidedtleed with biological fruit decidedtles to obstruct a fantasticlightlight family of microbes. Besides, farmers are compelled to representation opposed herbicides as courteous-behaved-behaved as effect fruit reversion frequently.


    The agriaffair gang has an occasion of succeeding; at-last, its affair is enjoyly to live oppositeness posteritys as courteous-behaved-behaved as concerns in restraintthcoming compared to the gang’s fact (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013). The critics observe posed a risk as courteous-behaved-behaved as disclaiming currency, still the gang has tackled the posteritys as a instrument of reassuring their stakeholders conjointly with consumers (Monsanto, 2017). The Monsanto agriaffair should observe on effecting their affair to patronage farmers to improve prop sustainably to determine the children standards are the culmination initiative.


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    Event Assignment 2

    BUSI 472: Cemal Ethics


    Ce some span, Enron was the most illustrious gang in America. They had an solemn portio of gain-grounding the purity and governments and they, at definite, coagulated to an incredibly childrenive restraintthcoming ce the cem. This was referable incredibly clamorous as the cem had the regularity of history that had insured an exceptionally childrenive restraintthcoming. In malice of these expectations, insatipower that originated from the portioners and administrators aenjoy assumed to the profaneness unpremeditated not attributable attributableionl duties brought environing the overthrow of the cem. With an object sight to defy this posterity, this dissertation conquer localize in transit in which Enron’s regularity of history, unpremeditatedicials and operation assumed to the section 11 and besides arraignment of Enron.

    •    How did the oppidan amelioration of Enron co-operate to its bankruptcy?

    My admit is that the gang’s oppidan amelioration was the main associate to its bankruptcy woes in inspissated regularitys. To inaugurate with, the gang arrogantly believed that they are the best in the dispense and became pleasant. It is gentleman that itsamelioration favored affair harvest and reversal, still it was prejudicial to stakeholders chiefly the employees. Enron’s oppidan amelioration upheld sham convoy externally scrutiny ce whatever elongation of span that it brought environing currency akin selectup. Ferrell, Friedrich, and Ferrell showed that Enron’s oppidan amelioration possessed “harvest and rebuffed representatives cogitateed week” as opposed to advancing estimations of view and probity. This was enjoywise, known as the “rank and yank” framework that made a “wild domain” where the “definite 20 percent of representatives were harsh out” which bring luteous insincerity choices going invisible (Ferrell et al., 2013). The cemal amelioration primarily implicated flexing its muscles and disturbance the rules. The integration and coordination betwixt opposed departments of the gang lacked therefore they had been unwillingly opposediated which made it unusable to unite the proud delineate unintermittently which led to deficient effectance and therefore bankruptcy

    Did Enron’s Bankers, auditors, and attorneys co-operate to Enron’s fall? If so, what was their subsidy?

    The gang’s bankers, auditors, personateed a weighty role in the fall of the gang by colluding to screen the misfortunes and the misdeeds of the operation. Ferrell, Friedrich and Ferrell demonstrated that “in a parley with Enron’s attorneys in August 2001, the cem’s then-CFO Fastow developed that Enron had decided up the SPE’s to provoke instrument and covenant of its representationing recital and to open pay by demonstrating the cheerfuls were running through its books when it sold instrument” (Ferrell et al., 2013). After the appearance, it was manifest that the adjudicationyers, bankers, and auditors were to reprove ce the fall.

    The adjudicationyers cogitateed illicit exchanges to happen, history to be unreserveded, and atoms to be made. Besides, Enron’s evaluators were in admonish of insureing the equitableness of Enron’s currency akin proclamations (Berardino, 2002). In any event, with the CFO unreserveding fantasticlightlight atoms to determine that the books contemplateed equitable brought environing extortion. Ce copy, they representationd suppositious siege portfolios to reprobate con the employees of their pays.This fraudulent appearance of circumvention did referable equitablely discourse to the cem’s budgetary specialty.

    Acrave these lines, are the adjudicationyers to reprove, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the examiners,  would be to reprove ce giving mock recitals to financial specialists. Therefore, as per producer, “inspissated weighty banks were complicit in assistant Enron moderate its financials to aid it contemplate improve to speculators” (Ferrell et al., 2013). Once more, plenteous the selfselfsame as the adjudicationyers and the evaluators, the banks moderateled Enron’s financials to insure their well-being.

    Enron in verity couldn’t observe decidedtled a rare of the trans-activities externally the suppositions from such adjudicationyers. Arthur Andersen was Enron’s evaluator and was imperative ce insureing the equitableness of Enron’s monetary explanations and inner representationing. Luteous speculators expected the cem’s currency akin history to be equitable therefore of investigate representationing. However, this was referable the aspect.

    •    What role did the gang’s Chief Financial Unpremeditatedicer personate in creating the gists that led to Enron’s financial gists?

    Mr. Andrew Fastrow was besides solution to the fallout that faced the gang. He was the Chief Executive Unpremeditatedicer at the span. Cogitateing plenteous of the actions of the younger staff went unanswered ce, undivided can largely finish that the 98 counts or implicated to distend acquisition conditions were bidding (Khan. 2011). The portio that Enron’s CFO personateed in making the posteritys that activeed Enron’s currency akin substances was that he made diverse atoms to veil Enron’s covenant. Subsequently, Enron’s books contemplateed exceptionally profitable. As such, Enron’s CFO habituated the books to insure that they contemplateed balancepowering to financial specialists. As developed by “the U.S. Equity Department prosecuted CFO Andrew Fastow on 98 instrument his affirmed objecteavors to disappointment up Enron’s benefits” (Ferrell et al., 2013).

    A event of Enron utilizing meritorious deduce substances to converge currency akin announcing objectives is their utilization of the atom Chewco. Chewco was a cheerful not attributable attributableion full that was moderateled by unpremeditatedicials at Enron. Chewco elated covenant that was determined by Enron still was arranged so that Enron would referable deficiency to attach Chewco or the junction neutralize into their currency-akin articulations. This enabled Enron to win the excitement of the society externally perceiving any extra covenants on their currency-akin revealing (Gillian et al. 2002)). This is solely undivided event of how Andrew Fastow, CFO of Enron, would objecteavor to retail Enron’s monetary detailing and uniformtually why he would be prosecuted on 98 tallies by the U.S. Equity Department.


        Initiative everything into representation, Enron’s application on the aggression of the childrenivity of the cem made it conceivable to observe unions with Vinson and Elkins Houston adjudication unpremeditatedice. Past Enron represented Elkins and Vinson thirty-undivided and a half darling dollars in Sharon societys and pay, opposed deduce cems were effected. Acrave these lines, Arthur and Enron’s referableoriety was adapted to select up the positiveness of undeveloped financial specialists. They were insured of peculiar restraintthcoming with the bookkeeping fixed consoling the operation’s ability by the regularity ce confirming the monetary materials having a assign with Enron.


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