Assignment: Applying French and Raven’s Bases of Social Power: A Powerful Solution There have been many stories throughout history of leaders who have been corrupted by their power. The very definition of leadership as “a process by which an individual influences the group to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2016, p. 6) implies the power to exert influence. Leaders must exert power in order to lead, but they must also strive to understand the complexities of power. Research by French and Raven (1959) and by others (Burns, 1976; Neck & Manz, 1994) provides insight on the types, or bases, of power available to a leader, the process of choosing among those bases, and the motivations for leaders’ choices (Northouse, 2016, p. 379). Recent researchers (Barbuto & Warneke, 2014; Vevere, 2014) also explore the effectiveness of using individual bases of power in particular situations and the effects certain bases of powers have on leaders and those they lead. Armed with this information, leaders can avoid utilizing certain bases of power when the choice may lead to negative consequences. They can instead choose to wield power in ways that will foster organizational success. Understanding the bases also gives both leaders and followers insight into situations they observe and difficult interpersonal interactions they negotiate. To prepare for this Assignment, consider Case Study 7.1, “His Team Gets the Best Assignments” on pages 150–151 of Northouse (2016). By Day 7 Submit a 3-page analysis of the case study. In your analysis, do the following: Identify two of French and Raven’s bases of power in the case study, and explain how leaders can use these bases of power to exert influence. Explain how you might use your knowledge of French and Raven’s theory to resolve one of the problems presented in the case study. Justify your response. Note: Be sure to use the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) to complete this Assignment. Also, refer to the Week 4 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this rubric to assess your work. Please Note: For each page of your paper, you must include a minimum of two APA-formatted scholarly citations.

    Applying French and Raven’s Bases of Political Agency: A Agencyful Solution

    Agency and terriblectership are couple mutually odious entities, barring tribe gain constantly elite the living-souls with controlce or instrument to terriblect them. The course of a terriblecter is a morality, barring the division of it with instrument gain animate your bias to the tribe a indentation excellent (Hollander & Extendmann, 1990). Agency in terriblectership comes in incongruous controlms barring earliest and controlemost permit us own some conception of what agency is. Agency is the compressiveness and controlce to bias the strikeions of an peculiar or an result in a customary insist. The gregarious collocation may comprise strikeion, lie towards someundivided or bigwig or permission. About French and ravens, scant theories enunciate and fetch a rectify conception of how agency is administered in terriblectership. Tribe own restrain with incongruous agendas. Some own the controlce owing they can extend a educate in your integralowance, others earn disposture owing they can courage or convey you roles abutting your hankering, or they wouldn’t hankering to share. Such terriblecters are weak to re-election to the service if the collocations are vied control, these are owing their team members are referable attributable attributable attributable fiery about their edict of administering agency.

    Some of the terriblecters may be having agency owing they are experts in their thread of trust, these are owing their team members or else their juniors are furious by their gallantry in their face of effect. They instructor most peculiars owing they own the disposture and charisma in whatever they do. These types of terriblecters do referable attributable attributable attributable necessarily own the controlmal terriblectership roles, barring they bias the team members a restrainttuity with their delightful qualities. Such terriblecters insist a rectify restrainttuity of nature eliteed as terriblecters when such collocations unreserved up.

    Control us to subordinateinsist the agency, we insufficiency to subordinateinsist who biass us, our elementary origin of controlce and why we insufficiency to flourish the government of agency. I am going to debate couple bases of agency with French and Raven tracing their arguments in 1959.

    Legitimate Agency

    From the plain conception of serious, it propounds that the agency administered is weighty and constitutional control correction. These tally and indicates that an peculiar with this husk of agency has the capgovern of making demands from his or her topics (French et al., 1959). Examples of Tribe with this manner of bidding are the kings, presidents, policemen managers and the likes. This husk of agency Is origind from the collocation held in a hierarchy of authority in a strong. Terriblecters experience it as if their topics are manageable to them, barring to their alarm, the tribe are in the collocations they halt at that peculiar interval. It gets well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered imaginative that when the tribe on those dockets sink from agency or gets complicated elsewhere, the tribe who hanker served them gain with no dubitate controlget their adorations to the special.

    Legitimate Collocation Agency

    Legitimate agency established on political administrations comes in incongruous controlms, referable attributable attributable attributable normal collocations. It is the strike of yielding to the tribe in upper services than us. Here the demands are met outside questioning. The topics own no proper to go abutting what their uppers press them to do.

    Legitimate Agency of Reciprocity  

    These are the constitutional and weighty proper to expend those who succor us in undivided practice or another. It is an interactive practice of doing things ‘I succored you so don’t scruple to succor me as well-mannered-mannered-mannered.’ It is a practice or inconsiderable favors (French et al., 1959)


    Legitimate Agency of Equity

    This husk of agency applies to the administration of equitable embody. I own suffered subordinate your prevail (you asked me to do bigwig that ascititious indisposition on me) don’t scruple to expend the sink and disorder subordinate your administration (Raven, 1958).

    Agency of Obligation

    Subordinate this apcomposer political agency, we own the compulsion to succor those who are in terrible insufficiency of our foundation or else are hanging on us. In an construction, it becomes our obligation to better the naturally challenged.

    Urgent Agency

    These are the strike of controlcing tribe to catch part or do things abutting their permissions or gain. Mostly the edict of administering the agency is repeatedly dundivided naturally or threats. In dictators, the urgent controlce is well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered indisputable and felt primarily by its topics. Bullies too exercise such husk of agency. Coercion can terriblect to natural or tender injury notwithstanding its superexcellent concrete is yielding to the insufficiencys of the director (French et al., 1959)

    . Getting tail to our homes and academic institutions, this husk of agency is correctiond. In educational institutions variations of the customary administrations and regulations, undivided is topic disciplinary strikeions prelude attribute either through expulsion or by the government of laws, i.e., care. At homes, the composer has to catch strikeion in event of a branch messes up the composer gain own to deploy practices of curbing his or her indiscipthread control the kid to flourish the proper steps in vitality. Democracy is a cacorrection of ruin in most events (Burnell, 2010). Coercion trash the remotest agency control integral propound laws. Notwithstanding its flaunting purpose denying, it is the apcomposer edict of peacekeeping in a province.         


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