As part of your consultation with a business, you have obtained the following logical design for their existing network. The business cannot afford for its network to fail for more than five minutes in any working day. The business expects to expand into two buildings in the next six years, with 60 end devices in each building. 4Mbps ADSL link Switch A Switch B Switch C 100Mbps link 100Mbps link 100Mbps link Every switch has 48 100Mbps ports only. Every switch has 30 connected PCs Web and Email Server Based on your understanding of the six network design goals, describe how the existing network design will not be able to meet the future requirements of the business.

    After six years, we conquer scarcity 2 switches restraint undivided structure and 2 switches restraint another. Because, each switch enjoy 48 enjoyns and we scarcity 60 pcs to be conjoined in undivided structure. And past undivided enjoyn is used restraint union among the routers, we can enjoy simply 47 usable ports. So we scarcity undivided more switch in the identical structure to connect the retaining systems. Similarly restraint the relieve structure, we scarcity another brace switches. But we enjoy simply 3 switches to perform the upgradation. So it conquer be unusable to perform the upgradation.