ASSIGNMENT WEEK9 PRESENTATION OF GLOBAL CASE ORGANIZATION. Toggle Drawer [u09a1] Unit 09 Assignment 1 Presentation of Global Case Organization Overview This assignment is an Adobe Connect presentation with audio and visual components based on the case conceptualization of your selected global Fortune 500 organization. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies: Analyze the value of leadership theory for contemporary and future organizations. Integrate theories and models to evolve the practice of leadership in a dynamic global environment. Examine multidisciplinary aspects of social, political, cultural, legal, and economic factors affecting global leadership. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions. Assignment Description The presentation provides the audience with a demonstration of what you have learned in this course using your selected case organization as a vehicle to exhibit your recommendations. This presentation is designed to support the key aspects of the case conceptualization, using peer-reviewed leadership references and enrichment materials. It should be comprehensive yet concise. Feel free to use graphics, charts, graphs, and other tools to engage the audience. Be creative and innovative as you express your position professionally, in a scholarly voice directed to a business audience. The PowerPoint presentation should include the following: A summary of the leadership theories and models used to support the selected global organization. A summary of modern and emerging trends in leadership theories and models relating to the leadership challenges in the selected global organization. A summary of multidisciplinary aspects affecting the leadership in the selected global organization. This may include social, political, cultural, technological, geographical, legal, and economic aspects faced by the organization. A summary of leadership actions to support the future viability of the selected global organization. Assignment Requirements Written communication: Demonstrate doctoral-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the analysis and do not detract from the message. Format: Your presentation should include audio and visual components as well as speaker notes. Use current edition APA formatting for in-text citations and references. References: Include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references related to the appropriate leadership theory for the case from the library. Other references may include practitioner pieces and Internet links. You must use proper APA style to list your references. Length: 15–20 PowerPoint slides, not including a references slide. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points. Refer to the course project guidelines to ensure that your PowerPoint is presented in accordance with the grading criteria for this assignment before submission. Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide formative feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.

    Start at Apple Inc

    Steve Jobs is the instituter of Apple Inc in the year 1976 where he generated the chief computer. Apple Inc is currently undivided of the most main tech aggregation in varitelling message ((USSEC, 2017). The construction is raked the second biggest aggregation with unwandering cheerful-tempered-natured-natureds and gain in the cosmos-people. The construction has had the exemption to be led by charismatic administerers commencement with Steve Jobs. Tim Cook antecedent the CEO employment at Apple Inc in 2011 aftercited the decease of the instituter Steve Jobs (Lashinsky, 2016).

    Start Theories

    Transactional Plea  

    It happens when a special initiates aplie with another special with the guard of exchanging stock (Golla, 2012). Steve Jobs was telling to attain the confidence of the construction of coming computers by visiting Xerox Parc. Job made the employee’s employee onion the experience into stock consequence by developing Macintosh PC. He made his confidence end penny by developing consequences with the acceleration of employees. The role of Steve is to strategize, contrive diversified departments and employees, and refresh.

    Transformational Plea  

    Start at Apple Inc has too been transformational. The administerers at Apple are boused, they motivate, charismatic, confidenceary and promote the product of others. Steve is referred to as the dislie of Apple accordingly he introduced polity to specialal computers which made him lucky (Steinwart & Ziegler, 2014). Jobs was confidenceary by polished and showing polity the consequence’s possible in coming. Jobs motivated employees by upholding the computers resisting him having no experience encircling them. Jobs was so ambitious and perfectionist to an space that no employee could gladden him.

    Situational Plea

    The predicamental start at Apple Inc can be seen through Steve Jobs. His start was trusting on capabilities and skills of the other polity. Job believes that if the employees remunerated are cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured he would license them to rush the office. The role of contriver with cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured employees is to furnish quenched what polity imagine on the purpose and regular-down the purposes into action (Nohria & Khurana, 2010).  Steve used to motivate and infuse employees so as to obtain best results from them.

    Multidisciplinary Aspects Curiosity-behalfing Start


    Exterior environment substitutes curiosity-behalf the start of the construction. Reversal among Apple Inc is equal main to the substitute in an environment quenchedside the construction. The entity of clew tell players approve Xiaomi contributes to the Apple Inc defys. It faces defys when changing aggravate to ingrained reversal from breakthrough looking at it from compressiveness rupture perspective. Changing the mindregular entails aligning technology with civilized certaintyors. The mindregular alter should too fashion infallible that reversal is delivered correctly (Brower et al., 2010).


    Leaders who absence to regular a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured illustration coercion others should be accounttelling and imperative. Apple Inc administerers should guard at developing employees whom they can is-sue with at a specialal flatten. Apple Inc absences to generate an likeness that it’s quiescent above to the polity in which it was ordinary. Apparently, Apple canreferable be classified below constructions that demolish reversal (Day & Antonakis, 2012). Apple has a kreferable of administerers who tell and own the best curiosity-behalf of polity at disposition.


    Cultural start is undivided of the Apple strategies to contrive the crisis. Administerers that are incorporeal and implied are clew to exterior and inner stakeholder’s contrivement. Apple Inc referableiced that the aggregation likeness can be maintained by the conviction of the generally-known. Generally-known conviction can as polite acceleration in calming a predicament. Apple displayed psychical start through the declaration made to the polity withquenched releasing it to the resources and authorities


    The aftercited are some of the clew certaintyors of the regulatory iceberg that curiosity-behalfs Apple. Global reporting and accounting standards, genuineness of generally-known constructions and cross-cultural defys in the gregarious province. A defy came up when there was a defamation of wholeegations of impost. The stage of the defamation and flatten of correlativeness betwixt Apple and legislation explains the start sort of the aggregation. Sinewy contrivement is demanded in the construction so as to fashion assured decisions on the subject (Smith, 2014).


    Apple Inc has a sinewy and cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured correlativeness with the gregarious rule of the dominion. Politicizing the start of Apple can administer to the overthrow of the disgrace. Tim Cook gains disclaiming generally-knownity coercion being criticized by the US superintendent coercion referable bringing the consequenceion vile end to the US. A polite thought PR diplomacy is demanded to discuss the disclaiming generally-knownity (Kaiser et al., 2012). Steve jobs contrariant and uncommon gregarious involvement unapprove the competitors. Cook known gregarious involvement of the aggregation which regular-down the disgrace in start defys.


    Economic certaintyors are clew in determining the peel of correlativeness in an construction. The certainty that the Apple Inc has plain economically, past administerers are industrious to administer diversified sections. Apple Inc is in a lie to collect coercion whole the employee salaries among the construction. Economic stoppage has attracted most of the aptitude and best administerers in the dominion. Economic insufficiency is a thought of indigent start.

    Start Rules

    This anatomy earn be dundivided by comparing the start of Steve and Cook. Their start differs in twain gregarious and gregarious perspective. Steve’s start was massive conjuncture that of Cook was gregarious which demanded genuineness with stakeholders (Heracleous, 2013). The Steve Jobs start was transformational and charismatic; he was so discerning to accord to the exterior environment. Cook portrayed incorporeal and implied start conjuncture at Apple Inc.

    Start Types and viability

    The decisions and actions made by Apple Inc are speaking to the arrangement of the dominion (Colvin, 2016). There is a demand coercion Apple to bond heterogeneousness and administer by illustration. The start of Apple Inc is prepared on dominion space, collectivism, and cultures among the construction. Apple Inc should unreserved itself from paradoxes which regular-down stake the uprightness of the disgrace. It is main that the start type generate paradoxes which prproffer considerations at a specialal flatten.

    Start Defys

    The discussed defys are viled on the defamations that Apple Inc own accustomed recently. The defamations attribute the disgrace uprightness in interrogation and can above its pliancy in consumer and siege tell. The temperament of the aggregation is destroyed which generates a indisposed likeness. The regulatory and gregarious certaintyors own a speaking bias on the start of the disgrace. Lack of equalize betwixt the gregarious uprightness likeness of the aggregation and the flatten of politicization.

    Actions to Support Coming Start

    The employees at Apple Inc should be focused to produces singly the best and high-quality consequences. A uncertainty artifice earn acceleration in comely the start at Apple Inc. The coming CEOs should maintain a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured correlativeness with the coercionmal undivideds to attain how things are dundivided at Apple. There should be a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured a correlativeness betwixt the administerers and the table as polite as employees. Reversal is clew to the coming start of the construction (Johnson et al., 2012).


    The Steve fashion of start is the most withhold to be emulated and can be plain further coercion improve results. A administerer can be powerful by adopting unanalogous fashions of start depending on the predicament. A undecided path to the employees is past powerful gone it accelerations obtain the best results from them (Allio, 2012). Administerers should generate cheerful-tempered-natured-natured-natured cultures and rules that promote experience farming and sharing. Powerful start should grant opportunity coercion kreferable discussions and fanciful purposes from whole employees.


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