Assignment 2: Financial Statements Research for a Publicly-Traded Company Access the latest annual report, or Form 10-K, of a publicly-traded company of your choice using the company’s website or You can usually access from a company’s website by clicking on investor relations, then annual reports, and search for latest form 10K. From the SEC website (, search for the selected company’s name and then search for its latest form 10-K. Using form 10-K of your selected company, answer the following questions in an essay format. Identify three accounts on your selected company’s and balance sheet that provide evidence that the company utilizes accrual accounting. Ensure you provide explanations as well as the income statement account that would be affected by the adjustment process. Identify and explain three income statement accounts that may result in accrual and deferrals adjusting entries. Explain depreciation expense, amortization expense, accumulated depreciation, and accumulated amortization? In the financial statements and notes of your selected company, identify the four accounts. How much was each of these four accounts for the most recent year and on which financial statements were each reported? What are income taxes and income tax expense (or provision for income taxes)? In the financial statements and notes of your selected company, identify cash paid for income taxes as well as income tax expense (or provision for income taxes). How much was each of these accounts for the most recent year and on which financial statements was each reported? Your response should include two to three pages of written text in addition to any calculations and solutions you offer to support your thinking. Ensure you include the form 10-K page numbers in your citations for each response. Include retrieval link for the 10-K as one of your sources so your instructor can verify the information. Document formatting and any citations should conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

    Analysis of financial assertion



        The accrual origin of wholeitying states that price is narrative as they are incurred occasion return is systematic and documented as it is earned. Most companies adduce this origin of wholeitying. An development of a gang that is publicly occupationd and applies accrual premise of wholeitying is Coerciond Gang. The coercionthcoming sections exhibit three wholeitys that likeness that the gang manifestations the origin. They represent three wholeitys in the proceeds assertion that carrys to accrual as courteous as deferrals mixture entries. Besides, they represent derogation price, muster derogation, amortization price, musterd amortization, proceeds impost and proceeds impost price of Coerciond Gang (DeAngelo & DeAngelo, 1990).

    Items in neutralize subterfuge

    Accounts rapidables

    The agoing consummate of Coerciond Gang is lashed of creditors. The occupation rapidables are wholeityed on accrual. Automotive occupation rapidables consist on the standards of the assiduity (P,68). The suppliers of the gang are hired amid a inequitable determination from the duration of introduction of commodities. This is a arrange of accrual wholeitying premise.

    Accounts receivables

          The gang generates financial benefit return from curiosity-behalf on wholeitys receivables. This proceeds is systematic through manifestation of curiosity-behalf system of wholeitying including guarantee of inequitable trodden differed primary consumes. Coerciond receives rental proceeds from clear leases which are systematic on a straight-line premise domiciled on the vocable of the lease (p,14). The benefit sector of the gang realized return of The Financial Benefits sector systematic return of$1.6 billion, 1.5 billion, n $1.4 billion, and in 2012, 2013 and 2014 relatively. The gang discounts accrued return when Receivables are solid to be excitable. An extension in curiosity-behalf return is adventitious to the sensual avail antecedently deducting other prices in the proceeds assertion

    Unabrupt impost amenability

          Unabrupt impost liabilities are systematic according to the consequences of impost in the coming that is ascribable to transient differences which are brought encircling by discrepancy betwixt goods and liabilities of inequitable impost goods (p, 59). The gang recognizes coming events in the financial assertion. Unabrupt impost reduces the rights antecedently curiosity-behalf and impost in the proceeds assertion.

    Items in proceeds assertion

    Rental or curiosity-behalf acquittal wholeity

      Rental prices can muster succeeding a inequitable determination when it is reported to be hired by the lessor.

    Salaries and remuneration wholeity

          An construction may miscarry to rapid works on a prompt premise imported to ungathered salaries or remuneration.  

    Unabrupt impost wholeity

          As explained antecedently, unabrupt impost arises from immediate differences of unwandering goods. It may carry to mixtures and acquittal on the accrual premise.

           Derogation price is the consume allocated to unwandering goods aggravate a determination. It is deducted from the return in the proceeds assertion. On the other workman, amortization price is the consume allocated to an imperceptible asset aggravate a loving determination. Coercion illustration,  goodwill dilution.

           Musterd derogation is the whole quantity of derogation coercion a unwandering asset which is considered as an price when the relative asset is conducive coercion manifestation. It appears as a abatement from the sensual quantity of an asset in the neutralize subterfuge. Musterd amortization is the whole amortization price that is narrative as an imperceptible asset.

           These wholeitys reported as prices in the proceeds assertion of Coerciond Gang. An annual extension in twain amortization and derogation was deducted from the sensual avail.

    Proceeds impostes are impostes which are imposed by the council. Businesses must perfect proceeds impost pay annually to state whether they are worthy coercion impost refunds.

    Proceeds impost price is the proceeds impost which matches the allure avail that is reported on the proceeds assertion of a gang. Coerciond Gang recognizes the penalties associated with proceeds in the eatables coercion proceeds impost. The eatables coercion proceeds impost hired by Coerciond Gang in 2014 was 1,156,000.


    DeAngelo, H., & DeAngelo, L. (1990). Dividend plan and financial distress: An experimental     ventilation of unhappy NYSE firms. The Journal of Finance, 45(5), 1415-1431.