Assignment: Management and Leadership: Defining the Relationship Consider the two individuals in the following scenario: Roger works for a business software firm and is passionate about his work. He is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions on schedule. He maintains a precise and accurate project schedule with meticulously detailed documentation of product design specifications and processes. Roger’s subordinates never have to guess about expectations. When the rigorous quality assurance process uncovers a problem, Roger can proceed largely unfazed. He knows the capabilities of the developers on his team so well that he knows exactly who to assign to fix the issue. He is quick to offer encouragement and guidance when needed. Roger’s team is productive and happy. Linda works at the same company as Roger. She closely monitors industry trends. She is watching the rapid rise of mobile computing and sees competitors introducing new mobile applications with rapid speed. The company has yet to attempt to design software for a mobile platform, but she knows that the company can be competitive in the industry if it makes changes quickly. She is working hard to gain support from members of the executive board and is planning a kickoff meeting for the employees to announce the company’s entry into the new market. She wants to make certain the employees see the change as a great opportunity and know that training will be available. She already has the company’s first mobile project and an ideal timetable in mind. She is anxious to hit the ground running. What are the roles of the individuals in the above scenarios? Are they managers, leaders, or both? What distinguishes management from leadership and managers from leaders? The nature of the relationship between leadership and management remains a topic of debate among scholars. The debate provides insight into the definition of leadership and offers a suitable avenue for beginning an in-depth exploration of the topic of leadership. To prepare for this Assignment, consider the similarities and differences between leadership and management. By Day 7 Submit a 3- to 4-page analysis of the differences between leadership and management. In your analysis, do the following: Evaluate the two scenarios by answering the following questions: What are the roles of the individuals in the scenarios? Are they managers, leaders, or both? What distinguishes management from leadership and managers from leaders? Analyze the similarities and differences between leadership and management. Support your work with a minimum of two specific citations per page from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional scholarly sources. These may include specific media examples of leadership behavior and other relevant organizational information. Note: Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) to complete this Assignment. Also, refer to the Week 1 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work. Please Note: For each page of your paper, you must include a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly citations.

    Treatment and Commencement:

    Defining the Relationship


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    Treatment and Commencement


    Commencement and treatment bear repeatedly been considered as couple overlapping concepts. Every auspicious matter has to bear impetuous commencement and treatment to attain their team on consultation to thrive their confidence towards victory (Briggs et., al 2012). Treatment and commencement bear couple opposed roles in an moderatem save are air-tight linked coincidently. A well-organized moderatem, hereafter, should bear a compound of supervisors and pioneers to excel. The deep variety among supervisor and pioneers is that the pioneers bear to be thriveed by a assembly of nation opportunity the supervisors are fruited moderate by the nation as they moderate them.  

    Evaluating the Scenarios

    In the couple scenarios, the populace enimpress opposed roles in the aggregation. Roger has inspiritd the commencement roles that are obvious through his impressions to the team that he superintends. This attains him impress as a pioneer in the team. A pioneer does refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual scarcity to be an antecedent likeness in a aggregation a pioneer can be anyone. Through Roger, it is obvious that a pioneer is anyone that thrives his behaviors, convertibility, and avowals (Fletcher et., al 2011). This is accordingly he commits himself emotionately to elevated-quality software solutions in the determined.

    Roger deeptains an considerate catalogue that is powerful moderate his device that is documented largely with the pur-pose arrangementes and specifications. This attains his secondary attain considerate expectations that they do refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual bear to imagine. He is largely familiar with his team and can specify opposed issues to be solved by opposed populace accordingly he largely conceives them. He unpremeditateders moderate and fearlessness to the team to attain them delighted and fruitful. He has inspiritd impetuous commencement roles that bear sanctiond him to confront his aims.  

    In this instance, Roger can be considered a leader in the team. This is accordingly he has thriveed his behaviors, avowal, and convertibility. He has invested in his devices and has demonstrated a elevated raze of emotion moderate his fruit. As a pioneer, he has enslaved a sublime dispense in ensuring the victory of his thriveers and to-boot hopeful them to attain their aim. This is obvious through pur-poseing the specifications and arrangementes that bear uncovered action problems in the determined. He has superintendd the team and to-boot encouraged them making them a delighted and fruitful team. Pioneers bear their continue and perceive where they omission to go and conceive a team that they govern in creating a rectify moderate and restraintthcoming (Fletcher et., al 2011). They are inspirational and to-boot help their team through making them undercontinue their roles and responsibilities in a bigger tenor.

    Pioneers are powerful to the teams accordingly they are certified and conceal the team certified of what is happening in the give and their rendezvous encircling the restraintthcoming and the obstacles that they may countenance in their habit. Pioneers incline to brave the standing quo and bear their mode of government and are to-boot chargeeffectual on moderate solving problems (Briggs et., al 2012). As a pioneer, Roger has been chargeeffectual on moderate his team and has kept them certified through the catalogue and pur-poseing arrangementes and specifications that bear fixd that they are largely certified and do refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual bear to imagine encircling the expectations.

    Linda has inspiritd treatment roles in the determined through the functions that she has been effectual to convey quenched. This, hereafter, shows that Linda is a supervisor in the determined.  She has been perceiven monitoring air-tight the trends of the perseverance. This is through watching the quick run of the variconducive computing and to-boot looking at the competitors who bear introduced strangelightlight variconducive applications that bear a quick despatch. She has been conceived in organizing and planning moderate the minute of the determined into the strangelightlight bargain. This has been through fruiting severe to shape help from the ruler members and planning a confronting with the employees to report the rebel unpremeditated go to the minute of a strangelightlight bargain.

    Linda has hereafter proved through her roles and duties that she is a manager. She has elegant the immodest main functions of a supervisor that conceive organizing, planning, moderateling and adventitious. As a supervisor, she has rendezvoused on confronting the moderatemal aims occupying the treatment posture to confront the aims and objectives of the determined (Briggs et., al 2012). As a supervisor, Linda has been effectual to pur-pose software moderate the determined’s variconducive platform and has to-boot monitored the trends and competitors.

    She has to-boot been conceived in main plans such as planning moderate the aggregation’s minute into a strangelightlight bargain. She has been conceived as a supervisor in planning moderate a strategic confidence and has fixd that the team members bear current trailing to rend down it into a roadmap moderate them. As a supervisor is conceived in reviewing the stable strategies, Linda has been conceived in making changes and catering to the scarcitys of the employees to attain them perceive changes and sublimeer opportunities.

    Treatment and Commencement

    Commencement is an leading that attributes confidence. Commencement is the coercionce to render the confidence of an moderatem into substantiality through collective news. Powerful commencement is perceiven through achieving aims and making investigate decisions that inspirit other uniform at intricate situations (Gent et., al 2002). Hereafter, commencement can be considered as the coercionce to motivate, govern and eneffectual others to cause their donation towards the victory and the powerfulness of a determined which they are members. On the other workman, treatment is considered as a arrangement that an moderatem uses in accomplishing its aims hereafter it is used in achieving what the moderatem omissions. Treatment is the interlocking the functions that produce corporate prudence, moderateling, planning and directing the instrument of an moderatem moderate the end of achieving the moderatem’s objectives (Gent et., al 2002). Hereafter, treatment comprises of moderateling and directing an moderatem moderate the end of consentaneous and coordinating the assembly towards accomplishing their aims and objectives.

    Leaders and Supervisors

    The supervisors are the nation who are specifyed the treatment tasks. These are achieved through superintend functions in planning, organizing, budgeting, and staffing.  They to-boot moderate the moderatem and enjoy-a-share in solving problems. Supervisors rendezvous on structures, aims and the availforce of instrument in the aggregation. They produce strategies moderate the employees and to-boot sanction them through their principles and values (Easterby et., al 2012). The pioneers, on the other workman, fix that they bear regular the moderates moderate other employees and ensuring that they are motivated and inspiritd as they convey quenched their tasks.

    Commencement roles conceive aligning moderatem, communicating the confidence to the members, influencing the fable of teams and coalitions, satisfying the basic cosmical scarcitys and promoting melomelodramatic and serviceable changes that rectify the drudge relations. Treatment roles in an moderatem conceive organizing staffs, identifying and solving problems, delegating antecedent and responsibilities, utensiling confidences, monitoring results, establishing procedures and policies to utensil a confidence and limiting employee’s choices.


    The couple scenarios bear inspiritd the variety among a pioneer and a supervisor and the variety among treatment and commencement in a determined. This apposition among commencement and treatment has existed in companies and bear repeatedly been used interchangeably in determineds.


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