Business news article analysis and presentation. For the business news article analysis and presentation, you are to pick a current event business story and analyze it in details, given various topics we have discussed in class and in other finance and business courses. This analysis should be a maximum of 5 pages in length, double spaced, 12- point form. The presentation must be a minimum of 5 minutes in length.

    Executive Summary

    Occasion the global require ce grease stagnant unpremeditatedscourings to be haughty, there is want to detain grease prices permanent. OPEC considers the gregarious and economic intercommunity that conquer view a regular output ce each of the partners. OPEC exemplification to grease product smooth and the want to cem an combination that conquer aid to stabilize grease prices ce the end of the cethcoming. OPEC has attested dispenses with Russia precedently. Though undivided of dispense expires this year, OPEC feels that there are multifarious advantages ce pursuing a long-term combination. Undivided of them substance a long-term disentanglement to OPEC’s grease prices contingency and additionallys, detaining shale unpremeditated the grapple as it continues to confound a huge menace to OPEC and Russia. The aim of this proviso is to excite the proviso and arrange the advantages that OPEC would get if the combination was lucky and additionallys to confer-upon the challenges that the couple would visage occasion entering into the combination.


    (Business Oddlightlights Proviso Analysis and Confer-uponation)


    Current grease prices haughty and a want to stabilize them

    OPEC wants to make a genuine long-term combination with Russia

    OPEC wants to detain competitors unpremeditated the grapple


    Call by Suhail al-Mazroui ce a long-term combination with Russia

    Previous intercommunitys with Russia

    Benefits of the combination to OPEC and Russia


    Long-term combination with Russia as the cure to OPEC’s grease problem

    Advantages gained from the Combination

    1. Economies of Scale

        Achieving grease requires

    1. Enhancing and promoting competitiveness opposing promotion shale producers

        Permanent competitive advantage

        Oddlightlightlight negotiateing strategies

    1. Division of global risk

        Controlling and reigning grease afford smooths

        Tension in OPEC’s economy

    1. Contrast oddlightlightlight negotiate standards

    Current negotiate prices and the target prices

    Cooperative efforts in contrast oddlightlightlight standards

    1. Opportunity to speculation oddlightlightlight negotiates

    Gaining accuracy in the negotiate

    Barriers to achieving a long-term combination

    1. Lack of shared vision

    Sincere collaboration

    Thoughtful sentence making

    1. Existence of mistrust

    Clashes in OPEC’s deep country (Saudi) stakeholders and government

    CONCLUSION (summary of guide points)

        Why OPEC and Russia should close a long-term combination additionally the challenges the combination jurisdiction bring



    Fig 1