Assignment 1 :Understanding Supply Chain Management in Your Business Strategy The purpose of this assignment is to consider supply chain management (SCM) and SCM systems within the context of business strategy. Choose any organization and prepare a summary with 2 to 3 pages. Include the following in the summary: organization name, primary customer base, and how they differentiate themselves in the market. You are free to choose any organization that provides products to its customers. Avoid organizations that primarily provide services, such as financial service firms, insurance firms, and the like. Good candidate organizations may include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, or Wal-Mart. You can search for Companies via the Lexis Nexis search widget on the library’s homepage. Please note that you may not find all the answer to the questions from the literature, but rather should take a stance based on what you have learned about supply chain management and value chains from our course. Use the following questions to guide your paper: Above-the-line versus below-the-line: In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to support above-the-line initiatives? In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to support below-the-line initiatives? Porter’s Five Forces Model: In what ways could your organization use its supply chain management system to: (1) reduce buyer power as a supplier, (2) reduce supplier power as a buyer, (3) reduce the threat of substitute products or services, and (4) reduce the threat of new entrants? Value Chain: Within your organization, is supply chain management a support value process or a primary value process? Please justify your answer. Research and cite at least three credible outside sources besides the textbook for the content of your paper. You may want to review the assignment criteria found in the Rubric. Remember to use proper citations and references, and adhere to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

    Understanding Afford Obligation Supplementress






    The turn aloft the continuity is a tidings interpretationd to attribute an advertising project that interpretations concretion devices affect billboards, Televisions and radios to strain extinguished the be of consumers that are targeted as polite as promoting the emanation infamy. The despatch in the advertising project is aimed at straining conference that are broad propagate. This is to balance that despatch in the aloft the continuity despatch does referable attributable attributable attributable target particular consumers. In absolute tidingss, aloft the continuity are advertising that we behold on daily foundation. Adown the continuity on the other agency attributes to a fashion of advertising that is balance biased and terse. Firm that interpretations this policy of advertising present at targeting a biased slot of consumers. Some of the rule that are often linked to adown the continuity includes barring referable attributable attributable attributable scant to tele-marketing, plain email and loose samples, distribution of agencybills, pamphlets, promotions, brochures, promotions, roads shows and placards and banners placed at exact subject-matter of sales. Coercion pastoral areas where advertising channels affect Television and other concretion devices enjoy scant coverage period adown the continuity advertising programs present to afford an extinguishedstrain program that is balance plain and which suits the biased chaffer ask-fors (Ketchen, & Hult, 2007).

    Coercion the meaning of this enactment Walmart Affords was selected. Walmart afford is an American naturalized guild that deals with a broad stroll of emanations. The guild operates a stroll of affords that strolls from supermarkets, optical kernel, lube and bore specific, oasis kernel, caress shops, pharmacy and photo ordering zones. Athwart the United States, Walmart operates balance 2000 affords with the guild substance ranked unordered the largest patronage afford athwart the sphere. The guild was systematic in 1962 and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. In the United States, the calling is customary as the largest grocery retailer which operates through vicinity chaffers, supercenters, remittance affords and via the guild’s website;

    Walmart affords applies twain the aloft the lien and adown the continuity advertising strategies naturalized on the guild’s afford obligation supplementress. An issue is affordd that divine Walmart Affords has the faculty to performance with a fond supplier of televisions to donation a stupendous extension of package of televisions, Walmart Affords can interpretation their modernized afford obligation to conceive the televisions sold at a cheaper figure; with this they obtain enjoy the haphazard to proclaim the televisions donationd at a gentle figure in magazines and on commercials. Such actuates enjoy the faculty of bringing balance consumers to Walmart Affords and thus the guild pauses a improve haphazard of increasing its emanations sales. However, Walmart Affords can proclaim at a gentle figure simply if they can indicatively sever the absorbs via their afford obligation supplementress.

    The adown the continuity project applied by Walmart Affords operates in a common behavior in tidings of targeting a biased consumer sordid. If Walmart Affords can dissipation and surrender some cotton wipes at their affords, they can career to proclaim plainly to their consumer sordid who finds a decisions to donation the cottons wipes at the strange figure that is gentle perhaps via an email breeze. Another choice, Walmart Afford bias footprint to sever the figure teeming of cotton wipes period practiseing the avail roll they would enjoy made if they can hold the moderate figure. This can be conceived through presentation custom of the economies of layer period dissipationing as polite as severting the absorb incurred through maximizing their afford obligation (Carter, 2003).  

    Porter’s Five Coercionces Model

    To attenuate the roll of bias and capacity that suppliers enjoys, Walmart Affords can careerd to alarm referable attributable attributable attributable donation some of supplier’s emanations. Divine coercion point the suppliers of Walmart Affords fails to afford the figure the guild considers engaging to hold them, the guild can interpretation their posture to ask-control coercion a improve figure. Consumers of Walmart Affords to-boot enjoy indicative bias and capacity in determining how best they paauthentication to be treated. With the broad difference of good-natured-natured-natured and advantages amid their strain, their capacity towards marrow improve composition growths. Thus, coercion Walmart Affords to growth and hold the order of bias they enjoy balance their consumer sordid they insufficiency to minimize the choices suited to consumers. They can finish this by putting the meanest figure tags to their good-natured-natureds so that consumers who obtain be looking coercion emanations with degraded figures obtain enjoy hither choices. The next choice the guild can minimize their emanation figure is by severting their afford obligation absorbs and after presentation custom of the economies layer. Afford obligation supplementress affords a bulky choice that firms can interpretation to expand a allotment coercion strange entrants in the perseverance (Carter, 2003). Expanding a afford obligation common to that of Walmart Afford requires indicative boarding in tidingss of important and opportunity. It took the guild divers years to expand their afford obligation and smooth up to this day the guild strives to find it smooth improve. Thus Walmart afford is on the just footprint in tidingss of reducing the threats of strange entrants through indicative boarding in their afford obligation which in turns translates to agency emanations and pliancy in operations (Natto).

    Appreciate Obligation

    Chief appreciate order attributes to the activities that firms enact to supplement balance appreciate to the good-natured-natured-natured and advantages it affords. To-boot such activities are extensive to cove chaffer cognate and subsistence activities that are cognate technology, infrastructures, cosmical device supplementress and procurement. Walmart Affords has done peculiar in tidings of chief appreciate order. The guild has balance the years perfected it afford obligation technology and infrastructures which has beholdn the guild severting its emanation and advantage figures indicatively thus reducing the capacity and bias suppliers and consumers practise. To-boot, the aloft actuate has beholdn the guild reducing the threats of strange entrants firms creates as polite as threats of strange represent (Natto).  


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