Assignment: Uncovering Leadership Styles Organizations, business professionals, and even the public often take a keen interest in discussions about leadership style. The reasons for the popularity of discussing leadership style approaches may lie in the way leadership researchers define leadership as a collection of observable behaviors. People can both observe and learn behavior, unlike innate traits. When people study the behavior of a successful leader, such as a CEO, from a leadership styles perspective, they may seek to uncover what aspects of that person’s leadership style led to his or her success. People then attempt to emulate that leadership style in the hope of achieving a comparable level of success. Leaders with unconventional leadership styles, such as the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, attract considerable attention. Jobs’s leadership helped make Apple one of the more prosperous companies in the world. He remains an inspiration in spite of his reputation for being rough on employees (Isaacson, 2011). He achieved success despite the fact that his leadership style was different from those widely recommended in published leadership style approaches. People like Jobs challenge previous assumptions and conceptions of good leadership. While many others debate these issues, researchers continue to look for empirical and systematic ways to uncover an elusive link between leadership style and leadership success. To prepare for this Assignment, select and interview a business executive about whom you can find information regarding his or her leadership activities and the organization with which he or she is affiliated. This may be someone you know or who owns a business local to you. Use the weekly readings as additional support for your ideas. Your interview should focus on the following two questions: How would you describe your leadership style? How would you describe your role as it relates to the health of your organization? By Day 7 Submit a 3- to 4-page analysis of the individual’s leadership style and the impact of that style on his or her organization. Your analysis should include the following: An evaluation of the leadership style of your selected leader, according to an existing leadership style theory An assessment of the health of that leader’s organization, based upon information shared during the interview as well as any additional resources to support your assessment A comparison of the relationship between your chosen leader’s leadership style and the health of his or her organization, as conveyed in the interview, to what is depicted in any local media, websites, or news information about the organization A minimum of two specific citations per page from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional scholarly sources; you may also include media examples of leadership behavior and other relevant organizational information to support your analysis. Note: Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) to complete this Assignment. Also, refer to the Week 2 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work. Please Note: For each page of your paper, you must include a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly citations.

    Example Modes


    Example has trodden cheerfuls towards firms and has caused a superior cheerfulsive similarity in textures as courteous as contributing to their luck. Chiefs in an texture state the textureal texture, their humanization, govern, motivate their employees and reform productivity in textures. Chiefs are considered as the shapers of textureal strategies including the cheerfulsiveness and deed. Chiefs in an texture show at incongruous planes by their operations in the assembly and the knot in which they are indispensable. Example is exclusively incongruous from skillful-treatment in an texture (Chung-Wen,2008).  Leaders wave the crowd encircling them to chattels acme benefits from their abilities and the authentication of textureal instrument. In this tract, the examine sought to canvass the example mode of chiefs through an conference. This get discaggravate the cheerfulsiveness of the chief in the texture and how they accept applicationed the texture.

    Example Mode

    Example mode is considered as the fashion the chiefs inspection their example in an texture. This through their accomplishment and the might to govern others to coalesce their textureal views. According to notification from the conference, example is a rule of inducement that induces a knot of crowd to follow their views and objectives substance held and governled by a chief (Chung-Wen, 2008). This rule is guide-this-reason considered as the example mode that varies shapeless chiefs and the kind of texture. In multifarious occasions, the kind and texture of an texture is defined by example mode. The kind of example mode can be authorized in twain the affection of the texture and so their similarity with the association.

    The example modes in this texture are a affair with the fathomless cheerfuls of the chief to the employees and the crowd unformed the texture. This apprehends exercising might, operation orientation, qualification and entrance economy of crowd, providing analogous example and ensuring that the texture products towards a trust through motivating others and having the might to entrust a view (Limsila et., al 2008). The chief has illustrative the span kinds of example mode theories that he was implicated in his example.

    Transformational Example

    This mode of example is where the chief can product with their minors and be authorityful to establish the certain diversifys that the texture requires. The chief has so been authorityful to cause a trust in the texture through guiding diversifys in the texture through poesy.  Deed of the diversify has facilitated the might of the employees in the texture (Chung-Wen,2008). Transformational example has served the chief in enhancing analogouse, motivation and exertion accomplishment of its cortege through manifold mechanisms that apprehend self-sameness and the political e sameness of the texture. The chief has authenticationd this example mode to elevate the texture’s attention in view to objectives and acted as a role idea. This has challenged the employees who accept charmed a superior holding of their product. Allowing this has exceedingly aligned the employees to their operations hereafter enhancing their accomplishment in the texture.

    This example mode has orthodox the crowd to complete their remarkpowerful results in the texture. The producters accept had autonomy aggravate incongruous as courteous as chattelsing example to establish their possess resolutions by how they accept been trained (García-Morales, 2012). The chief has authenticationd rapport, empathy, and poesy through attractive others.  The chief has enriched trust, getingness, and guidetitude that has strengthend them to establish superior sacrifices guide the cheerful of the texture. Through this mode, he has been authorityful to motivate the producters and so to apprehend how they can guidem well-mannered-mannered parts that get enpowerful the employees to product courteous.

    Bureaucratic Plea

    Substance a bureaucratic chief, he has been authorityful to cause and so believe on policies that accept been authenticationd by the texture to coalesce their views (Chung-Wen, 2008). These policies accept been authenticationd to importune policy, consequences, objectives, and deed. He has been authorityful to believe on the symmetrical policies to indoctrinate the cortege comfortably. The chiefs accept been strongly committed to rulees and procedures that accept been authenticationd to diversify the texture adversely. The plea is grounded on using urban authoritative duties and policies that accept been fixed lower a hierarchy of example to employ a regularity of rules guide making resolution and skillful-treatment.

    This plea is orderly on a regularity of technical and bearingal rules. The chief has authenticationd this plea to emphasize the truthful methods and procedures that accept been authenticationd to diversify the texture environment. As a chief, through this plea, they can be authorityful to unfold their problems through adding layers of their might and govern that can be authenticationd to govern the Flow of notification. This has strengthend lay regularityatic and precise drilling to the employees facilitating their convoy at the productplace.

    Virtue of the Example Mode

    The bureaucratic texture has encouraged the texture to convergence on its standards and rules. This mode of example has strengthend the assembly convergence on its operational rulees with the best practices and methodologies (Xenikou et., al 2006).  This kind of example has so eased resolution making with best practices unformed the texture policy. The govern and bid mode has been cheerfulsive and fruitful guide the texture. Involving custom operations has defined a obvious security of govern that has strengthend the texture completes a standardized rule (Xenikou et., al 2006). The rules accept applicationed cheerful edict of convoy guide the employees, reformd the principle of operations, has cheap the number of diversifys in the skillful-treatment.

    Transformational example has strengthend the chief to motivate his employees and extension the plane of productivity in the texture. This has so strengthend him as a chief to be amiefficacious and committed to the nature of skillful-treatment. Through this mode, the chief has been authorityful to interact with customers in a past cheerfulsive restraintm (Ng et., al 2012). This has strengthend motivate and reform the cheerfulsiveness of the texture through their interactions with the customers. The immodest cornerstones of transformational example accept orthodox the employees to complete their best. These apprehend idealized wave, psychical stimulation, indivisible inducement and poesyal stimulation. This discovers that this mode has strengthend the chiefs to inform and govern their cortege hereafter substance exalted role ideas.


    The calling executive has discovered notification connected to their example activities in the texture. Example has a trodden application on the texture or mode of an texture. This similarity is cheerfulsive guide their luck and indivisible outgrowth in the texture.  As a chief, there are strategic resolutions that they accept to establish in the textures. These are orderly guide their cheerfulsiveness and competency. In this tract, the chief has ensured that he has convergenceed on the span kinds of example modes. These apprehend the transformational example and the Bureaucratic plea that has strengthend the texture specializes its operation accomplishment.  Example skills are symmetrical by the example modes that are withhold guide exertion indemnification and example bearing. Guide-this-reason, there example modes and the heartiness of an texture corelate and are cheerfulsive to the accomplishment of the assembly.


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