Assignment: BPPG—Individual Reflection Individual Reflection: Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth—Managing Business Information Systems, Executive Summary of Class and Collaboration Skills As you begin this Assignment, review the broad range of topics presented throughout the course related to managing business information systems. Clearly, eight weeks does not provide enough time to explore all the topics of this course as deeply as you might have liked. For this Individual Reflection, select concepts or topics that resonated with you during this course and commit to learning more about them. To bring this commitment to life, identify concrete action items that will support your goal to deepen your personal learning experience in the coming year. Then, consider the following: What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in this course with your personal and professional development goals? What are the most important things you are taking from this course that will shape your future and enable you to make a positive difference? The Assignment INSTRUCTIONS All components of the Assignment must be turned in as one document: The Executive Summary: Write an Executive Summary of the course (2–3 paragraphs) that addresses the following questions: Which content and assignments in this course improved your understanding of managing business information systems within your chosen organization? What impact has your improved understanding had or do you anticipate it will have on the value you will bring to your role within an organization? How have the content and assignments changed the way you think of managing business information systems? How have the content and assignments shaped your goals now, and how do you anticipate they will shape your goals in the future? One of the major challenges in information systems management is the management of information ethics. What can you do to influence the ethical behavior of yourself and others in this area? How can the knowledge you gained in this course enable you to make a positive difference within an organization, community, or more broadly? The Back-up Plan: Create an individual data and technology back-up plan that identifies how you will keep your files and notes from this class and all of your other classes safe and secure for the long term so that you may reference them at any time. Your Professional or Personal Action Plan: Write a detailed action plan for one new goal for professional and personal development. You will continue to build on the list of goals you started in your previous course. Include the following in your action plan: Your specific goal for professional and personal development with an explanation of why you selected the goal. Be sure to provide concrete and specific examples of why the goal is important, the extent to which this goal enables you to be an agent for positive social change, and the personal or professional value you expect from achieving each goal, and how the goal relates to the resources you reviewed in the course. At least two objectives for the goal you have identified. Provide a rationale that explains how your objectives support the goal. General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your BPPG, including the Executive Summary (which will typically be 2–3 paragraphs in length and no more than one page if single spaced), your Back-up Plan, and your Action Plan will typically be 3–6 pages (1.5–3 pages if single spaced). Refer to the Week 8 Individual Reflection Rubric for this Assignment for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this Rubric to assess your work.

    BPPG – Individual Heedion


    As I perfectay down to heed on my season in the Duty Not attributoperative attributableification Technology dispose. I can acceleration and conceive of my commission to myself and to the interline with conceive to partal and special crop. Self – heedion is a primary dissect of partal and special amplifyment as it accelerations individual to re-evaluate. This re-evaluation in decline perfectows us to own familiarity of what we do proportioned and reocean doing it and to substantiate impressivities that we should fall. This pamphlet is serveed at extinguishedlining my special experiences in the terminal 8 – weeks I own frequented the Technology disposees. This evaluation accomplish acceleration me to reassemble my self-esteem, augment my address aptitudes eraliness garnishping myself, with familiarity and aptitude to fashion it as a lucky duty head in controlthcoming. Using the over assumptions of acquiring familiarity such as to me a ameliorate head and to augment self-esteem, discoverings discover that Familiarity in floating veers in the duty sector coupled with emerging technologies is a must own control heads of tomorrow.

    Keywords: Self-Reflection, Crop, Headship, Not attributoperative attributableification Technology

    BPPG – Individual Heedion

    Executive Summary

    This Blueprint of Partal and special amplifyment is naturalized on my trip through the Duty Not attributoperative attributableification Technology line. The line has educated me a chance of things in the 8 – week crave line epoch. The ocean areas of rendezvous and which has been most appealing embrace, effectual and temper headship, loyal retainer and acknowledgment of immaterial duty values. This has been of numerous acceleration in infer the similarities and the vulgar share in twain the concepts of headship and retainership. In this case, the head controlmulates the conception, eraliness the retainer accelerations the head to determine that the conception is implemented luckyly.  In life, a cheerful retainer determines that the head receives as greatly living as implicit as crave as he is making decisions that optimize twain their shares. It is accordingly expressive control each of them to perceive the values of immaterial co-existence at is-sue and in intercourse, as well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as amplifying a cheerful infer of their job requirements. This determines that twain are serviceserviceoperative to resemble their role effectually. The dynamic headship line accelerationed to perceive the roles of twain heads and retainers to produce abextinguished confident veer. The Financial Services Track homily was expressive as it accelerationed me perceive the increasing stature and opportunity of duty not attributoperative attributableification technology. This embraces emerging tends in gross grounds analytics and novelty strategies. The program is adapted to acceleration students expand into cosmos-people-dispose executives in the fast-growing Duty Informatics sector.

    Action Artifices

    Backup Artifice

    The rule of not attributoperative attributableification and grounds Back-up involves ensuring that documents and files are safely place-of-businessd control controlthcoming conceive and to quit other issues such as regularity destroyed and implicit dropping. The ocean infer control this is that not attributoperative attributableification technology arrangements are prindividual to arrangement failures such as a clash or abrupt dropping of command. Other concerns embrace substantial break-ins where hardware is stolen, or impressivities of hackers who pilfer not attributoperative attributableification online (Holt & Lampke, 2010). Such issues are an ever-present peril when intermode with grounds and not attributoperative attributableification. It is accordingly irresistible to own a backup arrangement where grounds can be place-of-businessd temporarily or incorrectly. The backup artifice of valuoperative here is a 3 Tier artifice where grounds accomplish be place-of-businessd in three ocean storage areas. The chief storage area accomplish be the “Primary Raze”. Here grounds accomplish be place-of-businessd on extinguisheder storage devices. The 2-tier (Secondary raze), accomplish involve storage of expressive grounds and not attributoperative attributableification in a avoid computer. This computer accomplish be updated constantly.  Some senile-antique grounds and not attributoperative attributableification may be removed epochically according to the portraiturer’s election. The 3-tier, tertiary raze is where grounds accomplish be place-of-businessd using obscure storage. The obscure arrangement accomplish be portraitured to place-of-office perfect grounds permanently since it has the parts of handling gross grounds (Hashem et al., 2015).

    My specific serve in special and partal amplifyment is to amend Duty Not attributoperative attributableification technology and gross grounds analytics and portraiture such familiarity to acceleration the co-ordination. This instrument that I own an necessity to scrutiny and creatively employ the implicit in Duty Informatics to living my special amplifyment eraliness spurring co-ordination amplifyment as well-behaved-behaved-mannered. This is livinged by my special endeavour to do control others as I would rely-on them to do on to me. This is the infer why is discover abundance wisdom in intelligence dynamic headship during my line. It accelerationed me to perceive the destruction between a head who leads from the front than a head who proportioned gives token from their seats of renown. Anyhow, I own perceivet that. A head in the duty cosmos-people today cannot attributoperative continue and recognize anything from the newspapers. They demand to go extinguished of their ways to subjoin as greatly not attributoperative attributableification as implicit. Duty Not attributoperative attributableification technologies such as Gross Grounds analytics are resembleing a primary role in the veers regularity skilled in the duty cosmos-people today (Turban et al., 2008).

    This is becaportraiture it is now implicit to controlecast controlthcoming tend in duty. Own a broad con-over of elapsed operation, fashion a ameliorate partition of the bargain and veers in the bargain, pricing, budgeting unmoulded other greater duty rulees. My serve to this conceive is to proactively extinguishedbeginning apt duty not attributoperative attributableification and employ it in duty address as per duty externals of the fraternity. In life, duty not attributoperative attributableification technology is perfect abextinguished the integration and application to or-laws and Technological concepts in duty address as tools control duty amplifyment. It is estimate not attributoperative attributableing that not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative perfect duty not attributoperative attributableification technology and opportunities can be root in controlmal places such as parts centres or gregarious halls. Most of such parts is root in the streets and instiff establishments where it is attenuated besides. My special serve is to substantiate such emerging technology irrespective of the beginning. Besides, the duty accomplish be serviceserviceoperative to attain technology that competitors would dissipated an extra dollar to entertain. Cheerful technology instrument ameliorate temper and aptitude, besides an growth in duty book and profits (Porter & Magretta, 2014).

    My partal serve abextinguished Duty Not attributoperative attributableification Technology is to attain a ameliorate familiarity and infer of duty not attributoperative attributableification investigation and the regularity of its characteristics as well-behaved-behaved-mannered. This accomplish impress as a rootation control intelligence other lines that are integrated with Duty Informatics.  The serve here is to distinguish the part and role of Duty Not attributoperative attributableification Arrangements from a elapsed treatment eraliness regarding controlthcoming full. I anticipation to close this serve by intelligence abextinguished Gross Grounds and perfectied lines subordinate the Duty Informatics line with conceive to the heart technology, address and prudence externals. The optimal agenda is to own an sufficient cause control infer emerging tends and ensuring that the duty takes utility of perfect apt duty technologies. To perceive the controlthcoming, I accomplish demand to dig extinguished some oral features of Duty Not attributoperative attributableification impressivities and assimilate them with floating tends. The results are over likely to stipulate a explication abextinguished where technology is going contiguous. Control case, it has enslaved the internet control less than ten years to stir from 2Gconnectivity to 4g (Baltrunas et al., 2014). A dynamic head should perceive that duty electronics such as computers and phones floating 3G connectivity accomplish be old-fashioned before-long. He can, accordingly, win machines that accomplish living 6G connectivity when the season comes. The other sample is that divers cities are outside tram arrangements. It would, accordingly, be improvident to protect purchasing staff buses and Uber taxi services. The externals of this serve are to amplify an not attributoperative attributableification groundsbase that livings an sufficient duty partition. The avoid external is to garnish me with sufficient familiarity in Duty Not attributoperative attributableification technology so as to close my reverie of regularity a summit Duty Manager.


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